2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Stingray Sneak Preview Car Video Debut @ 2013 Detroit Auto Show NAIAS

http://www.autobytel.com/chevrolet/?id=32972 General Motors held a special sneak preview the night before the official start of the 2013 Detroit Auto Show for the all new 2014 C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. For 2014 Chevrolet has completely redesigned America’s favorite sports car complete with lightweight carbon fiber construction, a powerful yet fuel efficient LT1 small block V8 as well as a luxurious high tech interior complete with a fully programmable digital instrument cluster; however the big news of the night is that the Stingray nameplate is back.

The Corvette Stingray first appeared in 1963 as the second generation car. The Stingray was the first coupe model to be part of the Corvette line. What made the Stingray unique was the smaller lighter weight approach. Styling was a big success and the Stingray featured pop-up headlights, a split rear window, and cool hood vents. The last model year to use this nameplate was 1976. Fast forward a couple of decades and we have this new C7 (seventh generation) Corvette with the resurrected Stingray nameplate.

Up front a pair of LED lit vertical headlamps sit on either side of the classic Corvette cross flag emblem and ahead of an all new carbon fiber hood vent that serves to extract hot air out from the engine bay and channel it over the car as opposed to passing it underneath, increasing down force and making the C7 Stingray go around corners with the greatest of ease, while fender vents are complimented by a pair of sharp looking stingray emblems.

The new 2014 Corvette Stingray should be a lot lighter than the previous generation thanks to the generous use of carbon fiber and the aluminum frame. On the outside the Corvette’s design has been optimized to increase downforce and provide necessary cooling to the vital components that make this a high performing sports car. Starting up front, fresh air is drawn in from the bumper and directed through the engine bay to cool vital components on the motor. That air is then expelled out through the top of the hood via the functional hood extractor. With the Z51 Performance Package, fresh air is channeled through ducts to cool the big brakes. New for this model are trick intake vents located at the tops of the quarter panels. Air is routed to both the transmission oil cooler and the rear differential.

Out back the C7 Corvette Stingray sports a fat quad tipped exhaust as well as a set of all new, more square, taillights that are more reminiscent of a new Camaro than the familiar round stoppers of a classic Corvette. On the inside, the 2014 C7 Stingray sports a fully customizable instrument binnacle and for the first time, optional competition sport buckets are available for those die hard driving enthusiasts.

The inside of the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray is focused on performance driving. There are no faux materials used. Napa Leather covers many of the interior surfaces and provides a nice soft touch. Many interior trim pieces are finished in lightweight aluminum which not only look great but help to minimize weight. The gauge cluster is all digital with the option to configure the screens. There are 2 different seat designs to choose from. The first is the Grand Touring seat which values comfort above performance. The second seat is called the Competition Sport Seat and is aimed more towards the performance end of the spectrum.

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T.J. Keon says:

That Stingray looks SWEET!

Bandit666 says:

I love Corvette !!!

sedag100 says:

Such a beauty!

Ganbala says:

ok sou this is “the base model”
sou the Z06 come with Two Missile and Zr1 come with “Saturn V”

Thomas Rosquin says:

thats only mustang right?

mbahadig99 says:

when is it going to be up for sell? is it going to be the same price?

anderw pale says:


Ryan Stephens says:

Im sorry, anyone expecting a $70k car to have the same interior as a $200k-300k car all while having BETTER performance is insane, i would much rather have the money spent on the performance… besides, like i TRUE sports car it comes with a manual trans, no auto clutch double garbage

Narrowc ross says:

Didnt the concept look better than this?

Laurent TROCHET says:

I love it from france

SRKN says:

I want one

dhagar7458 says:

Where can I find some headlights like this for my 07 SS Monte Carlo..I love the hockey stick looking lights

Thomas Rosquin says:

mmm daddy like carbon fiber!!!!!

TRonlyOne says:

Uglier than the concept

usmcesu6 says:

It’s going to have a back up camera which it needs. I hated getting in and out to see much space I have left in my C6. Guys at my job were not into Corvettes and saw the 2014 model, were very impressed.

frozenzoo says:

poor interior build quality. Just sayin, just embarrassing. Amrican just can’t build quality cars. But its looks very nice at least

Paul BrO says:

Looks like Ferrari and Aston Martin

Kevin Medellin says:

I really like the concept from 2009 I thought it looked way better than the 2014 version

My Mail says:

I generally don’t like Corvettes but this one looks very good in the front and sides. Too bad about the back though … maybe it will grow on me.

Ryan Stephens says:

well Kelvin, only mustang rocks the live rear axle, hence why ford’s always slower than chevy, and frozenzoo youre a moron, corvette has been whooping up on european cars for the better part of a decade now, between the c6 z06, z06 carbon and zr1, it is just expected now that corvette will be faster than most porsche, ferrari, lambo, etc… And beefs with the interior?!?!?!

Albert Kronos says:

the rear is pretty similar to the camaro

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