2015 Mercedes Benz AMG S65 Coupe V12 Twin Turbo PREVIEW

MotoMan gives a walk around preview of the Twin Turbo V12 2015 Mercedes Benz AMG S65 Coupe as a sneak peek – including some of the car’s highlights and special features – before the release of the full First Drive Review episode . . .

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NEW MUSIC including Raw by Kevin MacLeod/incompetech.com & Jahzzar

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AntiquityCar says:

for the love of cars!
I know it’s not politically correct, but someone have to say it!
(much) Sooner than later, ISIS will conquer all the petro dollars  states in the Persian Gulf and all the rare, special, unique, exclusive and antique cars that are there will be destroyed!
Nothing is going to be the same.
Every car you do not sell to the Gulf states today, You rescue it from destruction and salvage it for the recollection of the future generations of cars lovers. 
Now you cannot say “No one warned me about it before” when the destruction will start. (and it will start sooner than you think or anticipating).
And, of course, excuse me for the non-politically correct language. With all due respect.

Ghassan Al Harthy says:

Surely the S65 will be more limited when compared to the GT.

سهيل العلي says:

The color is… I love It! , I think that the S65 will be limited production more than the GT AMG

Ali Hijazi says:

I would say the S65 would have a more limted production that the Gt63 and the S63 just because it a v12 (well by v12 i mean its the better engine )

muhammed abbas says:

Well, answering your question: AMG GT have to be produced in limited production numbers.

Abe Froman says:

Green is gorgeous on Mercedes S-Class cars. Shame so few order it in that color. Maroon and brown also look great.

watusay says:

Please play the options game

Corvette57 says:

Ich will das Game Option Spiel!!! Please

JustDriveThere says:

Options game! Also, S65 coupe will be more limited compared to the AMG GT I’d say

Niko meagher says:

The S65 will be more rare than the AMG GT. As gorgeous as it is, most people that spend that kind of money on their cars want something more outlandish that yells: “Look, I have more money than you!” But I would personally take the S65 coupe.

Martin says:

Hum…options game? HELL yes!

Justin Diaz says:

“But now let’s get to something us car guys do enjoy…” lifts hood and reveals something that resembles a card board box

Dylan Sandile says:

I personally think there will be more S63s then AMG-GTs but there will be significantly a lot less S65 because of the price tags

JustLucky says:

Unreliable piece if shit…only idiot with down’s syndrome would buy this crap.

Targa Florio says:

I’m an Italian car guy, but just may be persuaded to join the boys from Berlin with this iteration. Amazing interior and sound. Plus performance. Even looks decent for a Mercedes. Nice one MotoMan.

aquaphoenixx says:

The “Options Game” should be “Standard” Ba da dum dum tsssss. Get it? “Standard” No? OK, I’m gonna go now. Please keep making awesome videos.

Lord Amadeus says:

Regardless of the number too many of these cars are being built. You can get any last gen 63 AMG/65 AMG for like 20-40% of its original MSRP. Cars like this SHOULD be in art collections. Sucks to see cars of this caliber (and Aston Martins) go for so cheap once they’re a couple years old or are out of warranty.

Jonathan Sawtell-Gist says:

Best colour combo. The AMG roadster has been designed to take on Porsche 911 so I reckon they will end up making more than the S65. 65s are always rare mercs anyway – the 63s are everywhere.

IceDree says:

oooh man oooh man would you just look at Emerald Green! Its been a long time since I felt that way about a Mercedes paint job! Oh man, its so mesmerizing.

I think the S65 will be the limited one … As I recall, the CL600 was handmade & the S coupe will continue in that regard… Especially the AMG one.

sure, I love to see an Option Game

looking forward to the full episode

Nik Brudar says:

3:09 those two black piano pieces don’t fit together well in the far right corner!

Carausu Vlad says:

The S65 will have smaller production numbers. The GT was made to compete with the 911 and steal market from Porsche. All the 65 models have been very limited production in the past too because there is not a big market for those. The S65 also costs way more than the GT.

mit mumo says:

Terrible review sorry

bcop1534 says:

same car motor trend had!!!

ineone says:

That Moto-man logo seems bigger and more in the way than it usually does.

marko matrix says:

More AMG GTs will be sold… they are cheaper …. but OMG S coupe is best looking and with that interior and ambient lighting …

Afrim Lusha says:

if the numbers that this engine produce are comical now imagine  how comical were these numbers more than 10 years ago when it was first introduced.even though this one has a 7 speed transmission its not faster than the 2004 cl or s65

Monkey D. Luffy says:

WOW!  a V12 would be a dream engine!!! But a V12 twin turbo…. GOOD LORD!

ZarlockGE says:

Looking forward to the full episode, and yes please on the options game. 🙂
And I am pretty sure the S65 will have the lower production number.

golfbuddy1969 says:

Absolutely the only color to have!!!

Dee Jay says:

I love that there’s no B pillar..  I’m not much of a Mercedes fan, but this is a great looking car

shanhitex says:

Please do not devoid us from the options game.

sxsw12 says:

The s65 will have a limited production. Or customer ordered.

JustLucky says:

If you choose this shit,you are idiot or on drugs…

Darrell Tuttle says:

Keep your dirty feet off the doors.

xorencryption says:

love MotoManTV reviews. let’s not keep that door open with our foot 🙂

I.P. Knightly says:

An engineering tour de force that looks like an old toaster.
Fortunate that a school bus didn’t come flying around the corner while this was being shot.

andyhoov says:

Good lord that color is amazing. Also, I’ve never really liked the new interior design for the S classes. Yes, I imagine that the materials are fantastic but there was something about it that I found exceptionally dull, at least I did until I saw this interior. I think it might because all the previous interiors I’ve seen have been white or beige, but the trim and color combination in this car is gorgeous.

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