2015 BMW S1000RR Street Review – Pro Superbike Racer

Pro Superbike Racer Marcel Irnie gives an in depth street review of the 2015 BMW S1000RR. Irnie has been racing the 2012-2014 generation S1000RR in Superstock 1000 trim for the past four years, which gives him an excellent basis for comparison.

Filmed by Dessiree Marie, Shane Nolan, and Marcel Irnie.

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Amir Mohammadi says:

Great videos!! How does the s1000rr compare with the 1299 panigale s. Which would be the better bike if price wasn’t a factor. For street and for track

Derek Lane says:

Awesome review Marcel Great gettin it from a racer and not the usual (editor) version,,,,P.S. Whoever the guy is that ‘Donated’ Neo is a saint…. Keep Safe Marcel. from T.O….

Amber Willems says:

C’mor. Way To Go. race hum 1!

Moses ainsz says:

the Germans sure can construct beauty in ingenuity

Marksman2oo7 says:

amazing bike, amazing riding skills, but this guy immediately comes off as a pretentious asshole.

Pasole Soup says:

What lake is that? Looks like it’s in bc

Arthur Müller says:

The Guy who gave you the Money is crazy 😀

Derek Lane says:

Awesome review Marcel Great gettin it from a racer and not the usual (editor) version,,,,P.S. Whoever the guy is that ‘Donated’ Neo is a saint…. Keep Safe Marcel. from T.O.

beqrawi Mohammed anwur says:

I’m going to buy the BMW 1000rr tomorrow

Louie Lamoore says:

Marcel being a very well versed rider what do you thinka bout the following? I ride a 2015 BMW K 1600GT. My woman friend a BMW Scooter. She has developed he riding skills very well I’d say over the ;last 1 1/2 year. Except of course for shifting which the scooter doesn’t allow for. Anyway she has driven my bike and is a little shaky from a dead stop but other wise she’s pretty good. She wants to move up to either a S1000RR or the S1000R version. I’d like to get the former with some handlebar risers. Your thoughts on the two bikes for someone with her riding experience? Thanks.

Boss ZX6-R says:

Fake aprilia

CheerX9087 says:

Is it even possible to keep the front tire down on this bike? Every video I see, the front tire seems to hate the pavement; so I’m guessing if you aren’t used to wheelies, you’re in for one scary experience.

CourageOO7 says:

Marcel, we’ve met a few times at various events. Brother, this is an excellent review and your editing and splicing of old video is nothing short of awesome. Please continue to post various product reviews like this. This was SO informative and I’m digging around for a 2015 S1000RR, as a result. Cheers!

Michael Galeancu says:

Marcel Going to buy an 2016 S1000rr this week cause of this video. Any tips for the break in period. Should I wait until first service to take off limiter and do a hard break in? I know you briefly went over it I just dont want to mess up a 20k bike. Also what do you think of the Sc Project exhaust I know you went with the Hindle but whats your opinion on the Sc project Crt. Thanks

Murat F. says:

damn what have u done with my BMW.

imiritu says:

Marcel how do you become a pro-racer on bikes? Also what are some tips for going those high speeds while racing? My main concern is what to do in the case of wobbles…

Brett Parrott says:

amazing review man….trying to decide between this or an aprilia tuono factory.

Murat F. says:

i must say you are rly bad u should try to beginning from the start again where u learn to ride cuz u miss something but dk what.

Tyler Padgett says:

”Everyone should have this bike” Trust me as soon as I win the lottery I’ll go pick one up

Oścâr Gomez says:

Marcel irnie you’re a Savage brah on that s1krr, I really want to pick one up! I currently ride a R6

Isma Linkin says:

I want a fan like yours 🙂

Robert L. Merida says:

Hey Marcel Neo 2015 and 2016 Emeris you still have both?

waylander07 says:


Ben De Buck says:

My dad has one

K Ho says:

Great review but I can’t help but notice you didn’t find anything you disliked? is there nothing you’d change? Come on that exhaust would be changed by most new owners…Interesting how you compared to the Daytona (I have a Daytona now 14 model an I am looking to trade up to an RR or the new R1) Great video.

ccol009 says:

Dear, Marcel Irnie (cool name too brother) I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! I am new in learning about Super Sports Bikes and I LOVE learning from You, and watching your cool races with other racers! You ride so smooth, but know exactly when to turn it up! I am a glad and happy subscriber to Your channel; knowing that when I watch all of other peoples reviews and stuff about Sports Bikes and / or Super Sports Bikes, I always think in the back of my mind… “What would Marcel Irnie say? Let me go to his channel!” You are greatly appreciated Marcel Irnie! I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL MAN!

SlipGames says:

im 14 soon… i have the money to buy a brand new one 2016… that shit happens when u get diabetes… so dont make fun of us who have it becus one that u gonna drive that old hona 50hp menwhile i come with like 200hp on my backwheel

maomaniarocks says:

long review but best one ive seen

Jeejuu69 says:

Yo what is the helmet in the video I want it

J J Hernandez says:

I want to start going to the track but I don’t know how to get started. I’m just a normal rider. Recommendations?

juanmacabado says:

i think so too. thanks Marcel. good luck!

md harun ur rashed says:

2017 BMW S1000RR Street Review – Pro Superbike Racer price in BANGLADESH ,,, How much…?

squirtmph says:

People see you are humble individual, Its why they will support you. I will pitch my penny’s when I receive my taxes. all for the cause of the noble guy & 2nd. the sport.. good luck in 2016…

kinsel says:

The Canadian Travis Pastrana

TheAmazingTye says:

Damn that stock exhaust sounds good

folerx says:

What is maintenance cost for this machine, street, for 20,000 miles?

Lee Douglas says:

I like that you said, for a street rider, the stock suspension is just fine.  I am looking at purchasing one of these bikes for next summer (saving my pennies), and I’ve been curious whether the DDC is worth it.  By the sounds of it, if they are charging a whole lot more for that option, I’ll skip it.  Thanx!!!!

Karthik S says:

amazing bike

J J Hernandez says:

Great video, I just got my 2016 model.

Antonio says:

Now.. This is a review. Awesome riding skills

evan daniels says:

nice to see a proper review by someone who can actually ride the bike to its limits. I have a bell star carbon helmet now, how do you like the Schuberth sr1? I’m guessing.

Dar Tice says:

Good review, thanks

bill keller says:

awesome bro, very well done vid- and glad to see people are helping you to ” step up” with “neo” what you were explaining to the girl was actually seating the rings(variable rpms)
very nice roads where you were. BEST OF LUCK to you this year RIP IT UP BRO!!! EEEEEEEEYNYAWOWWWWW (bike flying past)

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