2013 Mercedes-Benz GL Inside & Out Tech Demonstration

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL will hit your local neighborhood Merc dealership this fall. The second generation of the 7 person SUV is slightly bigger than the last generation and has more new technology and safety features than the previous version. We recently had a chance to get to know the newest Mercedes a little better in this video when we check out the GL’s newest features.


t mi says:

Agreed, i just got a brand new 2012 model, and rejected the new one.

tmanutd82 says:

Until you have children, you will never truly appreciate one touch buttons for rear seats.

I also really like the breakdown of potential sales. In Australia this will be over 90% diesel and a scattering of other models.

James Davies says:

And the Mercedes G Class has the right kind of doiley locks that say its not always Valentines Day.

fantomtuba says:

this may sound stupid, but it looks like if a Durango and an LX570 had sexy time.

ssllhh100 says:

@romanmicagearguy please test the new sedan impreza STI and the nissan GTR at hight altetude

methoxeta says:

He was a little nervous, he stuttered a bit. He’s probably the manager and never has to deal with real people.

ShermanMR2 says:

That guy was better than us.

nuvamusic says:

Apparently, the MB G-Class (GL, GLK) is the company’s best engineered vehicles (told by a renowned local auto mechanic).

TerryFilming says:

For me, I prefer the previous generation GL.

sanyok30 says:

The MB rep in the video sounds supremely bored. Like, “Why are you bothering me with all these questions, dude?”

venom5809 says:

This was probably at a press event and he was probably tired. My guess if he went through the same thing about 40 times earlier with other journalists throughout the day.

mohamd tasan says:


Grajjie says:

So Aluminum is now exotic?

hexum rulz says:

I agree….

Matal says:

Apparently! Poor rep is falling asleep next to his ‘exiting’ new product

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