2015 Audi A3 Preview and Review

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The Audi A3 is finally back – and it’s bigger than ever! 2015 brings us a fresh new format – the Sedan. In fact, there will be 5 different variations of the new Audi A3 as the model rolls out:

– Audi A3 Sedan with 1.8T front-wheel drive (170hp)
– Audi A3 Sedan with 2.0T quattro all-wheel drive (220hp)
– Audi A3 Sedan with 2.0T TDI clean-diesel engine
– Audi A3 Convertible
– Audi A3 Sportback (Hatchback) with etron plug-in hybrid system

Oh, and did I mention there will be an S3 sedan? 🙂

What’s incredible about the A3 is that it packs all of the possibility of the flagship Audi A8 and the tech-wizard Audi A6.

Noteworthy is the next-gen Audi Connect system that connects the A3 to the internet via a T-mobile SIM card at up to 4G LTE speed. Trial subscription is 6 months, then pay-as-you-go.

With the Nav and other vehicle systems online, you get so much more capability than before. For example, let’s say you know the name of a restaurant that you’re going to, but not the address. Usually you would whip out your phone and do a search – now you can let your A3 do the searching. How about reading the reviews about that restaurant? Yes, the A3 can do that. Check the weather? Yep. Fuel Prices? Uh-huh. City Events? Check.

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Timothy Sover says:

Thinking about this one  This Or a 335I

SlimJimGoneWild says:

The cheapest version of this car cost 50.000$ in my country… :-/

Tom Urb says:

If I purchase the 2015 a3 with out the navigation pack is it possible to install it in after and if yes Aprox how much would that cost ?

Saharsh Damani says:

When is this version of A3 coming to India?

joseph Danny says:

it’s a cute car, with a comparable equipments in its class. drive and controls are even better than competitors.

Jacob Palmer says:

This guy got the S Line trim on his sideburns.

Sainath Chary says:

I love audi A7 so i would like to know that can i modify A3 in to A7 features or can i plan to take audi A7 only and tell me more about A7 specifications

nkosini dhlamini says:

Where has this channel been all along? or better yet; where have i been all along?. I love the reviews, the angles, the “straight to the point” attitude towards it.
All I need now is an Audi in my garage.

pasupuleti ravi kishore says:

Awesome preview…..feels like buying it

nikolas TRIGGER says:

How much does that AWESOME glass sliding sunroof cost for an optional extra?

Jerome Dye says:

Hello! I’m wanting to know if the A3 will be coming in the 6spd manual?

Gerardo Arsor says:

Forgot about the A3 1.2 (105HP). does not have led lights

Kcuf elgoog says:

this guy has one of those stupid salesman voices.

Stevo McSteve says:

The smart move would be going with the 1.8.. It’s only 29 hundred dollars…

Custom A3quattro3.2 says:


Carl Moritz says:

I have a question, why is it taking so long for the S3 part of your website to be done? at present you can only see the interior in black with grey stitching an nothing else. when I ordered my S3 back in Sept. you couldn’t see any interiors at all and I ordered it with black & grey stitching thinking I was getting the pillow look on the upper bolsters but it turns out im not, I am a little disappointed in that

Dilxat Simayi says:

shut up and take my money

Arben Ahmedi says:

2015 Hyundai sonata kills this car. It has more power, 260 hp and fully loaded with all the features of this car plus some extra media features. $32,000. Where as this car starts at 30,000. I can own the sonata that was built by previous audi designer Peter schrier (i think that’s how you spell his name).

Amrinder Punia says:

it should have gears also


I’m going his dealer and i want that car for 2900

YOA says:

this or the 2014 audi a4?

Tanay Khandelwal says:

29 hundred ,9 hundred ?

hectorelfatherr says:

Shit i wish it was 29 hunderd

Респект и Уважуха ! says:

hand gear box ? )

Eduardo Gerscovich says:

Damn nice video review and superb car presentation! Keep it up!

Colin McKenzie says:

Nice review!

M4G1C4LT4COZ says:

Have they fixed the oil consumption issue?

Faizan Javaid says:

does A3 has the Audi auto parking system? if it is then which type of A3?

Saif Ul says:

That was a good reviw…great work 🙂

raghav verma says:

pls tell why the sam e 2.0 engine in india is only 150 bhp

kin law says:

may I know Audi a3 have apple carplay?

Muhammad Akhtar says:

can four people fit in the A3 ?

Shafez MD says:

Great informational video on Audi product. Love the detailed and clearly explained videos this channel has puts up. I do have a very specific question that is in regards to a specific need, I have for any future vehicle, I am interested to purchase. I’m curious if the trunk of the Audi A3, A4 and A5 (sportback) models, can accommodate a regular sized wheelchair? I would really appreciate it if anyone at your Audi dealership can give me an answer. Thanks.

Jerry Sun says:

We just bought this car without the sound system upgrade, and I have to say the base sound system sounds pretty bad. Can we still upgrade it back at the dealership?

Seriously, the sound ruins an otherwise semi luxury experience. I would expect it out of maybe a Honda, and decent speakers aren’t even that expensive, so I don’t know why the default is like that.

Vic292 says:

Although I prefer the A4, those rear taillights are just stunning! Not a fan of the running lights, but everything else about this car is great.

Lau Zhe Hao says:

That colour looks stunning… Is that a Glacier White or Ibis White?

Quyen Nguyen says:

How’s the diesel model going?

something special says:

Is Audi a3 in India.If yes what’s the price.

Lance Chidlow says:

still no blue tooth for music? audi interface cost me £60 on my a4. I was hoping a £25,000 car would have the option for both and not have to pay to listen to your music with cables everywhere

Haley F says:

Do any trim levels on the A3 come with the light beige interior, like the A4 does?

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