2016 Audi A6 Review: Fuel Efficient, Fun & Fast?

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 Audi A6 with the new 2.0L turbocharged engine is a luxurious German sedan but is it also fuel efficient, fun and fast? In this TFLcar first drive review Roman finds out.

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Leati Joseph says:

in philippines,it cost more than a hundred thousand dollar,or almost 5million pesos!!!! f*ck

MAELOB says:

if its not a review dont call the video a “review”

Isaac Fox says:


Tim Enaje says:

Samsung a, s6, and s7

slomoshv says:

hey there 15/16 Audi A6 owners, do your brakes make unbearable screeching noises? mine does. it’s so bad that when i pull up to a light or a stop sign, people have to shut their ears with their hands. i told my dealership and called audi about it. they basically told me to STFU and deal with it. they blame it on “high performance” semi metallic brakes. one of the guys working in the sale department told me that his audi does the same.. like that’s supposed to make me feel better? i had an E class before this. the brakes were better and never made a peep.

Justice says:

That tombstone slab on the dashboard looks ugly and really should be removed.

christian Chichester says:

What kind of camera is used?

Breaking Cycles says:

Audi is the best!

trqmj says:

Turbo technology kills engine longevity and cost so much $$$ to fix. Get a V4, V6 or V8 with natural combustion. The engine breathes better and last a lot longer.

nohassle300 says:

Not convinced

ScotSpeed says:

i would always talk shit about pontiac’s horn-looking exhaust tips. i always thought it looked cheap and cheesy, like on the grand am.
lo and behold, EVERYONE now has these type of exhaust tips. pontiac’s quality was poor until the last, totally awesome gxr (gxp? whatever). i still prefer nice, round tips.

Lubomír Dohnal says:

Some of the best looking cars out there! So damn perfect looking!

Azfar Thakur says:

looks like a 2016 camry

John Boyt says:

Ugly grille. TOO BIG. Not as ugly as the Lexus, but big is not better in this case.

David Lee says:

Audi copy Hyundai hexagonal girll

Evan H. says:

If this now the most fuel efficient in the line up. Did they drop the TDI model? I hope not cause I really want to get one in that configuration.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

T to the F to the L…

wonderwall135 says:

50k for a 2 liter front wheel drive vehicle. what the fuck?

Mike Arima says:

The car is really great but 60,000$ is the problem. I just drove a 3.0T and it is godlike. Very quiet.

Nicholas Whiteley says:

Can someone tell me how this would drive/accelerate/top speed, better than a Lexus IS200t , which is a terrible drive for a luxury car…? Thanks

darksscorpion says:

is it possible to remotely start the A6 via a phone app? like what ford did in their 2017 models… (ford pass)

i know that there is an app for audi i think its called audi connect but im not sure if you can start the engine with it

Alex chemistry says:

+ jacob Bendah I agree, 2.0 TDI?

Mou Nir says:

استطيع شراء هده السيارة ولكن في الاحلام ههههخخخخ

Jordan Chavez says:

Better this than that new E- class Mercedes is offering, God, who the fuck is designing today’s cars? All Mercedes sedans might as well be considered cheap s class knockoffs, exact same interior and exterior. Might as well settle for the c class.

George says:

is the tdi not more fuel efficient? and has a lot more hp and tq

Michael Gonzales says:

I want one

Angry Whale says:

In case anyone was wondering, they did not drop the TDI models. Since the whole Volkswagen Dieselgate thing is still going on, all diesel engines on brands that VW owns are not being sold because of the EPA, fuck the EPA.

mahmoud almahmoud says:

I have 2012 A6 model almost the same exept the grill shape has been changed.

Dr.Ankur G says:

india. Bought A6 Matrix last month. Its beautiful both inside n outside. Its equipped with air suspension, means with a touch of a button you can raise the car chassis by almost 20 mm. How cool is that! The bose 14 speakers with amp is a heaven for the ears. In India it costs Rs.6000000 or US $90000. We need to pay more compared to the rest of the world.

Albert Arrabal says:

What camera do you use +The Fast Lane Car ?! 🙂

audimanao says:

And I’m here still driving my 2000 audi a6 4.2 145,000 miles and going strong!

Hongthan2010 says:

Hi guys: I am a fan of you guys’ reviews. I am wondering if you guys can provide cabin noise level in the future review especially for family hauler vehicles. I take long road trip very often and really like quiet vehicle.


Joseph Messing says:

Major and repeated electrical problems that Audi Service seems unable to fix.

Yassine Si says:

Made in Germany

65433234 says:

god the grille look stupid without front number plates

Ryan's Range Report says:

Maybe the 2.0T is louder , or the camera is placed where its’ louder, but my 3.0T is super quiet, almost too quiet when you get on the gas. I’d be interested in how much quieter the cabin is vs my 2013.

Ze Germanz says:

Why do American reviews talk so much about power and torque but then they drive an automatic…

Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! says:

I really love your video quality. Very HD. and 4K! 10/10 would watch more often

otabl ott says:

Can somebody please tell me the name of the song starting at 40 seconds?

Akhil Reghu says:

doesn’t look like a luxury car, its a vw car. every time when i see vw car i feel that there is no difference btw audi and vw!!!!!!!!

Bruno Andrade says:

Still dated exterior, nice interior though…Benz is ahead with the new C400 that would kill this car with over 329hp, or the E class. I also don’t understand why Audi doesn’t bring to US the A6 Avant Sportwagon, awesome car!

HoltCalifornia says:

Hey what road was that at 1:59?

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