2015 Jeep Wrangler vs 1995 Wrangler: Old vs New Tech Off-Road Mashup Review

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 Jeep Wrangler JK is one of the most off-road capable Jeeps you can buy today but so was the Jeep Wrangler YJ back in 1995. So how does the old Jeep stack up against the new Jeep? Watch this video to find out.

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Will Harber says:

New Jeeps are little bitch cars anyway.

Gregory Bolby says:

What trail are you guys on?

Camstrike D says:

can you really call it old if its automatic trans

Freddy Pedraza says:

I know I got old when I thought the liberty/commander was the worst Jeep ever, until I saw the compass, the renegade, the patriot, and the new Cherokee. Those pieces of shit make the 02-07 look like a raptor in comparation

Chris Werenka says:

Worrying about scratches on a new jeep? Do what I did, scratch the fuck out of it fast, don’t worry about it later.

Steve Yulenburg says:

Unhook the front track-arm and swaybar on that YJ so the tires stay in contact with the trail, and install some tires comparable to the tires on the JK, and it would in fact out wheel that $50K Italian company owned over priced Jeep rendition without a problem.

 I have gone places that were difficult to walk on foot in my 1988 Wrangler over the last 30 years, even with it’s open diffs that this arrogant slob wants to make such a big deal about. And a very simple three inch Old Man Emu lift that flat out-flexes any OEM coil sprung vehicle made, even with it’s so called “old technology” leaf springs. And it would make that JK owner cry for his mama because of the shear damage he was doing trying to keep up. .

 I know this because my neighbor has yet to be able to follow me where I go in his bright red very “pretty” VERY LONG WHEEL BASE JK.

John Skogman says:

omg, its like your trying to get the old wrangler stuck on purpose.lmao Or are that shitty of a driver.

VIGOR 10001 says:


cha boi says:

One is a jeep one is a SUV, there is the whole video for ya

John Skogman says:

lol, same mpg

Diggy Ace says:

I loved my old jeep and I still get sentimental from time to time, but the truth is if you drive a 20 year old jeep for a while then step into a brand new one you’ll be like where do I sign .

Christopher Bradt says:

I love these old vs. new reviews. Do some more, please

Yohannesb9 says:

honda pilot!

bestamerica says:

not like both jeeps…
too poor design, lousy, ugly, weakall

Michael Ramirez says:

I’ll take the 95 over the 15 any day

Joe Blo says:

his flab is showing.

Matthew Andrews says:

YJ looks better but I’ll stick with my 95 XJ.

John Skogman says:

You’re a heart attack waitin to happen. Lose weight

A James says:

Love that YJ.

Sean Turpin says:

This was Bullshit the 2015 Sahara would have been more fair. Of course a Rubicon would win!

HazyVortex says:

Whatever happened to that YJ?

JP Niebauer says:

what top do you have on the yj and where did you get it from?

Angel Wood says:

you guys are funny. I love my new jeep.

World Coming Down 5777 says:

Who’s the Bald Fag in the hat?

Thomas Harris says:

mainstream perceive export tuck steep daily tactic host toilet address.

Furness Prime says:

modded yj, against a stock 4 door… bad comparison right off the bat.

Machine Gun Haylift says:

[]||||[] < O||||O

Bryce Anderson says:

Y’all said this was near Boulder. What trail/road is it?

Ian Mercaldi says:

the guy in the rubicon is so full of himself its unreal. Almost ruins the video.

Jacob Hawran says:

Id prefer a yj over a jk all day long. So much nicer looking, so much character, you can make it very capable for way cheaper. (not as cheap as an xj, but still)

Brendan Reeves says:

He shit all over the y-j

Jordan Scheurer says:

I bet it would lose to my XJ.

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