2015 Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe PREVIEW

MotoMan gives a walk around preview of the 2015 Mercedes Benz AMG S63 Coupe as a sneak peek – including some of the car’s highlights and special features – before the release of the full First Drive Review episode . . .

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Roop Dhillon says:

I’d rather just wait for the whole vid

LaZiiiDaN says:

I clicked this over the full review because I didn’t want to watch 14 minutes, and I still learned what I wanted to know!

NebPWN says:

magic sky control

najee mitchell says:

I like the preview vids, it lets me know what I can expect to see later. -Like a movie trailer.

Choppers Channel says:

both is good for me.
Teaser is nice and informal.

Csab says:

Like the show alot bring us more reviews thanks long short all good i prefer the long review

Anthony Davis says:

come on MotoMan, full episode PLEASE! Oh and when the S65 arrives, we’d like you to do a vid on that as well! Thank you MotoMan.

Abe Froman says:

Moto-Man you do a lot of great stuff. Keep it coming we like it. Hopefully people start appreciating your knowledge and connection with the Peterson. What happened to the segments of Mean Gene putting cars up on a rack?

freeman Geiger says:

Gorgeous car! Preview with the unique standout options is cool.

M Dac says:

Please publish the full review ASAP!!!

Agnostic says:

isn’t it way overpriced ?

1776alltheway says:

yeah short first 

mak450 says:

Yes, I like this format. I vote for more of these.

rhonda canfield says:


Curtis Reid says:

Test drive it or at lease crank it up. I would like to hear the throttle note.

aehmt says:

no individual settings on this one?

Dongi says:

this car is sexy “car”ified.. 

CasaDeGomez says:

I love the FULL MotoMan reviews myself.

YouDontWannaFightMe says:

I generally don’t like teaser/sneak peek vids because they only show a little snippet of the full length video, but I like the way this is formatted because it’s just enough to keep me interested instead of just skipping it over.

IceDree says:

Dem Burmesters ! umm umm daymn!
Love those teasers M!

Chan Aung says:

yes more 

DH Bennett says:

I love a good Luxo-Barge as much as the next guy, but man is Mercedes getting boring! 6.3 (really 6.2), 550-ish Hp, 10,000 dollar stereos, and enough computers to drive itself.The other day I saw a Merc SWB 600 sedan. Now that is a driving machine 😉

Latitude 34N says:

MotoMan… another amazing ride!  You better run through the canyons in something real nice next time… first Z06, then this?!!   You are killing me!  Hope to see you again soon…

Oscar Halder says:


AJ Dimas-Lehndorf says:


shanhitex says:

I would like to see a teaser followed by a full length episode. helps build anticipation.

Car Geeks Anonymous says:

Bertha Benz and leather shoe sole brakes.

Geraldy Dossous says:

can’t wait to see the full episode, more exotics.

MacSaab93 says:


Danny White says:

Thanks for the tasty teasing bits!

StanO011 says:

Good vid.

milan patel says:

i like these episodes but you should give us the option of asking you questions on this episode and answering them in the official episode

Ziich says:

I am fine with teasers as long as it is not a repeat of what is in the full review

achuck4321 says:

I was lucky to be able to sit in the s63 coupe at the toronto autoshow. Wowza. I can’t wait to see the next video. 

puffrooster says:

I like the short teasers before the full episode; when I’m finished posting this comment, I will also be going to the Mercedes Canada site to build this car. I won’t be buying one mind you, but if things go well @ the bank, I might be getting an AMG 507 edition coupe next week!(?)

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