2014 Jeep Cherokee Video Preview

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After nearly a decade Jeep’s bringing back the Cherokee nameplate, but this time it’s a crossover. How will the market react to this new kind of Jeep?

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xNate416 says:

change the face and this is perfect.

Stromboli says:

I think jeep is trying to appeal to all the rav 4 owners, but In doing so made the car look like a vagina

BKofficer23 says:

Whoaaaaaa thought that was a concept at first.

Nashwan Kurdali says:

Really Disgusting , what r they doing !!!

FSFate05 says:

make the face flat!

Wilk Wilkington says:


Viewdanny ! says:

Starting from 0:08 on runt

tamer kamal says:

It is not jeep …. we can call it jeepaneeeeeees …. omg

Logan Hawke says:


Viewdanny ! says:

He did dummy

Paul Lamont says:

Stop living in the past and embrace the now. Its a Jeep where it matters, off road

kev D says:

Not that I do not like it, but this should have been a NEW COMPASS. Should have kept  the LIBERTY. And the new V6 could have when in the third gen Liberty for better mpg.

keechmabreeks says:

why who said it was ?

Logan Hawke says:

1st jeep in a decade to wear that nameplate???

Viewdanny ! says:

This not the jeep grand cherrokie

Logan Hawke says:

I would not compare an automobile with a piece of clothing. I’m not sure how to react to your statement.

Demy E says:

They really *ucked this one up. Yuck= Ugly

was says:

the dislike for me is the headlights… it looks like some gay ass european SUV. way to go fiat, took one of the worlds toughest trucks and made it parade around wearing a thong

Logan Hawke says:

To say they will probably change it somewhat quickly is attack the Jeep. Do you really want to fight the Jeep???

mohamed ahmed says:

The 2001 is the best model

Logan Hawke says:

If I had to chose between this new vehicle and a new traditional Jeep ,I would pick the one that is geared mostly for the off road purpose. Price tag and comparisons to other vehicles is the question. Nice looking vehicle. Jeep does offer a towing package.

Dutchoven86 says:

“keep it closed on the dusty trails” what trails aren’t dusty?

Luis Zian says:

People Just don’t know whats good. Jeep is been always doing Great SUV’s I like the design and I’ll buy it soon.

Toyota4Life says:

First. .. and boy I dont like the way this thing looks… why the hell did they go so far with the design ? The past model was handsome

Superkaminltd says:

thats not a JEEP….. 🙁

Logan Hawke says:

This video did not show all the great aspects of the vehicle. The interior looks great.If you dislike the looks of the vehicle, check the Jeep dealer’s pictures before you draw a final conclusion.

ivornovello985 says:

it’s a kind of alligator

77rxpharmacy says:

HAHAHA just as predicted.
Jeep made a huge mistake by designing this new Cherokee. I’m an artist and to me, it looks nice.
But designing a successful car is MUCH more than just making something look good.
Ya gotta know who your audience is!
Jeep drivers don’t want big changes. They want their wranglers and liberty etc to stay pretty much the same for a long time.
People like the rugged boxy look that’s why they like Jeep in the first place.
Jeep messed up with this one…

rafael garcia says:

Horrible!!! esta mucho mejor la 2013 srt-8

Logan Hawke says:

The dislike is coming from those who prefer the look as it has been in the past. This vehicle will probably bring more people to the car lot to see it in person. It would probably bring more likes if people did not know it was a Jeep. My initial response to the vehicle was it was a mistake.I have since changed my mind. I question if others will like it soon too. It looks more modern which is more appealing to me.

DoubleD 613 says:

The aztek is alive again!!!!!!!!!!

Sunny says:

Can’t decide whether its so ugly that its pretty, or whether its just plain ugly….

lou9878 says:

Worst of the ugliest! Unbelievable!

TheUltramarine55 says:

spoilt the jeep brand .. ediots…

Mr. Nobody says:

I’ve always loved jeeps and own a 96 cherokee and 03 wrangler but this is a disgrace. Nothing about this so called jeep is appealing to me and cherokees are supposed to rugged workhorses that are capable of anything wheras this looks like it would shatter if you hit a speed bump

ACS402010 says:

Wow…how the mighty have fallen. What the hell is this shitty looking thing??? Us Jeep drivers like our Jeeps rugged and hard bodied looking. Not this feminized looking crap.

mgcn360 says:

So ugly…

Logan Hawke says:

What state do you live in?

Noel Brown says:

it nice

prinbiodat says:

this car is so ugly.

Ay H. says:


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