2016 Jeep Renegade – Review and Road Test

The Renegade marks Jeep’s foray into the emerging subcompact SUV segment. With optional 4-wheel drive and a 5-mode terrain management system, the Renegade stands apart from the crowd when it comes to off-road capability. But how does it perform in the real world? KBB’s Zach Vlasuk finds out.

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DJ Tecktock says:

I actually like it, I see people have such mixed feelings , too picky this car is sick! I’ve sat in one and it’s very nice , very good alternative for that lame Kia soul. I hated that car , interior was horrible compared to this jeep . I may look into this after my scion tc . good starting family Suv it seems

Vincent Chen says:

That 9 speed makes me nervous. I have the 2014 Cherokee with the V6, though I love the car overall, it is going to be the 2nd new transmission in less than 35,000! That is abysmal reliability. The ZF 9HP 9 speed transmission finds it place in the some other makes too like Honda, and Land Rover. I don’t know if it is software, or hardware, or both, but I am having a rough time trusting this transmission. I think I have a JK Wrangler in my future if going off the beaten path is my desire.

chinablows says:

Are the seat comfy on long trips (3+ hours)?

Salem77k says:

great job from Jeep , off road suv with a low price . I think it will success with this vichle .

Altered State of Mind says:

Love the 70s inspired front

Anthony Huynh says:

What is the most capable Jeep Wrangler?

H.E. Miller says:

Reviewer failed to mention Renegade is made by Fiat overseas then imported to USA.
Fiat now owns Chrysler/Jeep but you probably already knew that.

Johnathan Hatley says:

Would you recommend the Renegade as a college vehicle ?

Rick w says:

I thought it was ugly as hell, but the longer I looked at it at the dealer the better it started to look? it’s crazy and so we bought it lolololol

Kj Kj says:

Built on a fiat frame? Shame on you Jeep! 9 speed auto tranny is garbage. Leaking head gasket on a brand new vehicle. Unacceptable! Check engine light for air fuel ratio that no shop can fix? At least 15 trips for this light to shop in less than 20,000 miles? Over 1,000 miles put on my jeep test driving it in the shop? Whole top end of engine rebuilt? New injectors needed on a brand new car? Top that off with Chrysler being unwilling to offer any viable solution? Lemon law here I come! Arbitration? You bet! Lawyer? For sure! So disappointed it has come to this.

mgeek1 says:

I love Jeep, but the Renegade just isn’t very attractive. I pass by a Jeep dealership on my way to work. The lot is full of them. Are they selling? I can’t remember where I’ve actually seen one on the road.

SirXavior says:

Looks like a more fuel efficient and remodeled 2002 – 2007 Jeep liberty which is nice or a GMC Tracker. I miss my old Liberty but hated the Gas Millage at 17 mpg. If I can get close to 25mpg out of the Rengade its almost the same mpg as a car. Not to sure about Fiat building the Renegade thought…possible reliability problems.

عراقي وافتخر says:

mazda. kia.chevy. is peace of Doll… this jeep eat all mini jeep on lunsh

1967 Zr-1 says:

the jeep renegade looks awesome if it has 2 doors option ???????

David Paul says:

Their Reliability Sux….:(

ArgusGraphic says:

Adorable ? it’s the ugliest frog looking piece of american nonsense, cheaply built and bad both on and off road. Jeep ! What else to say ?

Old timer says:

Not enough vehicle for the money. Definitely a Urban mall 4×4. Nothing impressive about it.

ossa60 says:

quality of this car is shit……jeep blew it again just for saving a couple of bucks! Just take a closer look under the car and you’ll throw it away in anger. When is jeep ever going to build a proper high quality car…like toyota?

swissmrkc says:

I just got this as a loaner for a few days. OMG it was terrible. loud, mushy, terrible acceleration, terrible tranny.

billy mcauliffe says:

Does any one in yank land drive a manual gear their cheaper on fuel

JohnPeace2 says:

Super awesome that you guys are using some drones!

John says:

lol i just came here to see the harcore jeep wrangler fans talking shit about the new generation jeeps

melissa jackson says:

I have a renegade and love mine! Most of the people on here saying how bad of a jeep this is must never been in or drove a renegade. Unless you have and probably just didn’t like it. Your just seeing what’s on a video. I’ve drove mine on and off road on the highway and does great! Picking up speed passing other vehicles, it does great! Yeah it doesn’t look like your average jeep but they got the front grills looking like it! I think it’s cool looking. And the interior is cool also! Definitely looks cooler than the Kia souls in my opinion. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

Digital Adventure says:

R.I.P. Jeep, and they called the XJ a mall crawler…….

Tyler Curtis says:

rented one once, definitely could use a bit more power and a bit more of a lift like the daystar one for sale bit it rocked the trails and was way more fun than any wrangler I have driven off road. not that the wrangler is bad, it just seemed bored.

Wolfghost729 says:

is it at least capable of towing a car?

TheNokytaH says:

Oh man! $19.000,00?!!! Here, in Brazil, I paid R$124.000,00, our coin is like $4,00 dollars… 🙁

czg2012 says:

the tail lights look like the dead cartoon eyes. ugly design.

JustifyJustin says:

And yet no mention of the loud engines and associated vibration through the pedals, the non-existent steering feedback and wind noise on the motorway. Best part of this car is probably its interior.

lcar4000 says:

96 Suzuki Sidekick

Salvador Abundis-Navarro says:

The Jeep Renegade is the reason why I will gladly never buy another Jeep – that and needle-dick Wrangler owners who seem to think their under-power, gas-eating box on a set of axles is actually impressive to anyone but them and their cult.

Joe Blo says:

software update fixed trans…kicks down great !

chinablows says:

Anyone have the 6 spd. straight shift?  How’s it row the gears?

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