2014 Mercedes Benz E250 BlueTec 4MATIC Preview

2014 Mercedes Benz E250 BlueTec 4MATIC Preview.. MotoMan heads to Oregon to drive the new 4 cylinder Turbo Diesel equipped Mercedes Benz E250 BlueTec. In this short preview of the upcoming 2014 Mercedes E Class episode, he shares a glimpse of the reason for being of this all new engine in the German luxury car staple.

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IceDree says:

30 pounds ? That’s awesome M ! I must do the same , The trick is : as a wise man once put it “Be Willing To Do It Badly” 😉
btw , I’m gonna have to quote you on the “Cheesecake/Pizza Intake” 😉

tjrinkrat10 says:

Compare this to the Audi a6 tdi

tmwall25 says:

motoman lost a whole bunch of weight

Richard Gomez says:

It`s amazing how long it took for this specification for a car this large and premium class to reach the American market. It makes os much sense if it`s a petrol/diesel to have this capacity as it`s efficient and rides just as well for an everyday driver or for a bit of fun. This is given that in Asian and European markets a 4 cylinder turbo diesel/petrol is already considered the base line. i.e; Merc E200 & E250 CDI/CGI, BMW 5200, 525d, Audi A6 2.0 TDI

MotoManTV says:

Extremely valid point!

Alden Cates says:

Valid point, it’s an excellent car! But remember, our cars’ prices here do not include tax and vehicle taxes are much higher in many European countries.

im1greatman says:

Yes but I will say it’s not entirely the manufacturers fault it’s overpriced. It’s mainly doe to the devaluation of the currency and inflation.

vpkeremedchiev says:

10x 🙂 the car is fantastic. Here in Europe we’ve had V8 twin turbo diesels from BMW Mercedes and Audi but they weren’t reliable – just couldn’t take so much torque and now only Audi offers diesel engine with more than 6 cylinders but most people here buy these 4cyl diesels and they are great

MotoManTV says:

The car I drove was modestly equipped at about US$58K. Base price is about US$52K.

MotoManTV says:

Hey Eric! This is definitely one of the good ones. Mercedes held an event up here in Oregon – some great driving!

SuperThe86 says:

In Europe, 2014 E350 Bluetec is available with 3 liters V6 diesel and 250hp.

Trekologist says:

Hey look! It’s MotoMan’s non-sport jacket and pocket square wearing twin brother! On topic, this looks like a pretty cool car. A reviewer I’m subscribed to also uploaded a video about this same same. The same event, I’d wager. America needs more good diesels.

vpkeremedchiev says:

For the money you get that car in US here in Europe we get basic c-class with 1.6L engine so stop complaining and buy the car 🙂 and for those of you who think that merced makes stupid move by canceling v6 diesel i’ll tell you this – it is the smartest move ever. Other luxury European cars must do the same because the only reason to put a diesel engine in a car is fuel economy. If you want performance – V8 twin turbo.

Demy E says:

Motoman wow man you have lost a lot of weight. I need to do the same thing. Congrats. Oh yeah great gas mileage on that car but the face looks so cartoonish. I like the last generation better.

im1greatman says:

Nice car but it’s far to expensive.

MotoManTV says:

Interesting . . . Here’s something to consider – that Diesel that I drove starts at about US$53,000. That is a car that is now CERTIFIED as 45 MPG and you saw that I did better . . . Now think about this: Most of the Korean and Japanese luxury cars with 3.0 V6s are in the mid 40s. Still expensive?

MotoManTV says:

Thanks man . . . In total about 30 pounds. Been a distance runner for a long while but got to the point where the jacket was getting tight (look at the Rolls film) and decided to up the running and lower the cheesecake/pizza intake . . . 🙂

MotoManTV says:

We discuss the ‘Sport’ v ‘Luxury’ grille options in the film we shot the following day. Stay tuned.

IceDree says:

Wow , MotoMan you lost a lot of weight , i need to do the same! (What’s your diet name again?).
Oh yea, The Mileage on the car is pretty good.
As always, keep up the great work!

Edward M says:

Can’t wait for the Sprinter review, I have an 03 and it is a fantastic vehicle

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