2016 Chevrolet Malibu Review. FILLED WITH LOTS OF TECH!

The all-new 2016 Chevrolet or Chevy Malibu is a mid-sized sedan that competes with the Honda Accord, Ford, Fusion, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and more. It is a 5-passenger car filled with all the latest technology from Apple Car Play to Android Auto, 4G LTE connectivity and on-star. The Chevrolet Malibu has won several quality studies from JD Power.

This Chevrolet or Chevy Malibu competes with the Kia Optima, the Hyundai Sonata, Subaru Legacy, Mazda6, VW Passat, Chevy Impala, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Chrysler 200 and the Ford Fusion,

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Rudy F says:

I don’t see what Motormouth sees in this Malibu. Its a big improvement over the last Malibu but it’s not going to make Accord, Camry, Altima or even the Fusion worry too much. This Malibu may have great fuel mileage and looks nice with good value but that interior is not pretty and has too much hard plastic. That tiny 1.5 engine has little power and sounds like a dust buster when you give it some push.

Simon C says:

turbo Chevy? this thing won’t survive its warranty

Ja'Vven La'Pierre says:

ford fusion

chargersrt10 says:

Good Looking car. Unfortunately It Probably still uses the “Old Design Wheel Bearings” which need Replacing Every Week

DrewTwoFish says:

Thank you for not using annoying and cheesy music in your videos. A relief.

Jody Presti says:

Good review and congratulations on that jacket.

Jo Loui says:

nice car…american brands are now as good as anything:)

CNHabs says:

I’d never buy a car that looks like a catfish.

Mr. Worf says:

Not bad but … If you have the 4G wifi in it you MUST have the motor running ! Plus it’s not cheap . A good idea but at a price . I like the Kia Optima or Sonata . Good base power and well equipped .

LionMaker Studiosss says:

Got first dislike!

Mike says:

I wish it had AWD as an option. The 2.0T is hooked up to an 8 speed auto.

DoubleD 613 says:

I wouldn’t touch any American car with a 10 foot pole. They are junk! Made to break

Blake Swan says:

That front is sooo ugly though. Its like a depressed cat fish. Its great that 5 years later GM can replicate Fords engine offerings. I dont get the hype behind this ugly thing

Maple Maples says:

Looks beautiful especially the front ! Happy to see GM doing well, with some brilliant quality so much better than the Japanese

Frozen Canuck Patrick James says:

It’s looks better than the old one, but I am still pissed at Chevy for not offering us Canadians the SS.

Arsene says:

front end looks like a fish. ugly car

himakgam says:

I still can’t figure out if a hatchet or rather a chisel was used to make that interior. It’s truly class leading. That beautiful plastic texture at 2:42 from 90s is heartwarming.

Dee Jay says:

Great value for money

lexusfan100 says:

really like the look and price too

dave houston says:

initial quality means squat long term reliability is king and Chevrolet fails at that every time

SAL says:

Nice review. Please review the 2016 Honda Accord sedan. Thank you.

Dicks X McIronCocke says:

1.5L turbo engine?
My Fiat Doblo from work has 100cc more than this piece of shit!

dave houston says:

chevy has a track record of going bankrupt

mark williams says:

I don’t think it’s lighter than the Mazda 6

Craig ML says:

I cannot be the only person who thinks this car is beyond ugly.

kooky216 says:

Review or ad?

Justin Bouche says:

looks incredible the interior looks class leading not just looks, materials, build quality, and design. plus its the lightest and largest in its class which is pretty good.

toorop111 says:

Am I relaxing at home or driving a vehicle! Too much tech !

someguyZERO says:

My neighbor has the last gen and it’s ugly to look at. This looks better.

Chris Sorreda says:

This is a Midsize? Why does it look SO big?

silkhead44 says:

I bought a computer screen the other day…it happened to come with a car

Samuel Rose says:

eager to see the cruze 2016 review

BCJDM says:

The may be nice, but Chevrolet’s “real people” ads are some of the worst I’ve ever seen

Dima Nemcov says:

смотрится красиво

Jamal H says:

The car looks great but one thing. It looks like it’s own car. Not a BMW. At least compare it to a Audi which body looks very similar.

Y Brent says:

this car is super ugly

josh b says:

I hate how chevy does that. radio won’t work without a seat belt. suck my dick you can’t tell people to put one on. the cops can’t even make you or ticket you for it cause a law not many people seem to remember. privacy act when you are inside your car you are in your property. they can’t tell you what tv channel to watch they can’t tell you want to play in your car and they can’t make you put on a seat belt.  they can tell you how to drive cause your car is on public state streets but in your car they can’t tell you or make you put on a seat belt.

GameHEADtime All Gaming All Tech All Platforms says:

I like this but then I saw the model 3 I’ll fucking wait fuck fwd these cheap ass mofos

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