2015 Mercedes-Benz C63 S AMG Review

Subdued-looking luxury sedan is actually a muscle car in disguise. With a bi-turbo V8 under its hood, it’s a beast waiting to be unleashed. Full story and photo gallery here:



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Dj says:

This car is amazing, I wish I could afford it

KP-48 says:

looks exactly like the new e class 2017

completeGamer007 says:

BMW m series looks way more aggressive and better, Mercedes has more features but come on, the looks are what matters

Gabriell Salas says:

laffs at a m3 but kisses m5 ass haha 😉

Azo Zoe says:

❤❤❤c63 for life

BROOKS says:

M3 F80 for me

mrbigbigtoe says:

I was a CTS-V fanatic until I seen this car.
Sorry Cadillac, you’re still cool, but no longer my favorite.

HotBrownGuy XD says:

i have this car! .. i mean not now.. i mean never 🙁

Nick Duel says:

Cant you just remove some silencers from the intake and call it a day on the bullshit noise reduction?

alex lagg says:

every ghetto hillbilly redneck of Alabama should own one of this, for free

Imma Gophermine says:

To bad only the black series are coupes.

S D says:


sleepybird09 says:

just have to wait 5 years and maybe I can afford it..

Yobreeze says:

this is amazing

Dodge Hemi says:

Maybe for drifting the non-S LSD slides better ? Sometimes driver aids screw with your slide. Jeremy Clarkson put M4 in steering COMFORT mode to get it to slide because other modes fight driver from going sideways. Odd that the steering mode was the issue vs traction mode, GOOD TIP FROM OLD SCHOOL TOP GEAR. I hear the new guys suck

seanzal says:

I love this car. Pure class.

Dodge Hemi says:

$2500 Recaro to make “thighs go numb” and no cold. Does it have lumbar adj ? New Camaro don’t have lumbar adj and are softy vs 1LE, they dropped those nice GM Recaro from z28 which they put on 2SS and 1LE now Recaro gone, GT350 has the nice highback suede but just that model in only sticks.

Outside M4, it hard to find nice seats and paddles together, hard to find nice coupe in manual then when you find it the auto isn’t avail. Alfa only stick in USA. Wifey M4 or C63s is hard to beat, Charger 392 and HC too large and wheel is for man hands

Karan Grewal says:

whats the canadian msrp for this car

Yousef Al-A'ssaf says:

I miss the old 6.2 sound :/

veton rasimi says:

Amazing review dude! 🙂

Alex N says:

the roar on this engine is so orgasmic

Mai 3 says:

the back look like shit -.-

Mr. Adventure says:

That is one really nice car, but for $72,000 and more I’m sure there are better choices out there. If I was in the market for a car in that price range, I would wait for the new 4 door Alfa Romero and see what it is about.

Rudzani Shikalange says:

This dude makes the car boring. Its like everything he says is scripted. Can’t he improvise?

My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

I wish the navigation screen was like Audi’s pop-out screen that you can hide if you want, it’s distracting to have that screen up all the time. Also, even though this car is more advanced than the previous C klass is every way, I much prefer the design of the previous generation…..

Ryan says:

whats the name of the song?

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