► Audi’s automated driving for parking

Audi’s automatic parking systems operate by means of either ultrasound or cameras, which display images via the onboard monitor. One particularly convenient solution is park assist. When backing into a parking space, it performs all the necessary steering movements; it can handle both parallel parking and parking perpendicular to the street. The system finds a parking space with ultrasound sensors that scan the roadside in two dimensions while driving at moderate speed. The system notifies the driver via a message in the display once the sensors have found a space which is large enough.
If the driver wishes to park in the space, he or she shifts into reverse and the park assist system takes over the steering. The driver must accelerate, shift gears, and brake. When parallel parking, the detected space is large enough if it is about 80 centimeters (2.62 ft) longer than the vehicle itself. Park assist can perform multi-point parking maneuvers and also offers support in leaving parallel parking spaces.
Another technology from Audi is the parking system plus with surround view cameras. Four small cameras — in the single-frame grille, at the rear and in the side mirror housings — record the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. The driver can call up a variety of views on the large onboard monitor, including a top-down virtual view. On corners or junctions with an obstructed view, the system can analyze cross-traffic otherwise invisible to the driver in front of or behind the vehicle.

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Will Robert says:

One step closer to real life James bond

Mohamed Yusof Ismail says:

at 04:10 the remote control screen showed the car was reversing out fron car park.but actualy the car was forwarding out from the car park…?

Griweb says:

Kesin ip var a.q

Andy Rodriguez says:

What audi is this

King Ech says:

feel bad for the valet parking companies.

shrish giri says:

omg1! it is like a tarzen

Domdom Wacky says:

Does it recognize all kinds of parking structure?

Nehadahiwal 44 says:

Nice car

Matthew Jaroscak says:

She’s driving an amazing car and she has T-mobile as her wireless carrier? ha ha ha


That BMW in the background.. I want it.

valeto28 says:

Oh boy! Now I will have to wait a car in front of me in the parking lot to park for 15 minutes, because the owner has not yet learned how to park.

kuzko emperator says:

odrazu widząc to nacho dzi zkojazenie z amerykaniskim serialem przygodowym Knight Ridert z lat 80tych bo to Audi potrawi to co samochód głównego bohatera Michaela Knighta granego przez Davida Hasselhofa tylko szkoda że ten wóz nie mówi

Husain balz says:

wunderbar !!!

Matt sz says:

What if you loose your phone.

los8389 says:

A7,S7,or RS7 I couldn’t C

Канат Кенбаев says:

ленивая паскуда

Albert Ayala says:

Quiero uno de esos carros.

Петя Петров says:


Yilmaz Unal says:

This automatic park system is amazing but a bit dangerous when even

Kenz300 x says:

Great technology…………… with advanced safety features..

PaakSolutions says:


Raghav Maini says:

the time on the phone says 23:32 yet the app says picking up at 23:31, time travel???

moayad ahmed says:

if it isn’t a parking ! in street orsomething want it to park beside the road , how it decided the direction of the parking place i mean she left the car of the park and it did go to the right direction ! it isn’t the 1st time the car goes in so it saved the axes (x,y) of the parking place ?!


how did she control the car?

TheOvlla says:

wow. Whatever audi is doing, i want to be a part of that.

Sitanshu Sai says:

its fake

sqcool00 says:

like tony stark car in avengers 2

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