2015 Jeep Renegade: My Sky Removable Sunroof Tech Demo

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Jeep Renegade can be had with a unique and removable sun roof that Jeep is calling My Sky. In this TFL tech demonstration video you can see just how the 2015 Jeep Renegade’s new My Sky removable sunroof worth in real life.

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robert lombardo says:

Guys you missed the real point of the demo. Those are escape hatches for those who think a 500xl is a real jeep because it says jeep on the nose. They will try to cross the American Congo. As they drive up to a lonely small sand pit you hear HO SHIT ITS QUICK SAND! How are the rats going to jump ship with out a escape hatch… OR!!!!
Newspapers are reporting a new James Bond movie will be filmed staring Austin powers as 007. Instead of the Db6 its a JEEP. Austin is captured by the spy group of ISSAS EURO-ANUS.
And to escape he hit the ejection button the roof blows off and Austin Powers is safe.

Josh Aden says:

I see potential for these to cause wind leaks.

Mark P. Leclerc says:

Screw this crap where are the Lincoln videos that’s all we want

Ari Karim says:

Why the fuck would anyone wanna deal with that shit.

Smokey BEAR says:

These renegade videos are killing me lmao

Daniel Catura says:

please show more of the open roof viability…..

Charles Brown says:

I would have though that these panels would have been a tented glass at least or a hard see through tented plastic. I like the Idea though & it puts these at the top of my list rather than the Chevy Trax/ Encore, Honda HR-V, Nissan Juke, Kia Soul.

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Far be it from me to gainsay the sniffy, snot gobbling critics that represent our beloved US cousins, but this is very clever piece of design. You don’t understand it because you’ve never seen it before because your homegrown jalopies have all the advanced design of a stone axe. This comment is not intended, in any way, to insult the design capabilities of stone age man.

cbr10 says:

some real good jeep dna here impressive!

LOW HANGING Fruit says:

I think it’s stupid… 1 they are dark, why couldn’t they be transparent??? 2 why couldn’t both be powered. 3 an awkward sized key oh yeah that’s gonna look nice on a key chain. Why a key & a fob button ie Prius auto ac fob button

swinglow33 says:

This may have been a good aftermarket option 20 or 30 years ago.  Not very practical.

Kyle Essenmacher says:

I went to the dealer today to check this out. It is pretty neat but there is a huge flaw in the design. What they didn’t show in this video is that the panels are stored in a bag in the trunk. The bag does not fit under the removable shelf and there is a paper included with it that specifically tells you not to. The bag has to sit on top of the shelf and takes up the whole trunk. You can’t put anything in the trunk with out it sitting on top of the panels and flimsy foam holder!!!! The engineers didn’t think this one through.

Louis VV says:

Tesla has a electric car that can go 0-60 in 4 seconds, and Chrysler has this mind blowing innovative piece of technology

Rocking in a free world says:

I’ve taken them off and now it rains. Shit get them back on with a rush to the boot and pull them out scratch scratch all over. Inside all wet and time wasted. I’ll pass on them thank you. Just put a sun roof on that slides all the way back.

Kasey Guerra says:

I will admit.. cool looking car & what an awesome feature! But this thing won’t be worth and damn thing a year, two years, 3 years down the line.. plus I’m sure the MSRP is through the roof… ( haven’t looked yet ) and when I find out it is. I’m going to be thinking of all the other cars I’d rather buy with that money

The Most Hated YOUTUBER says:

That’s very true  ABOUT LEAKS A lot of people drivers and in vehicles in general don’t understand about rain and snow how its very easy for leak to occur. I’ve been in cars at car washes were if the panel the weather stripping came lose and the water well seep through. But with this material and the way its set up with a little latch its about more then that a lot of people with sunroof moonroofs have leaks its more common then people think.

Carlos Castaneda says:

where’d you get that trunk shelf!?!?!

Kasidy Smith says:

Is this an option on any of the Renegades? Or just on the trailhawk edition?

Kamuela Peneku says:

I would like this car but there is one thing,how much does it cost?

TheHoth1 says:

This car is gunning for the the world’s ugliest car title (current title holder Pontiac Aztek) and this piece of useless removable sunroof just put it over the edge. I wonder that guy was thinking boy if I didn’t have a family and a mortgage I won’t be caught dead doing this soul destroying demonstration for all to see. Now all my off road buddies will not be hanging out with me anymore. Whoever signed off on this project should get fired and banned from car industry for life. I am being nice about it already.

Tin Vuong says:

I think this is what happens when you run out of ideas.  They are trying to push this as a feature when it only introduces more problems. 

G Smith says:

But what’s the point over a traditional sunroof. At least with traditional one I can see outside without ever having to open or remove it. Honestly this seems really stupid.

Sawashi32 says:

Sorry, but I predict those roof panels are going to leak like a sum bitch within a couple of years time.

heath71398 says:

I mean, I guess it’s a good idea, but it’s cheap and has quality issues written all over it (leaks, noise, damage, etc.) I’ll keep my power panoramic vista roof over this.

JettyLife23 says:

Owner installs roof panel incorrectly, ruins interior, not covered under warranty.

1fnfigi says:

For those wondering this removable roof is for certain models there is a panaramic roof option.

Kamuela Peneku says:

With the Mysky

Daniel Tu says:

Why do I get the feeling it’s not gonna work well?

andrea kitten says:

love my 2015 in commando green. i misplaced my “my sky” key 🙁 what can i do???? searching now thats how i found your video.

Tha truth says:

Why not make a dual panoramic sun roof and save your self some work this is old school not impress

john pedler says:

Very cool

Derek L. says:

Why did they have to make the front so feminine?

mustang2005 says:

i don’t really see the point when its already a sunroof. at that point big deal about the back panel. fancy but probably not worth it

H P says:

cool idea but what a pain

Marc Potvin says:

that must be noisy?

dj may says:

You dont have to remove them and they work just like a normal sun roof . Why the fuss?

The Most Hated YOUTUBER says:

Even from the side of doors that black strip you see around your vehicle doors pull a piece of that off and you;ll see water just pours in drips so much you actually start to think its a huge problem. And if you have 2 big whole panels on the roof even worse it going to be hassle.

Christmas Gummyworm says:

Breaking into this car would be so easy through that cheap mans sunroof

Devin Grider says:

Seems cool, very weird idea though.

arktikgraywolf says:

why just not pop in a panoramic sliding roof like in VW’s? the front part is sliding anyhow so the cost isnt much different. I understand ruggedness and stuff like that, but sometimes you want the convenience over ruggedness. 

Stephen Bradley says:

Now take the doors off…… 😀

LloydJiraiyaSS says:

Wicked cool

akahomie100 says:

Jeep should know by now people don’t like to do too much work. This falls under the “too much work” section.

cedrick305 says:

That’s way to much work for the second panel and your either going to break the clips or lose the Damn key.

Yeah Goodluckwiththat says:

No…..just no…

SoCal Pilot says:

Nice video. I just bought my bitch a renegade. Bitches love renegades. I was wondering how to do that. I did even know it’s a power sunroof too.

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