2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

When you’re looking for that car that straddles the line between tough mudder and mall cruiser, you can’t go wrong with this Jeep.

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Tierhog says:

He was giggling at the end.. He likes it, he just can’t let his viewers know… Bwahahahah. It’s ok.. We get ours dirty too.

Keith Wikman says:

This guy is a doche

cloudypokerchips says:

WOW   This guy is a tool…. I’m a TJ owner and love my Jeep. The JK’s are more plush but it’s still a Jeep. A Jeep isn’t for everyone… THANK GOD FOR THAT!

LSanti says:

Excellent review.  Glad you accept a jeep for what it is and don’t reprimand it for being too truck like. 

Quail57 says:

this guy is a huge pussy

Matt Hooker says:

People who drive Jeeps on the trail want options like Automatic temperature control also, i’m pretty sure that 80% thing you mentioned is false, and what is wrong about driving an automatic? 

Jimmy Hoyos says:

esto es lo máximo

خالد ابراهيم says:

ياشباب اللي معه جيب لنجلر 2011قير عايدي ومن اهل جدة ترا الجيب فيه عيب مصنعي في الكلتش كل فتره يحترق نبي نشتكي الشركة المتحدة لسيارات تكفون وهذا رقمي نبي نشتكيهم سوا 0564388331

William Snyder says:

What he calls mud is a daily drive…stick to ur electric cars and mocha latte ass clown


this guys a asshole

TomZentra says:

Their camera reviews are much worse than this vehicle review.

Thug9030 says:

hahaha look at that 1900’s u driving around in… your avatar doesn’t lie prick. plus this channel is way above your financial level

Andrew Westbrook says:

If you are not a jeep owner and are wanting to invest in one do yourself a favor and go watch a review where they actually do justice for the vehicle, don’t listen to this tool. 

Dalton H says:

He’s annoying as hell.


this guy is a joke. he is clown shoes. he’s the type of guy who on a first date talks about how great he is. I garuantee you he has a mirror over his bed.

MrBreeze says:

I want one of these bad. I’ll take mine with the six speed manual (automatics are for wimps and posers) and as little gagetry as possible crank windows and all. 4″ lift kit, 38″ tires, snorkel kit, winch bumper with Warn winch and led off road lights. Can’t forget the Yaesu FTM-10 VHF/YHF radio. I am the 20% that would go off road.  

mark williams says:

Nice review Cooly love your reviews


fuck you this aint ugly, your cock suckin prius is

Mr. Cairo says:

285 horsepower from the Pentastar not 268.

mjuellarsen says:

This guy is the American Jeremy Clarkson and I love it.


another thing i for got to add, this guy is dumb, the I6 is SOOOOO much better than the V6

androsborsato says:

Scratched the T-top @ 3:23, cringe!!!!

smoki vib says:

Iconic always

Juan Manuel Romero says:

Whats te point, it looks he is comparing the wrangler with an s class, part of the personality of the car and of its engineering is simplicity

KnightShadey says:

The reviewer says they aren’t going to talk about the off-road part, yet he choses the Rubicon to review instead of the more sedate Sahara or Sport (with the less knobby tires for his overly soft posterior).
To put it in more relatable c|net terms, that would be like doing a laptop review and talking about the efficiency yet choosing an overclocked intel Extreme CPU and high-end gaming GPU and saying you’re not going to talk about performance, but only about ergonomics and battery life and focusing on it not having the same battery life as model with smaller LCD, SSD and an efficient integrated package.
And how sheltered do you have to be that you bang your shins on doors you yourself are opening & closing? If you can’t handle a door, perhaps the challenges of an automobile should be a ‘next step’ challenge after some ingress/egress training.

alucchesi13 says:

285* horsepower

jimmy jk332 says:

Electric car guy what a hater

Trajanowski Rifleworks says:

So basically all you talk is shit about the rubicon…

Blade Vamp says:

All this chrome everywhere? I hope this is satire cause it’s on like 2 different things.

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