2014 Jeep Cherokee Self-Parking Tech Demo: Watch the newest Jeep park itself

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2014 Jeep Cherokee can park itself. But unlike some other new cars that can park themselves, the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee can parallel parking and even park itself in a perpendicular parking space. In another fun and informative TFLcar tech demo check it out as Nicole gets behind the wheel of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee and let’s the car do all of the hard work of finding a parking space and parking itself. It may seem a bit strange to see the car’s steering wheel turn by itself but that’s the start of the brave new world of autonomous cars that do all of the driving work for you.

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imatruthaddict says:

A perpendicular parking situation using the computer just sounds lazy.

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

Fuck off electric steering…

Samuel Goldstein says:

1) There is NO parking spot that big in crowded cities
2) If you drove that slow up to a parking spot on a narrow Manhattan street be prepared to be shanked by the angry driver waiting for a robot to do a humans job

Speak Truth. says:

Lol that spot is big enough to NOT need to parallel park!

88hocker says:

What model is this? ??

88hocker says:

Or is this feature standard

mykul koplan says:

You mean, ‘angry driver NOT waiting for a robot to do a human’s job’

Ahmad F AlNahhas says:

First: the parking is huge
Second: it is old VW did in 2009

jorge arevalo says:

All cars with Direct Injection sound like that.

HaNooo says:

Right up your STREAK!

Samuel Goldstein says:

Well I mean the angry person waiting for the car to finally park.

Susan Rand says:

She seems a little overly enthusiastic; but I think it’s a cool thing to have, personally.

senorkaboom says:

I am still amazed by the Radar Cruise Control feature in my new car. THAT is phenomenal.

senorkaboom says:

And, l love that noise in the background. I wish the Jeep made that sound.

Roy Turner Jr says:

But why does it sound so bad

Aaron R says:

Lexus has had this since 2007* Not a big deal anymore

DeluxeGamingHD X says:

I have this exact jeep grand Cherokee that 2014 version every time I parallel park I use it


I totally agree with you, the only areas I could see this being rarely use is in the upper west side. But even so, someone else will snag that spot before this computer takes it time to decide stuff

Dashcam NYC says:

THAT’S A HUGE PARKING SPACE! If you need a computer to park in a giant spot, then you shouldn’t be driving at all. I would be more impressed if it can help you park in spaces with less than 5 inches to spare on each side.

jfn1103 says:

Classic guy who doesn’t like technological advancement that allows humans to live an easier and safer life.

MRFUCKOFF202 says:

It does have a pretty nice interior.

someone711117 says:

Ugliest car ever

1guyin10 says:

That’s why some manufacturers haven’t rushed to add direct injection to every engine. It makes them rattle like a diesel.

Brandon Webb says:

Haha, nicely played.

The Model Garage says:

This would be great for helping seniors to park.

Thao Nguyen says:

Agree it’s a huge spot

mikealanzo says:

Ain’t that the truth!!!

Sam Mehta says:

It’s because it has direct injection

murdockman123 says:

That space was huge! she could have gone nose in

TJBellamy99 says:

Self parking cars are just being lazy.

NavyKings2007 says:

Pretty obvious that noise is from a lawn mower/pressure washer. Calm down folks.

t436 says:

Here in Cleveland, she lost that spot when she passed it and didn’t back up instantaneously. People pull fwd into spots that big and leave their arse end sticking out some.

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