2015 Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG PREVIEW

MotoMan gives a walk around preview of the 2015 Mercedes Benz GLA 45 AMG as a sneak peek – including some of the car’s highlights and special features – before the release of the full First Drive Review episode . . .

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wishdj says:

What’s missing in the options are the Recaro sport seats and the panoramic sunroof. I took delivery of one in Mountain Grey colour around 3 weeks back and those options come standard here in Sydney. The wing which is a part of the aerodynamic package is an option here. Looks better without those wings.

ExotikZBoy17 says:

is it missing keyless entry or sunroof?

Enadi Pasholli says:

im gonna guess the special suspention for amg models that you can adjust/majic body ride control or something like that and a manual

Targa Florio says:

Nice Preview MotoMan – as per usual. Any idea when we may see that long awaited God of the Sea review?

Hellfax says:

Its missing a manual and heated seats.

gene978 says:

Riddle me this? While you were chumming with all those males most young i’m sure or young minded. That was your opportunity to influence THE FUTURE of the SOCIETY You could of BLOWN their minds and all had them eating what ever you threw at them. But no, you BLEW IT didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?! AAH! Forget It

MrVnick1 says:

Missing leather & (panoramic?) sunroof

phatfool33 says:

hmmmm window tint and leather?

Ricky Fernandez says:

Panoramic sunroof

Oldschool Gamer Rick says:

Ich mag deinen Kanal. Gute Videos. Tolle Autos und viele Infos. Danke für deine tolle Arbeit.

IceDree says:

hhhhmmmm I’m thinking the AMG Sport Exhaust (buying an AMG without that option should be considered treason) & the Panoramic roof (as you pointed in the C video, California + No sunroof = WTF?)
is that an edition1 GLA?   

PTNM15 says:

No panoramic sunroof! 

Abe Froman says:

No sport seats. Maybe no sunroof as the other? You said loaded so assuming tech pack.

NebPWN says:

i personally find the blown I4 sound horrendous 

Pixar Cars Toys and Thomas and Friends Kids Toys says:

Great video !!

longhanfei says:

the sport seats? honestly i dont even like the sport seats, they are good if do wild turns, but daily driving they make you feel confined

MrGovenator1 says:

Lets see, lets see. So, its missing the Audi badge, and the S3 badge. Most importantly though, its missing the reasonable sticker price of the S3.

S Ange says:

It is missing leather seats. 

CasaDeGomez says:

It is missing the Moonroof and a manual transmission +MotoManTV. Those would be my two guesses. 

Neuro Dick says:

who cares, it kicks ass and takes names.

Thao Nguyen says:

Also missing the panoramic moon roof

headcas620 says:

Are you gonna review any affordable cars this season?

NebPWN says:

no sunroof!

1776alltheway says:


Ferm says:

I hate the leaving the comments below part.

achuck4321 says:

I got to sit in this at the Toronto auto show. It was actually pretty nice, but didn’t feel like an AMG. I don’t think this one, nor the one I sat in had sport seats, which could have been a factor. I sat in the c63s and it was far better. 

Thao Nguyen says:

Missing the recaro sport seats

Elliott Manning says:

Every one talks about how awesome this car is, but every time I see, I can’t help but think it is just a fat CLA. As for the options, I’m guessing it does not have keyless access with pushbutton start, I can see it didn’t come with a sunroof, and my last guess will be ventilated seats because you can’t get them in the CLA. 

rbassdo says:

LED headlights and moonroof?

headcas620 says:

I’m guessing no heated seats and no navigation.

Victor Tsai says:

AMG sport seats and keyless go?

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