2015 Audi S8 PREVIEW

MotoMan highlights the 520 HP, twin turbo 2015 Audi S8 T as a sneak peek before the release of FIRST DRIVE episode . . .

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Tommy NYC says:

I don’t know why but I seem to love I MEAN LOVE the lights on the 2013 S8 more but these new ones are growing on me.

wcm5150 says:

Too bland

Reignmkr! says:

The look is Clark Kent. I like it!

freeman Geiger says:

Love the look. Stealthily menacing! I’ve love the A8 seires in almost every iteration.

NZsarge1 says:

I love it, other than the R8 and RS6 it’s my favourite Audi, it’s sleek and buttoned down but has a menace to it especially in the black.

DH Bennett says:

With the inclusions of the A7 to the Audi lineup, I have always struggled to understand the relevance of the A8. Other than the L version and the W12. Honestly they should just build it with those two options as an S-Class competitor.

Yassine Idbelaid says:

Design made by engineers ,This design helps the S8 provide quicker accelerations.

David Cuccia says:

Styling – meh, it’s just another Audi. The VW group all around needs a dramatic evolution of their design language. I’d move toward Kodo/Lincoln Continental Concept cues. Can’t believe I just said that.

Keith Andres says:

I love the look of this Audi S8. It’s not very intimidating from an “untrained” eyes’ perspective. More like a stealthy look in mind that usually surprises people when you put your right foot down all the way. Overall, it’s a great package for a luxury sedan. That being said, I like it.

Pierre J. Mendy says:

For me personally i think the design language hasn’t changed much since the 2nd Gen. just a few subtle alterations, i mean don’t get me wrong its a stealth missile but pitted against something like the Almighty S63 AMG it’s gonna kinda makes it look plain and “Boring”

ken maynard says:

I Like it, But I Always Liked AUDI …………….  ken maynard ……………

Roop Dhillon says:

I like it, but I don’t like those rims. Too basic. Other than that, looks a little conservative but beautiful nonetheless.

ericiscoolllll says:

i think audis design is getting a little stale, also all of their cars look similiar, but that seems to be the new trend with cars today. merp

1776alltheway says:


Anthony Fransella says:

Dull. Sure it’s anything but to live with but the styling is like a slightly melting stick of butter.

Brian Powell says:

What’s old is new again, and I think it looks good.  It has a squared off look that I might expect to see on a late 90s vintage, but upgraded with LEDs and other tweaks to keep it looking sharp.

IceDree says:

I find the facelifted A8 kinda underwhelming, the new S8’s front bumper looks like its melting from the sides & the giant foglights ain’t helping either … The regular A8 got the better end of the deal.

Looking forward to the full episode!

mezimeen says:

Design?  meh.

MisterGnasty says:

First impressions: Boring. I can see my grandma roll up in that, hope the driving is a 10/10 because this car doesnt have much in the looks category

Corvette57 says:

When I see the A8, I wonder always myself what is the difference between current A6 and A8 in terms of size. They are practically the same size. The A6 is built in the traditional unibody design, instead of ASF at A8 case. I really do not get point, why I should pay more for A8, if I can get practically the same amount of space for less money?

LordNogster says:

I think its a bit dull for the price i rather take a S Class or Bentley maybe even a Rolls  but it its better looking then the BMW 7 series cuz that car is so dull i rather have a Kia or something that is from Korea !

George Dory says:

A steel fist in a velvet glove. Understated elegance.

123bigred says:

At first glance I think————-BAD-ASS!

Kevin G says:

I own an A6 with Prestige package and absolutely love it.  My next car hands down will be an S8. I view it as the quiet assassin because you roll up on it and start something you will end up looking stupid.  A little known fact.  The S8 beats the R8 in the 1/4 mile.

Csab says:

I like the design! Hurry up with the review!

Akram Jaml-Al-Lail says:

I think the design is elegant. It’s sporty yet prestigious.

headcas620 says:

I love the looks but I’d rather have a Tesla.

Nic Hamnett says:

To be honest…as much as I love this car, I really don’t see the point of it. It gets to a point where the car itself just gets too big to be sporty (imo). 

In Hong Kong (where I live), people who own A8s have drivers that chauffeur them around, they rarely get behind the wheel. They wanna be comfy in the back and the a8 does that superbly well already….surely a go-fast model will only stiffen up the ride and add to cabin noise, but these are only my assumptions. 

So as beastly as this car looks and as badass as it is, I really don’t know who would buy them and since it’s so big and bulky coupled with that thirsty V8….one really has to wonder why Audi made this vehicle lol

Car Fanatic says:

I used to love the long, stretched look of the A8…but this was back in the early 2000s. Not a much has changed, though I could say the same for 911s. But the A8’s look is not as timeless. Mercedes & BMW are steps ahead in my opinion.

Andry Hernandez says:


Robert Alford Green says:

The design to me is very reserved aggression, almost like a pulled haymaker punch. A pearl handled sledgehammer, not much to it but VERY strong, and VERY elegant.

Joshua Walsh says:

My first thought is that it looks just like every other audi but just a bit bigger. It’s nothing special to me. There are a lot of others cars I would consider before this.

achuck4321 says:

I think the grill is too small

fullwerkes says:

I think it looks really beefy and aggressive. I like it.

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