2016 Chevy Malibu First Drive Review: Longer, Leaner & Sexier GM Sedan

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2016 Chevy Malibu is all new and ready to take on all competitors according to GM. Where the old car was jumpy the new car is low lean and sexy as Roman Mica recently found out in this TFLcar 2016 Chevy Malibu first drive review.

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Kyle Rider says:

I hate how they act like the car has made it once it gets Apple car play lol

UnicronTGOC says:

note where the side hood meats fenders..the dip/design que from lexus who btw started that as nd every other car manufacturer since, followed suit, including bmw. Thanks to lexus. Others are catching up but continue to follow!

chris b. says:

I seen a lower trim level yesterday and threw up in my car. This top trim is very nice, but the other two are like the ugly stepsisters from Cinderella.

Joseph Alitin says:

This or the new civic?

John Cole says:

I’m almost at the end of my lease. (2016 Fusion) Have my eye on the malibu.

PsychMike says:

Are these cars reliable?

Xaionik says:

That frontend looks terrible.

Caleb Chapman says:

I think they’re ugly as shit.

Liam Ross says:

I recently test drove the new 2016 Malibu 1.5lt ….. I can honestly say I was shocked of how refined, quiet, solid and tight the car and it’s platform is to drive and accelerate hard. Even under hard pedal pushing, the tiny 1.5l turbo (160hp, 185lbs torque) moves quickly and without drama. The interior is beautiful, the seats very impressive and the 8inch display screen is easily the best in the business ….. I can just imagine how quick and torquey that 2.0l turbo is …. Why didn’t GM put this much effort into their midsize brand years ago ?????? Great car, loved it !!!

zoomping1 says:

Nice looking car for sure. Now if they prove dependable. If they can prove that they can run 100,000 – 200,000 miles without it breaking down, then I’ll gladly rank this Malibu right there with Camry and Accord. I have an ’07 Camry and it’s closing in on 160,000 miles – all I’ve virtually had to do with it was change the oil and gas it up. Talk about low cost of ownership.

chrisryals29 says:

this malibu is ugly as hell.

and the rear looks like an old 80s buick

A Bathing Ape says:

Get that ugly ass car the fuck out of here

michael tipton says:

I bought my malibu in 2008 for $19,200. Still drive it with 133k on it. I can’t imagine paying this price for the new malibu. For that price I could get an Impala or a Camaro.

Big Gunner says:

My car

DJackson Productions says:

That grill is so ugly

Franz M says:

which one is better? the chevy malibu or nissan altima?

WeKnowTheTruth2012 says:

Im leasing a car soon.. malibu or camry? 🙂

Gabriel430 Chavez says:

it needs a v6

steve jones says:

Never, ever buy a first year total redesign car. Always problems. It’s been proven throughout history. Buy the 3rd through 5th year of the generation model. Just logic and some common sense, that’s all.

Young Den says:

They are killing me with that front wheel drive. Maybe this a…..

Arvin86 Peterson says:

This car copied of Honda n Camry from the front n back from Hyundai Sonata. The front headlights copied Honda Accord coupe stretched to the finder like Asian eyes, the fog lamps from outgoing Toyota Camry. The back lights n trunk copied from Hyundai Sonata. Take a close look at this GM bitch copy n right way you gonna notice that what I’m saying to all Redneck buyers..

Maranda Nelson says:

i love my 2011 sooo ill love this one

Heartagram says:

It looks stupid af

jajoklwshw says:

Good info

Ja'Vven La'Pierre says:

its sad cuz wen u go to look at one it feels on but not that fun to drive team ford fusion sport all day and it looks better

Godz29 says:

i wonder how much is this car in canadian value?


We are buying this car for my mothers birthday this April 8th and surprising her because she hasn’t had a new car in years she has a 1997 Malibu and it would be cool to stay with the Malibu name she’s going to love it happy birthday mother!!

Brian M says:

Looks like an old mans car if the old man was trying desperately to be “hip”

shopwithaaron says:

Nice review, as always….not feeling all the angles and materials inside…seen much better from cars years ago..

ryan says:

I’m the only one that thinks the front of the car is ugly

sunflower goddess says:

Hands down the Toyota better parts silent and smooth ride and car lasts longer

BellinghamsterTrail says:

The exterior is better looking but it seems GM is stuck with that one interior design for all its cars. It may work but how about some variety?

Gabe Mason says:

Why is everyone saying that they dislike the front end? It’s like the best feature of this car! It’s sexy as hell!

Romulan112 says:

I totally disagree with this review.  First, this is the upper end Malibu. Most people will take the lower end Malibu which features a 1.5 turbo.  That plain sucks.  Imagine red lining it to get anywhere, expect that engine not to go the distance.  Sign me up for a 2.5 L Camry.       The base Malibu should have a 2.5 and the upper end should be a 2.5 Turbo.  That would be nice then.   I hate taking an underpowered motor and slapping a turbo on it.

WVgoodguy22 says:

I actually liked the outgoing Malibu in style and function (depending on trim level) kind of a bigger version of my 2013 Cruze 2LT which I really like. I do however agree that it is much longer, leaner, and sexier than the outgoing predecessor and upgraded on the inside as well with better tech and comfort. Yes it took some styling cues from the vastly improved 2014.5-2016, but they are not really the same. The Impala has one BIG chevron like grille from the Camaro and the Malibu has a two part grille with a more slender chevron and shield/badge look from the previous model with some nice lines. I do recommend the 2.0L over the 1.5L. Turbo I4 for sure.

TheReal NateDogg says:

Toyota Camry

Javier Delgado says:

Nice Rental Car

Al Bundy says:

It used to be a great car back in the 60s. Now it’s just a big old lame ass piece of shit.

phil tripe says:

just rented one of these via free upgrade for a family vacation, this car is big! and what a great car…loved the start stop feature and the push button start, very good gas mileage once i figured out the ac has an eco mode and the back up cam is great…what i didnt like was the radio,it has no dials and is difficult to use even after you get used to it and the speed sensitive steering was very noticeable where as the ford explorer we rented two years ago had it and i didnt notice until i got back into my truck and nearly plowed into a car in a parking lot…the fact that its front wheel drive reared its ugly head when you have to pull out in traffic and that one front tire would start to scream…the car i rented had like 1200 miles on it but it still had a rattle in the front right that sounded just like the old s10 ball joint noise

4door 2seater says:

OK Chevy the last shot to fight the popular Camry.

ADAM says:

angry grandpas car

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