2015 BMW X6: Don’t Believe the Hype – XCAR

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The BMW X6 has a pretty interesting rep in the UK, Alex wanted to find out why. Thankfully the newest X6 was on hand to help with his enquiry.

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Palmer, By Taylor says:

I like it

Alazar Tibebu says:

i love thos car

Sebastian Lauterbach says:

I’ve loved the design since day one, but I couldn’t afford one back then. Now I finally can and I will pick mine up next week. Not the M50d, but the 40d which is enough for me and fits my budget. I don’t care what people think about me or my car. I know I’m good people and getting a X6 is not changing that. It’s my dream car and I can afford it, simple as that. I just don’t get why people must hate it. There’s plenty of more expensive and more unpractical cars out there (like every supercar fx), but I guess the X6 strikes a bad chord with some people. Haters are sad, sad people…

Prince Broly says:

then the benz Gle comes along…

Ervine Norris says:

does it feel like in Rolls Royce Wraith

Nathan Jones says:


MyMMC says:

this car is just like fucking dusgusting…

Christian Smalley says:

seriously why

ed tyler says:

Range Rovers look like buses, they’re so square

Firemarioflower says:

1:59 I always hate when people


1. ALl these gismos that clutter the dashboards of cars!! With their iPhone rubbish and stupid plastic Ipad screens for every detail of your car, like how many seconds your lights should stay on after you come home and park your car.
2. These start/stop and other fake fuel saving ‘innovations’
3. Downsizing shit, hybrids, electric cars (outdated, lost the war with petrol around 1920) and other gismo shit, ugly ass Priuses and Teslas!!
4. Self-driving cars. Don’t get me even started on this
5. Idiotic safety systems that take responsibility from drivers and don’t encourage them to learn how to FUCKING DRIVE!! And other electronic jibber jabber.
6. FWD 3 cylinder Bimmers like the ugly ass Granny Tourer and other forms of herressy and blasphemy towards brand values.
7. A billions of suspension settings, transmission
8. 10-speed autmatic gearboxes (what’s the point of that??) Actually, automatic gearboxes are unnessecary in their totality!
9. Fake engine and exhaust noises through speakers. Who needs speakers anyway in a supercar?
10. Tractioncontrol as standard. Stupid interfering control system to stop you from powersliding.
11. Diesels in the sportscoupes of today. Diesel Maseratis,
12. Cars that copy eachother’s design, like the Jaguars and ALfa Gulia who copy Audi A4’s.
13. Cars that copy eachothers brothers like Mercedes is doing. And Jaguar too actually.
14. Mercedeses with Renault diesels.
15. All these stereotypes about people who somehow have to compensate for their member or are drug dealers
16. Eco-fascism. Those hateful Greenpeace hippies who don’t defend animals but bring out propaganda about somehow cars warming up = destroying the planet. Evil communists!
17. Making cars ugly. Hardly any modern day car has elegance. Because of some stupid rules for pedestrian safety or aerodynamics they have to have really overdesigned fronts and the backends are ugly too.
18. Ridiculously large brand emblems on the front, especially Renautl. TACKY!!
19. M-lines, S-lines, AMG-lines and other semi-sporty shit. Just get the real deal or be satisfied with a normal premium car.
20. Electronic powersteering. It destroys the communication with the car.


Do car reveiwers critize that?? NO, they just follow the trend. But an X6 M is somehow not necessary. SO????? If we act that way a lot of cars would not even exist and all you had to review was girly hatchbacks and family station wagons. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. Isn’t this called Carfection?? It sounds like a channel for those who love funky vehicles, that stand out of the crowd of dull grey lease motors and other overcrowded 4 wheelers.

Is a Ferrari necessary? YOur beloved Ranger Rover? Or an Alfa 4C? Or a Mazda MX-5?? NO!!! but we love them! And they are needed because we aren’t robots, we have A HEART AND A SOUL!! We don’t always have to like what’s practical, logical, pragmatic *yawn*

Please let your passion for cars and petrolhead mind speak, please!


Fantastic introduction and stylishly presented

Nathan Jones says:


HodsBroo says:

big bmw fan but this is hideous and they should really stop making the “coupe” suvs

Chris Constantinou says:

Hey one more thing before I get into my X6 50d………do you think if the X6 is so bad would Mercedes would have ripped off the X6 design? The GLE Coupe was designed by Mercedes using tracing paper.

Chris Constantinou says:

Quix….. old men and women, You mean people of means, And not haters? When you drive 30-40k miles a year you need to be comfortable. You need low cabin noise reliability and plenty of miles to the gallon. Ticks every box. Oh and a wicked sound system. Go hate!

Lineage2MediaCom says:

it s the best looking bmw by far, what s wrong with u britts?

Elan buzz says:

To all British loyalist out there….. Range Rover/Land Rover/ Jaguar ‘WAS’ a British car. When they were not able to afford to make one any more…. ‘INDIANS’ brought it. So wipe your sorry ass and move on. You can’t afford to keep your shits and taking about others, and that even about German engineering….. LoL

YG 66 YA 66 says:


Ramdomcom Films says:

I don’t think the x6 is pretty, but it’s not hideous, it also still looks better than the GLE.

Rares Duvac says:

4:02 “it lacks the classlessness…” is the same with “it has class”

ghost says:

Way too expensive!!!

ak b says:

it’s just your opinion.. all people have different taste.. I’m going for x6 over range rover..

asif naseri says:

It’s such a beautiful car idk why people hate on ot

Big Back says:

Most people who hate it do so out of jealousy.

Ross W says:

I love it, although I’d probably go for the petrol engine and I think the SE trim looks better than the M Sport on the X6. People are very quick to judge one another based on their preconceptions, as Alex says. To hell with it; drive what you want and what makes you feel good.

Bryan Hassell says:

is this really an M50d in the US?

Le'Nathan Wilson says:

I love BMW!!!

Darien Bowen says:

X6 or Range Rover evoque ?what would u buy as an everyday vehicle.

Rovin Singh Solanki says:


Marcel Růžička says:

It’s so ugly that I actually like it.

Sofia El Khoumssi says:


Peng Qian says:

Do Range Rover still have it’s British feel after being sold to Indian?

raheel saleem says:

its different …

Daniel Bernard says:

If someone wants to drive it and live with it everyday who are we so say they shouldnt. Haters gonna hate. But I love the BMW design.

william says:

this car looks great in person

67tomcat says:

Raised up stupidity; would rather have an X5 if going “SUV”, or even better, M2!

Thomas Maingi says:


jamviator says:

The people who hate the X6 are all idiots

The Black Phoenix says:

It really is a horrible, ugly monstrosity.

Thabiso Kgabung says:


kiam mon says:

they need to find way to inch up so more head room and allow the backseats to lean all the way back and slide back and forawrd

Everything_Adidas says:

I love it people don’t like it cause it’s different

Nathan Jones says:

Black x6 phantom white x6 looks like a panda

Chris Constantinou says:

Yes. Very much so. You even know the price although you can’t afford one. Ever since I bought this car I’ve noticed one thing…….the guy driving the worst car on the road always seems to have the most to say about everyone else’s car except his own. The haters of the world can’t hide their green eyes when they see an X6. And to be honest I got a bit concerned how jealous drivers never gave way at junctions or deliberately cut me up and the tailgaters on the motorway trying to make me move out of their way just so they can get two inches in front. So concerned in fact that I sold my beautiful X6 40d and bought an X6 50d. People as yourself still have perfect green eye that will never change. But the tailgaters are a very small dot in my rear view mirror. See ya!

Justin Meiklejohn says:

this pin head doesn’t no what he talking about x6 all day

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