2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS 6-Spd Start Up, Road Test, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTube’s largest collection of automotive variety. In today’s video, we’ll take an in depth look and drive with the all new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS!

MSRP pricing for the Camaro, before options, begins at:

1LT 2.0L Turbo 4 cylinder: $26,695
1LT 3.6L V6: $28,190
1SS: $37,395 (Our tester is likely around $38,395 with the dual mode exhaust)
I will update a full list of pricing when it becomes available, thanks!


Color/Initial start up sequence: 0:49
Steering/transmission details: 2:02
Exterior walk around, styling, discussion, what’s new, etc: 5:14
Wheels/tires/brakes/suspension: 9:30
Engine/performance/fuel economy: 11:39
Interior quality, design, and comfort: 14:39
Sound clips (dual mode exhaust, static/on road): 16:49
Interior tech and features: 21:30
Rear seat space and amenities: 27:14
Cargo space: 29:41

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During this presentation, we will take a 1st person look at what the vehicle is all about beginning with the start up, performance data, fuel economy, the occasional track data, and build quality. Also, I will teach you how to use most of the interior and exterior features in a detailed fashion, that before, you could only get from going to a dealership yourself! Throughout the video, I will highlight key styling and unique differences about the vehicle, any available options, and of course it would not be an enthusiast car video without the good ole engine portion with rev and exhaust note with interior and exterior perspectives. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHANNEL SEE BELOW: In this channel you will find in depth educational videos of automobiles from all over the world, presented in a more detailed fashion than ever before. Basically, this gives the viewer the chance to view the most detailed 1st person look you can get without going to an actual dealer yourself! Every video is consistent in the way I present so viewers know what to expect in my presentations. I treat every vehicle with the same respect whether a 1960 Chevrolet Impala SS or the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. I film all types of vehicles from past, present, and future while broadening the knowledge of the automotive enthusiast. You will see everything from vintage, brand new, exotic, mainstream, old, etc. I am very proud of this channel and have built it up from amateur videos years ago to what you see today. I wanted to share my love for the automotive world with the rest of the world. Be sure to explore the massive video variety, have fun and enjoy The Driver’s Seat of YouTube!

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Simon Richille says:


Michael Doohan says:

still looks like a over grown toy hot wheels car….

Raghav Sanghi says:

How do you stop the vehicle making you shift from 1st to 4th gear???? Its frustrating!

Leati Joseph says:

hi kyle, I just wanna ask if this is good to use as everyday ride,planning this to be my college car.

Ringo Loul says:

Which one car gets you more girls
Nissan 350z – lotus elise – camaro – mustang
And which one is better for starting car

Miss1le says:

Anyone else like this yellow color???

Mujahiddin Sunni says:

I hate Camaro because they design just for left drive, so how about me from Asia. we drive at right..

WhasDoom says:

so. can i drift whit it?

Krzysztof Talip says:

Jebane biedaki dajcie film z POLO 2

bigmoe8344 says:

The rev match blips the throttle so you can let out the clutch to drop a gear in corners or slow down while stopping. I dont understand why you would just hold in the clutch and downshift through all the gears with out letting out.

B. Anthony says:

I know so many honda fan boys that would bag on this car claiming a civic is better lol. Let’s just let them keep playing with toys this is a real car with actual resale value.

Melihcan Aydın says:

Ya amk bunun sahibinin ya bu nasil bisey lagn

Sukesh Subru says:

I don’t know very much like this car maybe his structure or sound.

Familia Gomes Viega says:


Orlando Jackson says:

Would it hurt for Chevy to make the truck hatch-like?

Yujin J says:

Why does the engine start up sound like intense diarrhea and farting?

Liveoneut says:

I want one! Your reviews are by far the absolute best Kyle. It’s no wonder you’ll soon be at a million subscribers. Keep’em coming!

mlgt23 says:

Best Camaro ever made…awesome

Alyssa Cooper says:

OMG….i died im 12 and i dont want NOTHING but this car. A camaro is my LIFE .YALL DONT UNDERSTAND

Dennis Rivenburg says:

Ugly fucking yellow bathtub with wheels

Karen Robinson says:

I love chervolt it’s so cool

Agnes Nygard says:

Soviet prompt happiness buck report us false.

forza388 says:

can you please post video on driving manual for beginners thank you

Jay S. says:

You can find one of these used with under 8k miles easily for around $30k. A great vehicle to purchase for sure

Connor ._05 says:

Love what you do wish I could be a youtuber and do that

Startchie311 says:

Camaro > Mustang

WALED _ says:

للبيع كمارو 2014 طراز اس اس مو نفس الي بالفيديو لونها سموك سلفر جير عادي 8 سلندر ماشي 11 الف كيلو فقط عليها 4 شكمانات من المصنع بامريكا…بسعر مغري جدا فقط 95000 الف ريال سعودي …السيارة موجودة بالكويت وعليها لوحات جمرك لم تستعمل لحد الان والسعر بالدينار الكويتي 7600 دينار بس وبالدولار الامريكي 25 الف دولار للمراسلة وتساب فقط +17816567523 CAMARO SS FOR SALE ONLY 15 KILOMETERS ….MANUAL Transmission …25000 DOLLARS ONLY

alwin bajaj says:

so another fucking pig on wheels from america, this time in yellow!!!

brh chllngr says:

Which transmission would you recommend?

byAlex says:

manual gearbox – *AMAzING*

one step at a time says:

Help me get my Camaro!!https://www.gofundme.com/2ofm8rg

고향아름다운 says:

i hate that d shaped steering wheel

Ash14gaming says:

Congratulations for 1000000 subs

Devon Troupe says:

It baffles me that you haven’t reached 1 million subscribers yet… all you do is upload (car)porn! Keep the videos coming, they’re orgasmic! Ps. please get your hands on a BMW M2!


love it…..

Tristan Matheson says:

sounds like a monster growling

Bob Chen says:

Luv ur vids

R00ZBAY86 says:

Sadly a young person cannot be able to afford it unless working two jobs

Zik Nguyen says:

Nice car! :v good review.

Janelle Galasso says:


Imran 133 says:

Bumble bee

Angello Aguilar Arca says:

bumblebee of TF5 ?

VENOM Fang says:


Queen AL says:

Car Enthusiast says:

I don’t why but i love this car. I want to hate it but i love the exterior of this car.

DutchGamesHD says:

i saw one of these today

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