2016 Chevy Camaro SS TECH REVIEW – Sixth Generation

MotoMan presents the TECH REVIEW of the sixth generation 2016 Chevrolet Camaro in the middle of an epic road trip from Detroit, Michigan to New York – which will form the basis of the coming FIRST DRIVE REVIEW. From a stop in the rust belt, MotoMan goes over the technical, engineering and major design changes Chevy made in moving the Camaro from the fifth to its sixth generation including new engines, a number of construction changes to reduce weight and last but least, the way it looks . . . #FindNewRoads . . .

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Luigi Battista says:

The wing is ridiculous

Sam Kornblau says:

Nice car…

Dadanhe Ordejan says:


GalvatronTypeR says:

Like: new lighter Alpha platform.

Dislike: belt line is still too high, outward visibility is still severely limited.

EliYourCarGuy says:

Just filmed one of these and I have to say that Chevy really upped their game with the new Camaro. The exterior design is awesome as well as the interior. The interior also has a really high quality feel. Good video!

Bruno TaTa says:

Great car for the price. But that bad visibility is hard to get used to.

italianmama0306 says:

Don’t like the rear “coach” windows as you pointed out. The Gen5 shape would have carried over nicely. Rear is alright. The front end I don’t like. It needs to have a larger upper grill, more akin to Gen1’s or early Gen5’s. However, there is nothing going on in the front end that couldn’t be custom aftermarket product fixed….i.e. custom designed front end swap.

Jim McFalls says:

I have owned several Camaro’s in my life and to me this is what happens when a Camaro and Mustang hop into bed together. The design is completely off base from the traditional design of a true Camaro. I would not purchase this car simply on its bad looks. Motoman did a great job on explaining the new design, however the General Motors designers went way to far in the wrong direction on this one.

JazzedHellcat says:

Finally got some weight off the Behemoth!

Clint Barclay says:

Am I the only one who hates the headlights and taillights?? The gen 5 heaslights with the 2015 taillights look the best! (In my opinion)

Daniel Groulx says:

I like that they made the physical shape of the whole car smaller. Now there’s no sooo much car around you anymore. And I like the overall oonycar/musclecar shape.

I don’t like the out of proportion high shoulder. I know they have to make it that high. But its still overdone. And I would change the lower front grill.

Jae J says:

stfu and start the car

XTrey Roses says:

miss that city

John Doe says:

Ugly camaro, lame gay looks of the yellow bumblerbee.. gay lame.. buy into Tesla, yawn, next..

David Madrid says:

Bring back the 67 SS

NDallas40 says:

Totally agree MotoMan. Heck of a job by Chevy on this machine. I like this SS, but prefer the 2SS. It’s well worth the difference. I might just let this car park in my garage. Next to my GT350.

IceDree says:

Hats off to Chevy for doing this!Here’s what I don’t like, The SS front bumper & steering wheel … those are the pieces I’d change. Overall , I really like the new Camaro, it looks much better in a rolling footage than the standard GM CGI press kit.

ECDT1089 says:

Awesome review man! Going to watch more. You earned yourself another subscriber!

AJsVIEW says:

This car is THE SHIT MAN!!

Juan David Vigil says:

Excellent video man, thanks for this great description before the camaro arrives to Mexico. Greetings from Mexico and good luck continue please this great job.

Daniel Groulx says:

Lucky you. Got to drive the man version of the new Camaro.

Devonte Murray says:

The front looks amazing, it looks completely pissed. As always the back looks cheap. If I could change something it’ll be the back. it’s like the beach was an afterthought.

Thanh Nguyen says:

ôi đẹp thật, quá đẹp

podmonkey2501 says:

Love or hate the look, it’s a rear drive V8 with a manual trans. Appreciate it, these type of cars will be extinct soon, and then I will officially stop giving a shit about cars.

Jon Singleton says:

What would you choose? Brand new 2016 Camaro SS or slightly used 2014 Corvette Stingray Z51 assuming the prices were the same?

Ivy P. says:

the taillights need to be darker, maybe led technology.

mosen3007 says:

Hi MotoManTV, I like everything about Camaro, PLEASE do not change the front aggressive look unless they can make it better and more aggressive.
There are things that could be a bit better and proper.
1- Rare tail lights and bumper are not really sporty
2- Even with the 2ss, there are a lot of cheap hard touch plastics inside the cabin.
3- the Chevy logo on the front and rare of the car, they should come up with something particular to Camaro like Corvette.
4- 6.2 engine puts out only 455hp and 455 torque, it could be better with a better fuel system and lighter and smaller pistons and valves and more valves and other things that I am not an expert in.

shadowbay22 says:

I want to see the new LightSheets technology lighting that I thought Chevy was using.

Carl Phillips says:

They should change the seats. They seem to be just regular car seats and not race car seats.

michael barkley says:

V4,V6 or V8…I’ll take the V8 thank you

Yaman Panwar says:

people love camaro for its bulk and size and POWER ,this 2016 is a pussy over there, light and short , people wanna drive a mammoth camaro not a pussy one .
but you did a great review .

David S says:

Change the fuel filler door to the driver’s side. No one runs out of gas. More secure if on the driver’s side.
I like the low profile head lights.

Ngoc Lai says:

I don’t like the hood shape. If u install an aftermarket hood, it wouldn’t extend to the headlights. Oh will paint the carbon hood

mrpmj00 says:

Does it have 1) side turn lights on the mirrors or front fenders 2) homelink garage door opener?

I wished it was even shorter because 188 inches is just 3 inches shorter
than my 2014 Toyota Highlander SUV with 3 rows. It should have been 175
inches or less to match Porsche Cayman.

mrpmj00 says:

I remember driving a rwd and hitting a wet spot or driving in the rain and fishtailing my car was scary. Isn’t the Camaro going to have more of the same problems because its nose heavy (front mounted engine) and rwd? As opposed to mid engine rwd supercars which have the weight over the rear wheels to minimize fishtailing?

Kathern Brown says:

Looks like a ricer 🙁

3ducs says:

Buffalo, my home town.


what breaks my heart is that I really like this car and would consider buying one, but can’t because GM is government motors, I can’t. same goes for the vette and cts v.

Pennyinmouth says:

2013 is still the best looking

Marc-Andre Laliberte says:

i Love the new camaro with a capital L, personally i have no idea what people are smoking when they say its ugly… good job Chevy, good job indeed.

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