2016 Chevrolet Spark Review

The 2016 Chevrolet Spark has been redesigned and is a budget subcompact car that focuses more on tech than anything else. It comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and it’s made to be economical and fuel-efficient. We’re driving a base model here with wind-up windows and manual locks!


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exionem says:

This or Mitsubishi Mirage ?

Adamalen says:

Good for a young person wanting a new car warranty

John Doe says:

I imagine most of these thing will be built with a “convenience package” of some sort that includes power windows/locks/mirrors, and the stripper-base models will be relatively more rare on dealer lots.

radudeATL says:

I wonder why cheap cars have to be so narrow…

J Lord says:

Manual windows in 2016?
Really? Really?

My dads 1994 car has automatic windows…

Liem Nguyen says:

Chevy sparks are nice cars. I have 1 on sale for 8k. Only 900 miles. 2015 model.

Gweeper64 says:

nice review. my daughter is graduating next year and this might be a good first vehicle

jim dandy says:


Saila Islam says:

I am a college student who drives around 200-300 miles every week. I bought this car in a hurry. It’s pretty affordable (11k-12k) I bought a very light blue base model. I liked the fact it was Tiny (easy to park) but still had 4 doors.
I was disappointed about the manual window, not manual auto unlock (if you have the app on your phone, you can unlock drivers side from the app) the side mirrors were also manual.
However it does have a rear view camera which I like a lot, I like the car play however I have an iPhone and you can only see the apple map on the screen. Apple map is not that reliable and I wish I could use google map instead.
I took a road trip from austin to San Francisco with this.
The Gallon only holds about 9 gallons and it could be troublesome in some lonely highways. We had to constantly make sure we had it full and we got gas even if the tank had more than half at some places to be safe.
If you stop at a stop sign it takes a bit time to get speed. Same thing if you are going up hill (just be on the right lane so people can go around you)
Overall for a college student or a single driver living in a city it’s not bad.
Again, my car is the base model, you can get upgraded ones for a grand or 2 extra I believe.

J High says:

I expect to see my local 33 year old pizza delivery guy, driving this car. He still lives at home with his mom, but he will sell you a little wacky- tobacky if you know the secret code word.

John Doe says:

This car give me hope. Hope that GM will die and never to darken the roads again

cassmanio says:

I liked the older design better. Now it looks like an econobox. I know it is better, but they could get a bit edgier with the design.

pedro fernandez says:

They give you the key in a box? WOW, that’s it, that is the car I want.

T0rche says:

Sssank you for siss great review! Very ssorough!

SimRacin Jordan says:

I just bought one, total base model like in the video. the car so so narrow you can reach the passenger side window handles while driving. The gears in the manual are so close you can skip 4th in the city without it bogging. and manual windows and door locks is nice less stuff to replace after continual usage (window motors, door actuators/switches)

Kalinda Life says:

My boyfriend totally wants this car. I think he’s gonna buy it. I want a smart car, but NOOO, he wants a 4 man car. It’s not like we have any friends.

tofy rocks says:

Is it noisy inside the cabin like the successor 2013 model ( I had one and sold it after 5 months from the day I purchased it ) , I can’t talk to the person in the passenger seat in a highway! Which is annoying As

Is it noisy or is it fixed ?? (2016 model)

Frederick Chen says:

Nothing to complain about this car…you spend 20000 bucks on a upper model and you will get a sunroof, leather seats, backup cam, and touch screen with multiple functions on it. Look at other compact cars like Fiesta, Micra, Fit and Accent…you will never get the whole “luxury set” from those cars with this kind of “cheap” price.

Kyle Rider says:

The main reason I want to buy this car is because I’m a firm believer that just because you can buy something expensive doesn’t mean you should. I’d like to spent half the money on a car but will it fall apart on me after just a few years ? And will the slow acceleration drive me absolutely crazy? Probably

jonatan gani says:

sorry but your voice is shit

djkenny says:

Folks, it is refreshing to know we can GET a car for about 9-10 grand without power stuff. I like not replacing power window motors and switches. Once you adjust your mirrors, they are usually good where they are. If you are crying over lack of power locks they are $100 optional feature when you add a aftermarket alarm. Same with cruise, aftermarket is like $75. What matters: good seats, good handling, space, outward vision, quality, and long term reliability.

clunkmess says:

I clicked off on manual windows!

Robert White says:

Never purchased a GM piece of crap. I recently bought one of these that came with 6 months of Onstar. It has been less than 2 months and Onstar canceled my service. Never buy a GM truck or car.

boovoo66 says:

Ok so this or a 2017 golf r lol

Jorge Aguilar says:

Where is the Trunk Release?

Jimmy Bryant says:

I used to like these and I’m now realizing it’s a POS!

Wesley T. says:

PEOPLE: auto windows and locks are standard on the upper trims. He should have mentioned that.

Tomasz Spytkowski says:

The rear lights are the same as Opel Karl/Vauxhall Viva.

You know GM has Opel ,Vauxhall ,Chevrolet and many other… 😉

Kamaka Chang says:

Well you don’t get a base price of $13,535 by offering a loaded car.

Humphrey Uti says:

The key in the box really is a nice touch!

xovux says:

The Thpark is a perfect thity car

gcuzwak says:

I didn’t get that box

djkenny says:

Oh, Millennials. I have to open the door for the passenger. Awwwwwe, that is soooo difficult.

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