2014 Chevy Volt Technical Review: On The Rack with Mean Gene

Mean Gene gets the Chevrolet Volt on the rack to look at more than it’s propulsion system and learns about the unique construction of balancing low weight with production costs . . .

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pjkPA says:

Good video… better than magazines written by “journalists”.

Nismoleb89 says:

I don’t get what’s so interesting about this? Suspension is just like every other Eco box small size car…. Sentra, corolla, cruze..etc couldn’t get any more boring than that!

Sale_Shark says:

So it’s a Hybrid ?? !!
I hope Mean-Gene gets to try the VW Golf GTE and BMW i3 Range Extender and lets us know what he thinks ?? !!
Or even better a Peugeot 3008 Hybrid4 !!!

IceDree says:

The Volt is very interesting … gotta give GM credit for it …
Got to learn more about it today.
Love the video M.

wavey61 says:

Like he said in the beginning, it’s all electric until the battery runs out. Then it runs on gas

Jon Car says:

Awesome review!!  Great job!

Terry Thomas says:

One word (an american company) TESLA !

TheManInDboX says:

Mine has been in the shop 47 times.. I have given up.. figure I’ll just ask you.. 1. my electric parking brake is dragging, is there anything outside of the ordinary with the brakes? can I just adjust this like an older pull ebrake? and 2. my exhaust smells through my heat, and idea where it would be common to leak from? I have 19k miles.. seems like GMs have the issues of a 400k mile Toyota much sooner..

Jon Car says:

Can you do a detailed review with the GM Volt engineer on the 2016 model? https://youtu.be/AKBW90bMbHQ

Kyle Young says:

Interesting. The plastic link REALLY concerns me. PLastic degrades over time…

Terry Thomas says:

The link is the same on our 2002 Astra we are getting it replaced suspension shops hate them they give no rigidity to the handling of the car !

18echosf says:

Very, very interesting. And, I am not an electric vehicle fan at all! But, the engineering and design facts were fantastic. Great job explaining them.

TechExplorer says:

Good Review,interesting !

Stephan Stephanoff says:

Get em Mean Gene! 

Kent Purdy says:

Fun review.

Csab says:

I thought the volt is all electrical but I saw a muffler underneath so what is it?

Seemorefta More says:

what does a replacement Chevy Volt battery actually cost?

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