2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Review

The Jeep Wrangler returns for 2014 in all of its rugged glory, retaining its status as the brand’s No. 2 seller and an unlikely American automotive legend. But as it likely will make it a full decade between redesigns, Cars.com reviewer and Wrangler fan Joe Wiesenfelder suggests some improvements to help keep that legend alive. Watch the video.

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Austin B says:

The water leaks on a problem as long as you successfully we put the top back on

Barry Raymond says:

I don’t know if soft touch materials will stand up to rain, dirt mud and direct sunlight. I agree they would be nice to have though. An AWD system as an option is not a bad idea either. Jeep used to offer one in the 80s on the CJ, but it was never popular and it crushed mileage.

M. O.G. says:

come on wrangler its 2015 get over the vietnam war mode and be more modern

Harold TheTubeman says:

hideous looking car.  fj cruiser all the way.

Christian_Patriot says:

so in essence you would like Jeep to dumb down the Wrangler for the I-phone generation that does not understand mechanical devices.

Kipkorir Geoffrey says:

i like the vehicle.

Vincent Chen says:

The reviewer mentioned the Cherokee. I have one, and have had nothing but trouble with the Transmission and electrical. I am looking to go the Wrangler route because it has been around since 07, and feel I could trust the JK. The only thing I wonder about is reliability. This would be my adventure vehicle as well as my daily mostly weekend driver. I wouldn’t be driving on long commutes per se as I have a company car for that. Any trouble or areas I should be aware of? Thanks.

Grant Jones says:

So… Loud door locks = character. Spare tire is not? What planet is this guy from?

jagervw says:

Diesel would help.

Turf Surf says:

I want a diesel turbo hybrid with a 9 speed transmission……..ok maybe I am dream on, but can we at least have diesel turbo and a 9 speed please???………..lol

Batman jeep says:

Don’t buy a jeep. I hate to say it but after me taking my jeep to 3 Chrysler dealers for a sound my jeep was making all fixing things that never solved the problem. Then my steering wheel locked up and breaks stopped working… Tried to charge me $1000 for the fix when my jeep was still under warranty.

Jeep Wrangler Hq says:

This Is A Great Review Of The 2014 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Sports Utility Vehicles By Cars #2014JeepWranglerJKReview #2014JeepJK #JeepJK #JeepWrangler

MichaelD8393 says:

I sure hope Jeep doesn’t listen to this guy. What kind of paint fumes did he sniff before making the video? I mean he wants the spare tire off the back and the swing gate gone? Both of those details say ‘Wrangler’. If you really are a Wrangler fan, know that all Jeep needs to add is a backup camera because as a Wrangler owner too, yes I agree the view out the back is pretty bad. The camera and maybe a 6 or 7 speed automatic to replace the antiquated 5 speed one.

JM76Miller says:

Comparing the Wrangler to the Cherokee?

m Cave says:

“Not redesigned” Just the way we like it.

dgs says:

I wonder how much hate male this guy get’s from Jeep owners? “SHUT UP, it’s fine!”

Ryan Anatian says:

wft im my country its sold for $72000

Zhulfiqhar Yhaqub says:

Left hand drive , back door opens to left — naaaa…not safe for me.

CypherX5 says:

This guy doesn’t get it.

Jay Tanuwidjaja says:

You want a yuppie ride get a suv, you want a real man’s ride get a JEEP Wrangler, softer cushion, quieter door locks are you kidding its a Wrangler.

Xander Turner says:

uh… uh… uh…. and uh….

X Maneuver says:

I’m really close to buying one, so I’m nervous if I’m making the wrong choice here, so I have a few questions for the wrangler owners out there. How would you rate the following, seat comfort, internal technology, daily on-road use, and fuel efficiency.

احمد علي says:

اريد كفر قماره ممكن اتشوفولي واحد

Manika bhadana says:

Idiot! Giving advice to JEEP.

MichaelD8393 says:

I sure hope Jeep doesn’t listen to this guy. What the Hell did he smoke before making the video? I mean he wants the spare tire off the back and the swing gate gone? Both of those details say Wrangler. If you really are a Wrangler fan, know that all Jeep needs to add is a backup camera because as a Wrangler owner too, yes I agree the view out the back is pretty bad. The camera and maybe a 6 or 7 speed automatic to replace the antiquated 5 speed one.

Mr Ben says:

I understand the Jeep.. This is why I drive a Land Rover

Jess B says:

What do you think of the front lights ? The front lights/grill are the only thing thats keeping me from switching to  a Wrangler!  I feel like they’re so outdated! Anyone have any opinions?

jsbeith says:

Why would you want softer interior door panels when people who actually use them offroad will wash them out with a waterhose?  Full time AWD/4WD because people buy a very capable vehicle and aren’t sharp enough to read the owners manual?  Sure water down the capabilities for the rest of us…

I do agree with your assessment of keeping the styling ques from previous models.


Below The Waterline says:

I have a 2011 sport jk i wouldnt want full time 4wheel drive

jeep wants to get better gas mileage full time is not needed who ever gets a jeep wrangler learn how to use it

I take my sport off road a lot more than most people so just because i have a sport doesnt mean mines should be different

Rubicons benfit you more when you are rock crawling i live in new jersey no real need for it here

George Lewin says:

I think all cars will have backup cameras in the USA, so leave the back end of the Jeep alone. No one buy a Jeep to compare with Land Rover, Jeep is simply a bad ass raw machine. But don’t worry you can use it to rescue a Land Rover.

KnightShadey says:

To quickly reply to your ‘issues’;
First the hard plastic is for cleaning and water resistance. Why do you need softer materials on anything other than the arm rests?
Second, the full-time 4WD system in the Rovers is not their off-road Defender, but their country-estate highway princess LR2 and Range Rovers, different systems for different needs. I don’t disagree that for the Sport and Sahara an optional full-time system might be a better choice for most drivers, but don’t use Land Rover as the reason, because they like Jeep reserve that type of system for their vehicles that are on-road oriented.
Lastly, the rear tyre *NEEDS* to be in that location due to size and ground clearance. Putting it inside compromises interior space, putting it underneath limits ground clearance and makes it more susceptible to trail hazards. Also picking either of those locations limit you to a predetermined diameter which is more limiting that the unlimited nature of the Wrangler. Your issue with the rear view is easily solved/addressed by the solution most of us have adopted, REAR-VIEW Camera. You can have the dealership unlock the rear-cam feature in the 430 Stereo/Nav Unit and add an OEM cam from the Commander etc or after-marker cam in the bumper or license plate for under $100. Yes, Jeep/Fiat should be including it as standard, but the law to require that in the US kept getting pushed back by easy to lobby  gov’t officials, so little incentive to do it and add $Xxx to the MSRP. Moving the Tyre mount is a drastic measure for an easily solved problem.

Better improvements (as someone with a 2010 2dr Sport X, 2012 4dr Rubicon, and 2015 Sport S on order);
# 1:  Add a Diesel , I don’t want one because I’m in extreme cold region, but it’s likely the TOP ‘Want’ of most off-roader.
# 2: Consolidate the Transmission on the new ZF 7-speed, with TRUE Manual option and Wet Dual Clutch (as found in the Porches [get the Panemera 75 version to handle Diesel and Hemi Torque #s]) with the same base assembly with only slight differences. Thus providing manual and (semi-auto) on a single brilliant platform which benefits assembly line and owner/dealership servicing. This would give the DC 2 additional gear ranges over the current 5-speed auto, and allow Jeep to address low-end ratio torque at the same time as provide better highway ratio, as well as just the plain efficiencies of the DC over automatics. ZF already is the 5-speed Auto partner so this seems like a natural ‘perfect fit’ IMO.
# 3: Aluminum/Aluminium doors & Carbon/Fiberglass Hood with heat extractors like the RubiconX/HardRock.
# 4: Smaller displacement gasoline engine with a super-charger. This is more of a personal ask, as they likely address their MPG and most users with a diesel, but a ~3L Super-charger would be better for me at altitude and in the cold.
# 5: Discontinue the fold-down windshield. Yeah it’s iconic, and part of the history of the Jeep, but few of us ever lowr the windshield (versus most toggle the roof, and some of us remove the doors) the windshield is heavier, less arodynamic (even after the 2011 angle change), and more stone/bug-prone. This is one of the benefits outweighing the drawbacks. This is a lesser ask, but if I trade the windshield and get to keep the solid axles, then I’m OK with the better of those two choices IMO.
# 6: Make the Back-up camera standard and cheaper (c’mon a pioneer/sony/alpine deck with more stuff is under $1,000 the OEM model should not be that much).
# 7: Balance the speaker power, too far forward biased. Adding two small speaker in the headrests would help with top-down/off situations.

Well that’s my list.

Tristan Banks says:

This looks sooooo much better than the grand cherokee. That car is ugly as fuck, Old cherokee is still my favourite though.

Joey Ignacio says:

thing is the Freedom edition is only for active or retired MILITARY!

XJet1982 x says:

I took my wrangler off road on a dusty track the other day. I couldn’t be bothered putting the roof on because the weather was so perfect. I thanked god for the hard plastics when it came time to cleaning it the next day. So easy to clean. Jeep have really got the balance right with these things.

al mar says:

boy I hope they don’t listen.

Brandon Vega says:

I’m gonna stick this nigga

American pigs says:

This is gonna be my first car. IM SO EXCITED!! 🙂

Rami7605 says:

Never had a jeep but I like this car so much. Maybe this video is intended for hardcore Jeep fans, but I would have liked to know other things aside:
1-how confortable is the suspension. is it adjustable?
2-how soft is the steering wheel to turn around
3-which brake system is equipped

I think in future I will acquire a jeep or similar.

TheGtracer1994 says:

Whatever Jeep decides to do, I’m sticking to my 81 CJ-5.

Daniel Iannantuoni says:

I think there can be a few subtle changes ( I have a 2013 2dr )

Interior redesign with better materials, Im not a fan of the weird drooping AC vents in the middle. Some sort of cargo management/security system. I bought a tuffy box for mine but I would like to see Jeep have something that is more flexible in how its used.

The exterior is IMO very good as is, if anything maybe the fenders. I would like to see Jeep go back to more of the flat fender design rather then these weird round ones we have today.

Lastly … DIESEL ENGINES!!! I mean CMON MAN! Im just barely keeping my head above 22MPG on a stock Jeep, this needs to improve more then anything else.

meow meghan says:

I’m in love with this car. I want it so badly. but it’s crash test ratings aren’t good enough for me. I have a 2012 Camaro and I was beginning to get annoyed with the little space I have but I”m thankful that it received 5 stars on its crash test rating.

GhettoMist says:

To me the wrangler looks a bit feminine, the Rubicon looks like a proper off road car to me.

Rony A says:

How are these in snow? (Chicago)

Mahil Fernando says:

My country sold it for $90k more fuck y government

MotoRebel says:

what get ridge of the spare tire at the back, are you crazy. that is a signature wrangler style

glamstarlam says:

Okay so I have to admit that I don’t know much about cars and its my birthday and my parents are going to get me a new car for the first time, I’m really confused and been thinking about getting the new jeep wrangler unlimited sport or the ford escape can someone please help? which is better and why

yhakult says:

Does this have a/c vents for the rear passengers? If not, how is it at the back on hot days?

James Wisrik says:

I like Jeep Rubicons…but I always have a issue with their dependability . Last thing you want to do is wakeup in the morning camping in the mountains…and your Rubicon won’t start or the tranny won’t shift into D. That could be a freaking nightmare! Love their capability, but if it won’t move….its a becomes worthless!

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