2014 Mercedes CLA 45 AMG & CLA 250 Preview

MotoMan & his twin from New Jersey give a preview of the all new front wheel drive Mercedes CLA and the 4MATIC All Wheel Drive CLA 45 AMG . . .

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mrhard2000uk says:

toybow dool cluch

IceDree says:

I got my moments 🙂

Cali Girl says:

Riiight when i was saying to myself: Does he really talk like that??…He went into his real voice! LOL. What.s funny is, our internet director at our dealership sounds just like this and i call him Bhadda Bing! LOL

Omar Quintero says:

Damn! That was awful..

Court A. says:

Was I just punk’d??

gangnamfever says:

Please don’t do car reviews ever again.

khai nham says:

get the fuck back doing meatballs dude, goddamn you fucking sucks. Can’t even give the right explanation for a dual clutch trans -.-

Loek Lodewijck says:

Sounds like a Italian mob

IceDree says:

Can’t go to New Jersey without pulling a Wise Guys The Sopranos accent ! lol Nicely done M .
The 45 AMG twins are sick cars ! The guys at AMG are Crazy ! 355360 Hp from a 2 liter 4 Cylinders in an everyday car is impressive as hell no matter how do you look at it !
Didn’t get a chance to try out a CLA , but I sat in an A250 Sport …. wow just wow !

As always , great videos Motoman , Keep up the awesome work

mbenzsl2000 says:

“I had a choice…I could have done the CLA 250….or whack the guy.”

BossManOG says:

Who’s the chump? Come on this is a Benz not a lower class brand. Let Luigi make a sandwich and let someone else review it.

IceDree says:

No problem M , glad you had fun with it 🙂 , I’ll check it out when they bring it here & pull a Puppy eyes to them when i ask for a Test drive lol

oh I forgot to ask , did the CLA45 you tested have the AMG Sport Exhaust option ?

UchihaClan says:

lol shit this dude is hella funny

MotoManTV says:

The AMG45 is US$47,450 . . . the one in the film is a shade under US$50,000 with options. Got some good stuff coming up . . . including the Pathfinder On the Rack with Mean Gene, the 2014 Nissan Rogue and the 2014 Mazda 3 with Derek Jenkins.

YAGO323 says:

love those seats!! WOW

phammynine says:

He sounds like a person in a mafia

moviewinnerorweiner says:

you are an annoying person

israel gonzalez says:


MotoManTV says:

The car in the film is actually Violet Pearl Metallic . . .

San Taj says:

why is he trying so hard to talk like italian mob haha dummy

Kevin Chwala says:

I could listen to this guy all day! Lmao funny man. Quality presentation too!

ImportedFromSerbia says:

This guy wouldn’t be able to speak if someone would tight his hands together, behind his back.:))) anyway, too much of talk with hands.

TdotSoul says:


Joe Cabaletto says:

What an asshole !?!?!?!?!?

MotoManTV says:

SIR! Surely you jest . . . 🙂

qjtrinh says:


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