2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 – C/D Underbelly

We take you on a technical tour of the C7 Corvette.
Full test of the C7 Corvette Z51: http://bit.ly/13buWvm
Corvette Mega-Hub: C7 stories, dozens of archived tests, comparos, and more: http://bit.ly/11eyoZw

C/D Underbelly takes you on a technical tour of the coolest and most interesting cars that swing through Car and Driver HQ.


R says:

nice shirt

IMR says:

If I remember Jeremy Clarkson saying in his days of racing they used leaf springs on there cars and turn ins were better and more controllable with the mon leaf .

I love the corvette and all the innovation !

orlnz bo says:

This car is the base corvette,I got that but ask your self what can it can compete with.I think it should have more hp 500hp would make it more desirable and competitive.This car cant break 0-60 under 4 secs as they claimed…all this technology and still slow..advantage Shelbygt 500…

Daniel Vieau says:

Check out transverse leaf springs on wikipedia. They have:
Less unsprung weight
Weight is positioned lower
Also work as an anti roll bar
Are MORE expensive than normal springs.

They are better, don’t take my word for it. look it up.

Karo Karchyan says:

great car z51 is sick cant wait for the z06 but sorry this guy   talking needs to go to much of a nerdy guy 

Jon K Heslekrants says:

This Car is FREAKIN Spectacular. Best Vette Yet. No Question about it. I can not wait for a C7 Z06

aleks6989 says:

and the GT500 will likely still lose in any race other than a drag race – and even that may be questionable.

Stan Peters says:

Great to see up close what makes the new Stingray an outstanding automobile.

Bernabe Suarez says:

Great video. Tingwall does a good job explaining the tech that makes the C7 a great car and platform.

SuperMantasz says:

Minor Oil/water leak at 3:13 !!!!!

Vas Floyd says:

just looking at this short video ..its clearly visible how cheaply made this car is. 
bolts sticking out everywhere, rugged lazily engineered …compared to a Porsche this is laughing stock . although price wise it says it all 

inycuda says:

Who are the 31 D Bags who dislike this? The technology in this car is awesome. Getting it under 65k on a well appointed car is amazing.

Teddy Mopar says:

Could have done without the game show music.

Kristoffer Lilja says:

Except for everything you said being completely untrue, thats the problem. But go on living in your dreamworld where every single carmaker in the world except for chevrolet goes for DOHC because its apparently worse?

Troy Power says:

I’m really enjoying my 2015 Z51, I went for the 8 speed automatic, fist automatic performance car I’ve purchased, happy with my choice. This beast is really well put together, draws tons attention and the handling is top notch and the transmission is excellent. Pleased with the power, if I ever decide I want to bolt on another 150Hp its a no brainer with the Edelbrock SC kit, for $7K.

5571350M8 says:

Not to mention your lower center of gravity.

Aheitchoo says:


sixty9fbody says:

what a poor lit video… the lighting seriously looks like you guys broke into a garage and needed to lay low.

scamper246 says:

Wait for the Z06.

disturbed465 says:

They were always aluminum chassis…

5571350M8 says:

3.8 0-60

sixty9fbody says:

infotainment does not weigh 30 lbs

Robert Wolfe says:

Could this guy be more white? I feel like this is a guy I knew in 6th grade. 

Louis Philippe says:

The C7 under side, the best looking part of the car

frankie122 says:

dealers are selling these for like 80k ….its nice but come on its not worth 80k

DocWolph says:

I am a bit disappointed that the C7 weighs 100+lbs more than the C6. I understand why it does and thankfully it doesn’t seem to hamper it any. I would hope GM/CDT fix that in the following years. It can’t be that hard to whittle off 100+lbs without amping the cost.

Zig Darwin says:

Hats off Chevy, you really came through with this vette. Can’t even argue about the lower power since you cut the bill in half. I would gladly take the extra 60k in performance mods of my choice!

5FaLlEn5 says:

Still prefer the C6 over this new body just more stuff yo fail on this vehicle and it really hard to like the electric rack and pinion with less road feedback.

orlnz bo says:

Is this the answer to the Shelby Gt500 662 hp beast?…….

canah1 says:

absolutely stunning car, the z06 will be a wet dream!

Adam S says:

Nice video! Saw a couple at the dealer but they are probably special order/taken though.

Alison Nuno says:

I’m impressed with this Corvette. It Looks great, has far more technology then the previous and seems well put together. now all they need is a dual clutch transmission and they would have a super car. If I didn’t already have a gtr I would consider this car. Its very comparable to the gtr with a great price. Great Job GM keep it up!

Jarett Schneider says:

Great video !

Jeffrey Wood says:

when the car goes into the cylinder deactivation mode , does it go into the V4 as stated or is it actually going from One Bank to the other?

madogblue says:

What a well done review so much more professional than most

aleks6989 says:

“the proper way”? where did you learn, or who told you which way is the proper way? Fuel consumption is an indicator of thermal efficiency (as well as mechanical efficiency), since not all engines can extract the same amount of energy from the fuel – but even more critical to mpg are the vehicles weight and aerodynamics.

You are correct; however, in saying small displacement should be blindly taken as an indicator of efficiency – however, larger engines do have greater frictional losses.

metalgear01 says:

Love how Chevy put in the extra work to make the Stingray so complex. Very nice. 

Fred Garvin says:

I have a ’10 ZR1 and this car has me really excited. The electronic diff that’s integrated into the stability control is genius. Look at the C7’s at the strip and see how well this car launches. It comes pretty damn close to the C6 Z06 in handling performance. Add the improved interior & I think they hit a huge homerun with this car. I look forward to this car’s big brother. I’ve already started putting money aside for it.

Dennis P says:

I’m sure he’s tech savvy, but c’mon guys, you couldn’t come up with a less nerdy guy? Nonetheless, cool underpinnings.

A Logan says:

oh my goodness hes so as smart as the car its obvious.

Michael Whittaker says:

Great video!

TheRebuilt1 says:

Very good information,. I just borrowed my friends 15 Stingray and this experience of driving this Corvette has really changed my opinion of Chevrolet and the Corvette. I have a few small complaints but compared my turbo civic, supercharged CRX and VW 1.8T (all modified) This car is an absolute joy to drive. Kudos to Chevrolet and job well done.

Emi H says:

and this is why it is worth the price

tripleheshy says:

I guess they wanted less parasitic drag on the engine which is a plus I must admit.

Fiftycalibur says:

I agree for the most part I just feel that if you can make a engine with more displacement perform as well as an engine that uses revving or forced induction technology then it’s a completely valid method of achieving performance. Neither’s necessarily better it just comes down to preference and the racing heritage of the manufacturer.


Good video! Thanks!

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