2016 Chevy Camaro SS : His Turn – Her Turn Expert Car Review

2016 Chevy Camaro SS : His Turn – Her Turn Expert Car Review
with Lauren Fix and Paul Brian

Find new roads GM drive program:
48 states
150 media in 4 weeks
Estimated 160,000 miles = 6 times around the world

Exterior dimensions within 2 inches of 5th gen
New sculpted exterior

All new lighting with LED signature lighting

Aerodynamically optimized with reduced lift and drag
Driver focused interior
More refined materials
New technology
Driver mode selector: Tour, sport and ice modes
Spectrum lighting interior with 24 color options

10 exterior colors
5 interior colors

2L turbo –
New 3.6 V6
LT1 engines

6 power train combinations

Full line of accessories:
Every model lost at least 200 lbs and some over 300 lbs.
Which improves fuel economy and performance.

Ride is much tighter and stiffer feeling vehicle.

20″ wheels are 1/2″ wider and lighter for better grip

SS 0-60mph. 4.0 seconds

Optional convertible which will have a hard tonneau cover, can raise and at up to 30mph, remote convertible operation.

Test vehicle priced at $45,000 prox.

Car Courtesy of Chevrolet
Commercial with permission from GM/ Chevrolet Division
Photos courtesy GM, Paul Brian and Lauren Fix

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Destination: Boston, MA

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josh feinstein says:

Actually I believe the new camaro ss recommends premium, but does not require it, which is nice if you have to use regular or mid grade.

depellerinluc says:

Ask your grandkids about how to properly mount a camera to the inside of the windshield so it doesn’t shake.

depellerinluc says:


Digiphex Electronics says:

The high beltline makes it look more like a Camaro balloon than a Matchbox. If you took the ’69 Camaro which has perfect lines and filled it with 300 lb. of air as a parade float, this is the look of the Camaro. There is a reason GM gang raped the taxpayer – it was bankrupt due to these fatal design flaws.

Johney Aimlessly says:

milf can get the D

09victoryrc says:

buy a Chevy airbag recall included

Lisa Sterling says:

Mustang outsells Camaro and Challenger almost 2 to 1….ooooweeeee!

Billy Marecle says:

LUMBAR, LUMBAR…LUMBAR what are they NOT thinking, this car needs it totally at this price point!!!!
Also, when you get inthe car you hit the seatbelt contraption…this SUCKS ASS big time, can’t believe this. Come on GM another FAIL in the seat area.
otherwise a real cool car, great engine, brakes, much nicer sporty interior.
Its a sports car but it should be a bit better on the comfort side for the high dollars.

CarNut .kiwi says:

You have a great vids 🙂 make sure your check out my channel and subscribe! Thanks 🙂

Posercam says:

Excellent review you two! I don’t mean to pick nits here, but at the 20:35 mark you mention a Charger Hellcat review, but actually show a Challenger. Both of you are absolutely right. It is Mustang vs. Camaro vs. Challenger. You’ve given me some food for thought for when I actually do make it to a dealer and take one for a test drive.

Donald Anderson says:

Visibility  issue, set the mirrors up properly and simply turn your head and look.  I own a 2012 and I have never felt the dash humps or visibility an issue.  I learned to drive back in the 70’s so turning my head and looking before turning comes natural.

Devin M says:

Classic car and the ultimate symbol of strength. Nice Car!!!!

ShaneO Matic says:

looks nothing like a Camaro.

mrpmj00 says:

My GREATEST concern is that Consumer Reports rated the 2015’s reliability as half black circle (below average). My second concern is the high depreciation.

Le`Gregory Dykes, Sr., MPA says:

I had a 2010 Buick Lacrosse that had the same style window design as the new Camaro. So when I brought my 2017 Camaro SS I was use to the window design. But, this is my first sport/muscle car and I love it. p.s for 44k my friends ask me why doesn’t it come with leather.. but I feel the plastic interior will last longer over time vs leather.

Lukas Galbavy says:

The problem is, that Chevrolet announced that they are moving out from European market. I heard also, that Corvette will be nevertheless in the offer. But Camaros….?…who knows. US division of Chevrolet couldnt answer and had advised me to ask local distributor (seller). I would like to hear that Camaro 2016 remains for sale in EU, because this car looks amazing and Im going to buy it one day.
Lucky US customers. Have a successful year 2016 guys.

mrpmj00 says:

Does it have 1) side turn lights on the mirrors or front fenders 2) homelink garage door opener?

I wished it was even shorter because 188 inches is just 3 inches shorter
than my 2014 Toyota Highlander SUV with 3 rows. It should have been 175
inches or less to match Porsche Cayman.

David DuBois says:

I really wanted this car in the convertible. But the fact that the belt line is so high and NO lumbar???? Sorry GM I will be considering something else!

Gottisanidiot says:

“GM is gonna sell a ton of these.” Really? Who are these tons of people that can afford them? I bought a Trans AM SE (Bandit car) new in ’78, fully loaded for $7000. This new $50,000 SS or maybe the upcoming $75,000 Z-28 is more or less the modern equivalent to that car. Sure, they’re much more powerful and refined today but does GM really think it can sell these cars to the same segment of the market? Of course not. They’re pricing their cars (and trucks) out of reach of their traditional buyers.

shbitz says:

well im gonna skip this and wait to buy the bugatti chiron , its a bit better than this i think !


Loran I like both of you doing this Video.I have driven this car with a standard shift I found that the pedel box to be small. While shifting I needed to twist my left foot in.I also found my feet rubing against each other while downshifting and braking. I would like both your opinionson this subject. I am 5-10″man auto/diesel mechanic 34 years and GM lover. My opinion of the car is its a off the shelf car CTS CADDY with a corvette driveline not truly a special car. But there is room for improvements with this car as you stated and I agree with you findings.I think the engineer’s need to talk with the mechanics that work on these cars for more imput.

Q Nazty says:

I love the design, and I think it looks like a great vehicle, and while I understand the usefulness of the enlarged lower grille, it’s the only thing deterring me from really liking it compared to the Gen 5 (in looks, not performance). I’ve always been in love with the Gen 5 (2010-2013 models). Looks like a fantastic vehicle overall though.

Tre B says:

she’s just too small for the car she needs to go get a hybrid

Carlos Lago says:

are they drunk?

BruceWillis says:

who the hell buys a 2 door sports car for back seat space? if you want space buy a damn minivan not a 2 door.

Viruskimera says:

garbage video

Sammy TheBull says:

Squinty windows! Hard to see outta of!

Signkutter signkutter says:

Blind spots are overblown. I’m 6ft, that might have something to do with it… but I dont have a problem driving in busy rush-hour traffic. The visibility out the front is improved and the mirrors are bigger so the visibility over all is better than last years car, the back-up camera makes rear visibility a moot point

Yohan Jung says:

camaro should have good visible windows and huge space for passengers !

Themoneymaker0129 says:

I absolutely love the visibility out of any camaro. It gives it a super aggressive look and it’s just flat out sexy. I also love the dash and just about everything about Camaros.. Period. I however am not a fan of the 2014s and up tail lights.

depellerinluc says:

No kidding the Camaro and Mustang are hard to see out of. Wow. So glad you told the internet.

Totally Winning Pro Gamer says:

Ah..ever do I love Boston.

Richard B says:

Butts are for farting.

ForTehNguyen says:

dont get why the beltline is so high in this car, OHV engine has a lower profile than a DOHC

Benga All DAY!! says:

there guys did a top camaro video of my brother who likes the machine and speed of one ..because given to guys like it may be that we do cracks of videos 0 to 100km / h , 0 to 200 km / h or something kind..


NDallas40 says:

Paul has the quintessential radio voice if ever there was. Lauren, I have lumbar issues as well. I thought lumbar support was standard equipment on all cars. It is on my cars. Also, chest bumps good; dash bumps bad.

ShaneO Matic says:


ckygogo says:

Actually Mustang II saved the brand and was a hugh success. Just saying…….

Janusha says:

More windtunnel testing done on this car than any Camaro in the past…. Haha which used to be zero. They sure know how to quote GM hype right on que.

medpilot says:

If you changed the belt-line and opened the visibility, you’d dramatically change the looks. I like it the way it is. I just bought a 2016 SS. Only real issue I have is are the seats don’t recline enough for me.

MJ says:

Im looking to be able to track my 0-60′ and 1/4 mile times on the dash like the Mustang, can I do that with this new 2016 camaro? That feature is amazing on the Mustang and really hope chevy did that as well?

David Boniche says:

Good review! Paul, the first generation Magnetic Ride Control was first used by Cadillac for the late model year 2002 Seville STS, not the Corvette. Prior to this the Seville STS rode on air shocks. The MRC suspensions were then incorporated into the first generation 2003 Cadillac CTS V. Then the 2003 Corvette C5 obtained them, followed by other GM cars over the years. GM hired an outside supplier to develop the Magnetic Ride Control suspension, in which GM holds the patient.
The Magnetic Ride Control suspension became very popular, that Ferrari, and other elite European super car manufactures had to obtain permission from GM to use them. Hence, the reason Ford is now using them on their new mustang GT350.
Magnetic Ride Control suspension is a Cadillac first!

ReviewFever says:

And I’ve stopped watching after she said “and you can’t even put a child safety seat back there”

Yes you can. I have test driven the 2SS with both of my child car seats in the rear and I’m 6’1″. This car has a better time holding both car seats than the new mustang does as I’ve driven both cars with both car seats installed

Tardar Sauce says:

The front of it looks like a fish of some sort with those hood vents

lawlaw1 says:

Listen to the road noise!! Horrific

zepekeno190 says:

Sorry if this question sounds noob. Is it normal black? Or mosaic black metallic?

supercross junkie says:

Fuck yeah foreigners CHEVROLET euro faggots . Don’t fuck with your daddy ha haaaaaaaaa. Did you hit that hard? I like this woman. Well preserved. I love this car. Its starting to get to the point where the Camaro is surpassing the Vette.

Rodney Blyther says:

That shit looks good it cost to be a boss

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