2016 BMW 7 Series 750i 740i PREVIEW & In Depth Tech Overview

For the first time in the 6-year history of our show, we are proud to present a BMW! And not just any BMW – the all-new BMW 7 Series (a/k/a 7er G12). In this very in depth PREVIEW, MotoMan goes on a deep dive of the advanced tech features of the new BMW 740i and Bimmer 750i that set it apart through technology –in design, driver interaction with the car and one of the most innovative bits – the unique method and materials used in its construction. More than our usual PREVEW in advance of coming full episodes, there was just way too much in the new 7 series from Bavarian Motor Works to demonstrate in one full FIRST DRIVE REVIEW . . .

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Dakeevis Wilson says:

I am the owner of bmw, and lockheedmartin

alfredo balbuena says:

this guy really is kool and knows his poop … kudos ! actually signing up to his videos !

Geert Delmulle says:

In answer to your question: I would go for the Individualized BMW.
Because, if I were to (be able to) pay that much money, I would want it *exactly* the way I want it.
And that would mean: Full Option (most likely). BTW: living in the EU grants access to the full potential of BMW technology: no need to wait until regulations catch up, especially on the new additional safety features.

blackericdenice says:

US want let BMW sell a car that will park it self in a garage but they will let Donald dumb-ass Trump. Run for President.

Renzee White says:

I love the key system its very high tech I love that it parks its self inside the garage without you being in it

Jasen Todorov says:

Can you buy the rear seat entertainment without the tablet and with an iDrive controller

Kenyan JMC says:

Come on US, get with the program? We need those technologies here. I don’t want to park my own car in the garage. The laser-lights should be accepted too.

Veen says:

@F30 lover yeah its on the higher level

Milan Bogdanovic says:

Outstanding video. Professionally done. Very informative. Please keep up the great work! Thank you!

taipeikartman says:

What a shame. Anybody who buys this garbage instantly labels themselves as a show off and a superficial cunt hoping to further separate themselves from those around them. If you buy this then count on my middle finger being given to you all day everyday.

Adamantium T. says:

Love your reviews. You have a touch of class in how you present things. Keep it up!

Alexander Loper says:

BMW is not only “not new” to HUD, they made it popular and have always had the best in the business

puffrooster says:

Carbon black metallic with the M-sport, dynamic handling, and the executive package… but for 6K more, I could get a fully loaded M5 with carbon ceramic brakes, which is what I would really do…

What I will be doing is the new 340i xDrive with the M package and premium enhanced package, primarily because BMW stills gives us manual transmissions in their saloons and as far as I know, nobody else does!

David Madrid says:

Motoman awesome! Video why don’t you have your own TV program you’re so good at what you do

F30 lover says:

Nice but still not on same level as Mercedes-Benz S550.

Remigiusz Nowak says:

really iphone mini?!? this the only smartphone brand on the market?!

Jalend Hall says:

hmm wonder how much it will cost to replace that key lol

T8official8T says:

That Samsung tablet ruined it for me.

Mohammed Al Jaidah says:


Don't Sub says:

Did they put a golf club on every new car this year?

Dreadzedan says:

lol , wonder why the apple fanboys aren’t crossed that the car is using a Samsung tablet and launched attacks in the comments.

Taurus Groves says:

Bmw has an m7 hmmmm? alpina b7? they dont make m7s

John Doe says:

meh, can it drive itself? BMW is falling fast behind Audi and Tesla. It’s just “looks” company but the tech is mostly fluff. Display key? Seriously? Who needs that fluff data in your pocket? I’ll bet 99% of users stop caring after their honeymoon period and then only pull it out to show off to friends, as a novelty.

I will give them credit for mass producing CF parts.

Dreadzedan says:

That key owns, that alone slaps the competition in the face.

tanarvis tennant says:

Best reviewer ever! Keep up the excellent work.

Wade Higgins says:

All I can say is, Lexus has a lot of work to do.

eriqc says:

If you’re clicking on a video to see a BMW, the last thing you want to see is advertisement for Buick SMH

Carson King says:

I’d add nos and maybe a rat look, drop it 20 mm, camber the wheels and put stretched tyres on it. Maybe an air kit as well, hit the three wheeled motion. That’s a joke by the way before you all start ranting. I wouldn’t have the M sport, it’s a limo, I have a Z4 M, champaign and cocaine would go everywhere whilst sat in the back entertaining an Asian ladyboy if the suspension was anything like mine, it’s like driving a hard tail Harley sometimes. If I could afford that, I’d retire, you got enough money already, by a 2cv and let the world pass by.

Lone-Wolf Nelson Sr. says:

One Day SGT. Nelson M. US ARMY

blackericdenice says:

I can listen to this guy talk about the most boring thing in the world.

Bwause83 says:

its a great car, but for that much money… to boring. the interior is really boring compared to the S class.

Aditya Rao says:

love that review I bet that no one can review better than him superb keep it up motoman

Usama Bin Zahid says:

I would go with the individual

Tone Bone says:

entertainment package

Mohammed Amri says:

I can never get tired of watching this man. he’s so likeable, smart and funny.

Michael Schneider says:

Appreciate BMW for showing off the naked chassis details.  The 7 series, MB’s S Class, Audi A8 and othersin the segment  are big vehicles; weighing less by the minute…  Are there manufactures over doing the “tech” aspect somewhat.  Its most of the high brow tech lost on Mrs. Winestein?  Nice cars and if you must; Make my BMW 7 in Stone Grey metallic (LY7U Porsche) with black leather everywhere.  PS., the Audi S8 is long in the tooth  . . . .

Richard Parker says:

I hate the shark fin..what’s the point of it?

Li Lick Lozz says:

i got mine on order in black with 20inch OZ

Lee Hoon says:


Tiago says:

Cadillac CT6 the best flagship !!!

Alan Steadman says:

Yeah, a truly fantastic car. I get the impression that these cars are designed for over achieving control freaks. As for the screens at the back – children can manage without constant distraction. They can read or talk or just look out the window and watch the scenery go buy. Too much car, too many buttons and too much seedless tech.

Carson King says:

Great videos by the way, don’t understand the thumbs down, who can be bothered with that and why, what were they expecting,,, being the 100000 viewer and getting a free one. Some people are strange, why hate a video when George Bush and Tony Blair are alive, if you want to hate, hate positively*.
* plagiarised from an Australian comic whose name escapes me.

sirmasana says:

Definitely the Individual Series is my pick.

IJustHitTheFan says:

Great video.
I guess I’d choose the individual model. For driving dynamics I’d keep a smaller car.

Which options?
Fully loaded, plus I’d commission an aftermarket builder to plant an MB 3 pointed star on it, just to keep onlookers baffled 😉

benny marz says:

Tell the camera guy to stop moving

DavidGame007 says:

One thing BMW cannot overcome is the burning smell coming out of engines after a year or two.

Fruit Farm Factory says:

_”Bayerische Motoren Werke”_

I liked how effortlessly that rolled off your tongue and incorporated into the video.

Burn7177 says:

Nice video… I prefer individual or the normal BMW 7, and btw this is one of my very favourite cars…

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