2016 BMW M2 TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

Before driving the 2016 BMW M2 on Laguna Seca, MotoMan runs through the EXTENSIVE engineering changes in the transition from BMW M235i to BMW M2. Yes, this it starts life as the BMW N55 3.0 inline single turbo six-cylinder engine but the BMW M engineers pilfered through some of the bits from the BMW M4 S55 twin turbo 6 cylinder. But even more fascinating than some go fast parts, MotoMan focuses on how they keep all that extra power cool . . .

For more information on the #BMW #M2 – check out our FIRST DRIVE REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn1VpNNdHyw&list=PLF6ek7dWy48pH67nILSKoOv9ioCIMX3oW&index=1

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Kev Jumbo says:

how come M2 doesnt have that iconic M side mirrors like the M3 ?

Mike Sobczyk says:

annoying reviewer and those shoes lol

edward kim says:

95 m3 coupe. luxury package. i start the engine without clutching and drive to work and canyoning routes.

Jane Dogh says:

what a bring cabin? Hate that smooth Camry sounding engine

AngHell granturismo says:

Love it

Cheezybeatz says:

M6 all day!

Илья Авербах says:

BMW 1M coupe. City driving. Russia

Brendan Vandedonk says:

wrong its not the same block as the s55 its the same block as the n55 as is the vanos and valvetronic

javarithms says:

2013 e93 Space Grey, Fox Red seats, fully loaded except for DCT – 6spd FTW!!! Roaming in the sunny Pacific Northwest region 😉

Kyle Bmw M Power says:

I drive an e92 M3 and I live in Yorkshire in UK with amazing roads

LegendInThaMakin says:

2010 e90 335i, daily driver.

Mike Arredondo says:

02 E46 M3 daily driven to work and I live in sunny SoCal

Smiles Per Miles says:

Can’t wait!! I have mine ordered already!!

Junayd Mohamed says:

I have a E92 M3 four door that I occassionally use as a getaway car…the handling is fantastic.

Blake Huffman says:

e46 m3 united states

damnRico says:

Bis später! That was very nice 🙂
Greetings from München / Garching.

Christian says:

I drive a 1990 e34 m5, like to cruise around with the sun roof down, from Long Island, NY

Doc Martin says:

2002 E46 M3 track car. We are in Florida. I also have a 2013 X5M that is my DD. I really like that new M2.

Nicolas Lee says:

At least please tell us it comes with factory LSD this time

Dsincereal says:

AW e92 M3 , drive it whenever I feel like it because that’s what cars are for, becuz v8

Jason S says:


I have a 2003.5 E46 M3 Coupe 6spd manual. I drive it as my daily, have some modifications done to it. I plan on tracking it once my mods are completed. I live in San Diego, CA.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the M2 to come out. Looking for a second vehicle 🙂 Hopefully it lives up to my expectation

AlphaAsFuark! says:

While I don’t have an M car, I do have a 2001 540i with some M goodies attached. I reside in the Rocky Mountain region

Doge Miner says:

I’d like to clarify a couple facts that you point out in this video. The S55 is actually derived from the engine in the M2, the N55, not the other way around. The M2 has a “beefed up” version of the N55 that was first introduced in the 2009 535i Grand Turismo. Most commonly found in the 2011+ 1 and 3 series. Also, the actual weight of this car is yet to be released. Until an owner puts it on a scale we won’t really know but the consensus is, that with all these radiators etc., it’s closer to 3500lbs.

Ogamitto1 says:

I’m Italian I leave in Japan and I will the the new M3 at dealer here in Japan next week, actually I want buy my first M and it will be the M2 and at moment just debut in Japan. There’s a negative point only in my case, in Japan is available only the Dgt gear box, but they say, maybe I can have the manual speed. This will be my first M and I was waiting to buy one for many M3 generation, I love the M4, but is too big now. I enjoy your videos and I will subscribe at your channel. Cya:)

Carson says:

s55 has closed deck design , not the case in the “N55+” in the m2 , this is an important difference

nyle123nyle says:

What would be faster a regular 650i or a m3 m4???

Jose Torres says:

E36 M3 daily drifter in CA

Cruiseblackpool says:

So they took the M235i Manifold and Turbo and put it on the M2..?

idriveadc5 says:

How many times can you make an “at the office” joke in your reviews

needraintodrift says:

I like your reviews MotoMan but I always have to open another tab and look for the torque and weight figures because in Europe we use kg not pounds… Anyway I love the M2 reminds me of the E46 M3

Kefuddle says:

So smart is this guy that he assumes I know wtf an S55 engine is, but not smart that he actually understands how it works! lol.

BMW m3 says:

e46 m3 and m2, m2 is daily and e46 is a stripped roll cage track car

Renzee White says:

I love the M2 and 750i they re my two favorite cars by the brand I wish he would have gotten the 6speed manual gearbox

Apollo Rap says:

does he mean n55?

Andrew Sommers says:

Aiming for a 2017 and hoping they add a couple more colors.

Andersen says:

Would be great if M2 would weight just 3295lbs but this is not true according BMW official site it weights 3461lbs versus 3465lbs for M4 – all those numbers are EU base.
the real weight is the one you see on scale and there isn’t much BMW could do here specially to keep price on a reasonable range. Anyway should be great to drive and maybe faster on small tracks and slower on high speed tracks in comparison with M4.

Leonel RIco says:

Motoman, my name is Leonel Rincon….I Have a 900rwhp Turbo E46 M3!…I love it. built S54 motor, single turbo kit and i participate in Rallies, 1/2mile airstrip events, the texas mile and track events throughout Texas and surrounding states. i have been fortunate to own this car and be apart of the community… i like the M2 as I Love the 1M

Duncan Pitfield says:

The R56 Cooper S had a twin scroll turbo intake in 2006, it’s not new, it’s the plenum shape and volume that is different.

440boosted says:

Down pipe jb4 meth

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