MotoMan drives the updated for 2015 Audi S8. Yes, he covers the usual tech specs and driving dynamics of this twin turbo 520 HP top of the range Audi S series, however in light of the Mercedes Benz S Class, Jaguar XJ and BMW 7 Series, he poses the question of curb appeal . . .

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Dennis C says:

Well the S8 and 7 series bmw are not similar as we think they are complete different in allways self i was a audi a8 owner and i had a 7 series bmw 2007 well audi s8 is just not a match for any car. i would say S8 Long version could match up against rolls royce

nyak63RUS says:

I’m surprised this car has the chassis to handle the mass of that guy’s nose.

Kjartan Tysse says:

The BMW 7-series if I couldnt pick the S-class. Because the 7-series that came out late 2015 is unreal!

carreview 123 says:

do you live in America

JL Sully says:

I’ll take the Audi…. next time. I’m now driving a BMW 740Li.

Jordan Chavez says:

In my opinion
S class has a better exterior
S8 has a much more beautiful interior, especially the steering wheel

CommanderSajid 4LIFE says:

anyone saw the smiley face on the fence post in the beginning lol

Rashka Manning says:

i love the s class cars but i would have to go with the bmw

Moss-maserati mitchell says:

S8 but in all white
S-class resale value is bad

TheRealBajan says:

Too Plain styling wiseWould much rather an s7 or RS7

john does says:


usrvprogram says:

This guy is the worst care reviewer ever.

Justin Sti says:

the exterior is just SOOOOO ugly and plain. I would get a CLS63 amg or even a jag. The interior is nice though but nothing like the new 2016 mercedes S class

ayaz hussain says:

I have ordered an s8 !

Nobunaga Oda says:

is there any different in the interior between the a8 and s8

Claus Zuhaus says:

I would LOVE to buy an S(. Or the R(, etc. My pet peeve is: This grill. Can tey make it an th the R(e R8 oy larger? What the hell?

My dad had an AUDI 100 in the seventies, and that grill looked slick and sporty. Not like something that wants to trump all other grills on the road just by size

Martin Mayne says:

the 7 series

PGTMR2 says:

The headrests have a toupee/combover and the seats are orange. They weren’t kidding the interior looks “rich”… maybe even “presidential”. XD

Hans Schmidt says:

I would buy the Audi S8. Love the design (outside and inside) and I adore the dynamic indicator.

And as usual a great review !

偉陳 says:

If the A8 has the new interiors of the ’17 Q7 or the ’17 TT or the 17′ A4 I’ll buy it… Before that, the S63 AMG Coupe for sure!!

vivalaphill says:

its a 8 speed tiptronic….8speed ZF auto gearbox

Tamo Jimsheleishvili says:


LeilaMurka says:

i would choose the audi. even over the mb s class. audi speaks volumes to me. beautiful cars. amazing interior. i got a bmw now. perhaps I’ll get an audi after

Steven Carrington says:

Not sure why he’s touting sales figures? Toyota is the top of the heap in terms of worldwide sales. If the test is sales figures then Toyota wins.

adam husien says:

The s8 has hit 3.5 0-60, and with nice tune it will hit 0-60 in 3.2 sec, plus it’s underrated, actually makes 575hp which means it’s closer to 500hp to all 4 wheels. Kills the s63, m5, alpina b7, charger hell cat, this is basically the rs7 of the 8 series, rs7 is not that much faster, s8 can hit quarter in 11.7 and rs7 does 11.4…. selling my s550 this week to get the 14 s8, can’t wait!!

karlo sm says:

u have a funny nose!

RobertSarro says:

I have the 2014 S 63 AMG. It is a miraculous vehicle in every sense of the word. You are absolutely correct, the interior is much more luxurious than the Audi S8. However there is a definitive design flaw in the AMG. The side bolsters on the seat extend too far up and out. For an average built individual that means the bolsters dig into the backs of the arm. This makes for an extremely uncomfortable ride. The S coupe 63 AMG has similar side bolsters. Although the S8’s interior is not as luxurious it is a much more comfortable car. The Quattro performance is superlative. The AMGs exterior definitely has a more refined and aggressive look.
I ordered a 2017 S8 and expect to pick up in the end of August. Keep you posted.

Marian Eugen says:

If i cannot choose the S Class, then … i will choose the S Class! 🙂

Drazen Vidakovic says:

I would pick S8 plus black on black. For me it appears like better drivers car then S63 and I like the interior better (suprise). For me, interior of S63 is to much flashy and flamboyant, but this is modern high tech luxurious subtle interior and I think it would keep it good presence for a longer period of time then S63’s.

Denis Ndonye says:

If I was filthy rich I would love to own an S8 , that car is gorgeous. Compared to the Benz ,I’m drawn to fewer curves, chiseled headlights, the performance numbers and just love the front area it’s all business , not like some cars that seem to wink at you by dosing the headlights and grill design with estrogen

ASAP Tomek says:

what did he say at 8:17 about the interior? cant catch it

strkilla89 says:

I drive the s6, which is a step below this one. Prefer it to my friend’s Mercedes

Muhamad Rinaldi says:

If I have a lot of money,i’ll take the bmw 7 series or mb s class *piece of mind

Visan Georgian says:

mr. motoran you have a very nice show but please please change that music (like at 05:46). You talked about the exhaust and the next thing is the car passing by on some awful music. 🙁 please mr.motorman, change the music, check my playlist or search google, please.

Rayoody2012 says:

BMW 7 2016 for its laser headlights and led moonroof.

Anthony says:

I’ll take the Jag, because in the immortal words of the Top Gear presenters, “It’s a Jaaaaag.”
But honestly, it’s a toss between the XJ and the S8. S8 has that incognito understated look going for it.

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