► 2016 Audi Q7 – Interior

Clear and intuitive operation has always been a strength of Audi. At CES, the brand will show the most recent advances in control and display technology as available in the new Audi TT and the upcoming Audi Q7.
One highlight is the Audi virtual cockpit. This fully‑digital combined instrument provides the driver with minutely rendered, brilliant 3D graphics of all information and offers different display modes to choose from on its 12.3‑inch TFT monitor. Audi virtual cockpit is powered by the T 30 graphics processor made by Audi’s cooperation partner NVDIA.
Audi will also present innovations in control technology The TT and the new Q7 will feature MMI terminals with an all-new interface logic. This will emulate the concept of modern smartphones, where flat hierarchies replace sprawling menu trees.
Four elements: the traditional push-turn knob, the multifunction steering wheel, natural voice operation accommodating everyday speech, and a touchpad accepting signs and multi-finger gestures, are available to control the system’s numerous functions, which include telephone, radio, media and navigation. In the Audi TT, the MMI all‑in‑touch’s interface is on the knob, while in the Audi Q7, it is a separate surface. The system provides haptic feedback after every entry.

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ahmed al mouzany says:

ﻻيوجد احد ينافس الألمان في التقنيه والفخامه شيء مذهل ورائع اي

BobbyM says:

Pretty nice interior with lots of fun toys but the exterior….Doesn’t look like an SUV anymore. Looks like a long station wagon (which looks weird). Definitely gonna drive away old buyers

david perdomo says:

fuck you

Jack Frost says:

I’m bored
It’s so ugly

MrFreshJoseph says:


David Wilson says:

Audi FINALLY gets a USB jack like the rest of the world!!!

Denis Kochetkov says:

Друзья мои, не хочу Вас расстраивать, но Jaguar это все еще в 2010 делал!!!!! Это прорыв?!)

Sajplayzz says:

Cool I love it

gamer box says:

Audi a8 are better

Beltran Village says:

what audi do with the exterior of this car ?? =(

Pavle Pajic says:

Sta se ova droljetina tu folira 

Jose Agustin Castellanos Vargas says:

20/16 audi q7 interior castel

Dušan Zadravec says:

Car Play Audi

kadri keleşoğlu says:

abi kız çok guzel yaa bide arabada araba yani

Serkan Uysal says:

She probably crashed 😀

AzoOozIo says:

does this girl come with this car 😉 ?

ERD3S says:

dont understan why so many people gatin exterior. its beaituful design. nice front and back. not it looks more sporty not like previus Huge Refrigerator. About interior, I think its the best interior SUV in the work at the moment. it was my opinion. no hating please. thanks 😉

Bob d'Oclande says:

Ils l’ont massacré… j’ai bien peur que le Q7 soit mort avec cette merde 🙁

Trickywarfighter says:

Tell me that i not the only person who is disappointed about this car reducing size

Arjen Robben says:

My respect to Audi. Very very very beautiful made. i love the new MMi

minhajur rahman says:

The outside of the car looks like its 4 the elderly

Cthis says:

Next time show a ugly chick instead so I’d pay more attention to the interior! 

Luko Radulic says:

Well, she’s nice 😀

Nicu Mozăceanu says:

Very nice interior

Miha B. says:

shelling out 85000€+ for Audi Q7 without voice recognition…what an utter joke

JustLucky says:


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