2002 BMW 520i (E39) Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Review

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In this video we take a close look on a BMW E39 520i sedan. The car was made in Dingolfing, Germany in 2002. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds during acceleration. Several important and interesting information about the e39 specifications will be given in this video, such as Double paned windows, M54 engine, Storage capacity, Brakes, Buttons and so on.


Intro: 0:12
Exterior walk around/styling/discussion/background, etc: 0:28
Wheels/tires/brakes/suspension: 3:56
Engine/performance/fuel economy: 2:36
Interior quality/design/comfort: 1:18
Exhaust clips and driving shots: 9:06
Other interior features, unique bits, and tech: 5:25
Rear seat space/amenities: 7:12
Trunk space: 7:53
Summary/closing: 9:27

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Kaavs says:

‘Well, fuel consumption is wrong. More like 7liters on highway and 12liters during rush hour. Tough it depends on your driving style.

George Patton says:

Are you on e39source? If not you should be. This is like e39 porn by the way, thank you!

El Bandido says:

06:14 :))))

male nasty says:

like new..

Sander de Vet says:

The Milka moment was so unexpected, I had to stop the video cause I was laughing so hard!
The review is amazing by the way! 😀

Bayan Sessiz says:

A spectacular car..  What’s name song  ? 0:12 – 0:27

David Henderson says:

very clean example of the best BMW ever made, just watch the hydraulic lifters on the 2.0 AKA 2.2 block

Thomas Lange says:

hahaha 5.5l highway and city 9l hahahaha

Andreas Reinholdsson says:

Wow, the condition of this car is AMAZING!
Very nice video my friend!

A Nugent says:

Cheers for the video. Always been curious about the 520i. I don’t think Australia officially got this model, but you do see the odd Japanese or British import show up down here.

Der IR. says:

ein mal BMW immer BMW !!!


Perfect example of e39 m pack, but where are the m pack seats?



cardudes says:

OMG! This one looks exactly like my dad’s old 1999 520i 5 speed. I miss it so much!!!!!!!!

TheBlooomberg says:

Nice BMW dude, love the color!
One question: Is it the stock exhaust?
Greetings 🙂

Felipe Lange says:

Fantastic car! I think this will be my first car! If it can be manual… even better!

Thank you for the good subtitles, because I still learning English and I need to get used to hearing and reading…

You earn more one subscriber!

Greetings from Brazil.

Michał Birko says:

“Fuel consumption highway: 5.5” XDDDD

BMW Reviews says:

Official BMW reviews facebook:

TheKRVR says:

What an immaculate E39! I am so incredibly happy that someone has taken the time to preserve an i6 M Tech car. The owner should be very proud, and you should be proud for putting this video together so well! Perfect blend of facts and humor, well done!

andy viveen says:

Facelift / chip and its beast

erik smith says:

Amazing looking car! I own a 2003 520i M Sport in Titanium Silver which is also in awesome condition. It has 235/17 wheels front and 255/17 rear as standard. Great video and enjoy your car!

Le Mark says:

Not yet led but looks bitchn.
Love it.

Wojciech Kozłowski says:

fuel consumption 5,5l highway hahahahahahahahaaaaaahhahahahahahaha combined 7 ahahahaha!!!

derneuschooer says:

I have a pre facelift 520i from 97, right hand drive. Great reliable old beamer. I hope i can keep it as long as i live

cosmin aka gangsta says:

do you still have the car????are willing to sell it??

Scorp308 says:

Was there a cat inside the bag when you placed it in the trunk?

WillThePlank says:

Is no one else going to talk about 6:15 or is it down to me? Gahhh damn!

hondacrx0 says:

It looks like a brand new car!!
very very nice

g0ttequila says:

like new!!

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