2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan — Video Walk Around

For generations, an S-Class Sedan has been instantly recognizable not just for its iconic design, but for predicting the future of the automobile. Strong, powerful and majestic, it’s also lighter, sleeker, and the most athletic S-Class yet. And while it slips through the wind with ease, it stands out in any crowd. In fact, it stands above. Learn everything you need to know about the 2014 S-Class Sedan in this video walk around.

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Peter Rafeiner says:

Title 2015… Description 2014… come one guys, proof read before hitting submit 🙂

Yanis Manolov says:

best car you can dream of

Jack Frost says:

This is better than a Tesla 100%

rw7aniat says:

da fuk iz dis

wont drive it ill park it and live in it

BrateTebra123 says:

The LCD screens are the DUMBEST IDEA EVER ! Could someone explain to me why did they used them?

B Bogdan says:

the interior at 12:45 is wonderfull

Eugenie X says:

Not wowed by the exterior but the interior is very nice.

Sohil Gupta says:

This is a class car! Simply out of this world!! The best car in the world!!


am gonna sue the company for being the best in the world.

IpenetratedURmom says:

So how many of these features are in the base model S 550?

Hector 321 says:

Made in Germany!

Kenneth Ridenour says:

Even gives some people common sense and i need some.

Amogh R Kaushik says:

truely, the best car in the world, it has no competitors what so ever!

Andrey Vasilyev says:

Humans are amazing creatures…

Sonya Williams says:

I sat in a S class for the first time yesterday and felt really stupid for buying my A7 solely off looks. The S class is much more comfortable and on another level. I still prefer the looks of my A7 but I’ll be trading my car is for an S class soon.

Marco Sartori says:

OMG I love this!!! I wonder how many things could break lol. You should choose a Dealer and keep it!

Sandeep Andre says:

How I will buy this car ?

Yerbivore says:

That is in Portland OR! Right by my house

Lalitesh Rastogi says:

The best car in its segment. It is very sophisticated and its looks are just too cool. Also its 700nm of torque which boosts the car!!.. I just love it. I want the Mercedes to bring a Diesel variant for S500 Maybach.

HD_ Ahmed says:

هل اجد مستغفر

La Mystique says:

cumshot in 3, 2 ,1

Michael Appeah says:

the interior exterior and performance simply tells that the car in front is always a Mercedes… and the s class….. is simply a bomb

nickyheavy says:

The ‘giant high resolution wide screens’ look like an afterthought from some angles; as though they just ‘clip on’ and don’t look part of the dashboard. I hate it.

ashkbos raha says:

چی میشد من اینو داشتم خدا دیگه هیچ ارزویی نداشتم

prince k runyare says:

one day u will be my girl

Gary St Clare says:

car for professional peoples.

Jacob 99 says:

Best technology, interior, and exterior in the luxury sedan segment.

tebogo radikoro says:

cheap staff benz is loosing its legacy the front is all plastic, some top model have lost the star but plastic grill star

David Cruz says:


Ejaz Ahmad says:

state of the art in engineering excellent

Abood W says:

damn even if you owned Mercedes back in the day you’ll be like Lamborghini/rolls Royce today

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