2016 Mercedes Benz C450 AMG Sport TECH REVIEW

MotoMan presents the TECH REVIEW of the Mercedes Benz C450 AMG Sport. Yes, he goes through the tech numbers of the engine, details of the suspension as it relates to driving dynamics as well as some special bits of this all new Mercedes Benz C Class,. He also poses an important question about the very concept of AMG Sport as it relates to Mercedes Benz and AMG . . .

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xxDragonsRockxx says:

I think it’s a great idea to have a middle ground C-Class – that way you ca have a comfy ride to work, or an aggressive drive through the back roads on your way home. The C-Class is such a big car for Mercedes (at least in Canada), and having this middle ground option would be a lot more attractive to the average owner; not everyone wants, or is able to handle 577hp of crazy. Personally, if I had the money, I’d buy the C450.

QBS Car Channel says:

*Now i’ve heard it in real life it looks awesome! Looks perfect in the all black livery!*

RamoThePharaoh says:

C450 AMG vs. wait for C43 Coupe vs. Wait for new Audi S4, vs. BMW 340i vs. BMW 435i Coupe

Aj Harmon says:

As a car lover i BMW is absolute crap, always in the shop. Audi “had” electronic issues when they came out with that technology. But at the end of the day its who perfected it.

Safa Eslambolchi says:

The Mercedes Benz C450 is a powerful, practical, and affordable car as an everyday drive for people you love to have a few extra horse power just in case. I am BMW guy but I love this Mercedes. I have always had BMW 3-series and enjoyed the sporty ride of a smaller sedan. I have been considering to buy another small sports sedan like BMW 340i, 435i coupe, or M4. After I saw the C450, I am very much leaning toward this car. Why? Here is why:

1- It has 362 hp and 384 lb ft.
3- It has gorgeous interior design.
4- You can customize your driving modes (you cannot do that in BMW)
5- It is affordable ($62K very well equipped) not too $$$ like M4 ($80K+) in which you cannot get all wheel drive.
6- Ah! The exhaust sound! Beautiful!!!!

Neither BMW nor Audi do not have anything to compete with C450! I think it is brilliant.

Anthony Levens says:

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and this is not a car that would interest me. With that said, I can see why it exists. I drive a V8 Hyundai Genesis. 388hp/333lbs RWD. With snow tires, it’s a fine winter car. I’ve rented several well equipped cars in this segment.

BMW 335i, Cadillac ATS 3.6 AWD and 3.6 RWD, 2015 Mercedes C300. In Arizona on some of the unpaved (and terrifying) mountain roads, the ATS had more than enough power. In South Dakota, where the mountain roads are more smooth and curving, my Genesis is a blast to drive, as there isn’t as much need for cornering ability and the V8 provides great fun. But… in Florida, on flat, straight freeways with 90mph traffic the 335 and the C300 were adequate, but not exciting. I’m not silly enough to think I can use the ability an M3 or a C63 can offer, so this seems like it is a perfect in-between.

Would I want this car on unpaved mountain roads in the desert? Probably not. But I’d love to drive this in Colorado, or South Dakota, or California…or on the damn flat, straight freeways in Minneapolis or Florida.

christian Chichester says:

This car is great because if you want a C63 but need AWD for winter.

J Pollock says:

I would buy this…..in C450 wagon form, that is one sexy beast.

Antoine Pageau says:

I’ve never been a fan of the wannabe sport trims (M Sport, S Line) so you won’t be surprised that I’m not a fan of this new edition. I say if you want the performance buy the proper version or better yet get a real sports car for the week-end,
Montreal Canada ’08 BMW 328 ’05 Porsche C2

Pumla Hopa says:

I think it is worth it ,because if can’t afford a C63 you can choose on the GLA 45 and the C 450 AMG and the C 450 AMG has more space not by much but it will do.
I live in South Africa and when it comes out for people to buy I will buy it because you stand out then a GLA 45

Hemen Kareamg says:

so boring video.

Curtis Heidel says:

Cars like this, keeps those Chinese AMG emblem sellers in business, on ebay. If it doesn’t have an autographed AMG engine plaque, it’s not an AMG.

Enrique Borunda says:

I just ordered mine, hopefully will get it this month, i read that the C450 badge will be replaced by the C43.

JET997u says:

Not 20″ wheels on the C450. Standard wheel is 18″; all four optional wheels are 19″.

Pedro Sarquis says:

FYI, BMWs equipped with the ZF 8 speed automatics have a “Coasting” feature built into their “Eco Pro” mode. It’s not just limited to MB and Porsche as stated in this video.

kbent88 says:

Wait…whhat? the torque is flat from 5500 to 6k?

M DOSD says:

Not 20″ wheels. Those are 21″. Look it up.

UT M says:

You are the Harvey Specter of car reviewers 😀 Just love your videos.

notherCARs says:

I am going to pick up my new C450 T in 10 days 😉

snois2 says:

1:45 ghost walkin in the woods

Allister Cp says:

Good reveiw, can you do a review on the tesla model s and the new model x. Thanks.

Dodge Hemi says:

Rev the RPMs at dealer, no whoosh, no sound. Maybe pipes were closed. $62k mostly loaded up. $82k buys loaded c63s coupe 517hp.

dezzdev says:

The 450 is already discontinued. The 2017 model is called AMG C43, same engine, new 9 speed trans, different packages, many options like the gloss dash will be deprecated.

speedtime says:

If you worrying about gas prices or mileage on a 60 grand or more car you shouldn’t be driving the car.

rs san says:

MotoMan, do a GTR Nismo review please!

Ariole Dieujuste says:

The car seems to be a bigger model than it’s predecessor.

babubhai says:

Hated this review

Top Bishop says:

In my driving test comparison with the CLA 45 AMG, there was no question from vibration and sound that the CLA was a four-banger, and anyone over average size would find the sports seats very tight. For me the C450 is a better blend of sport and functional characteristics in a sedan, particularly after replacing the C450 grill with an AMG aftermarket, de-badging the C450 and adding larger AMG and Bi-Turbo badges, and replacing the springs to lower the ride height. If you think you need more hp & torque, the ECU flashing is good for about 40 of each.

Adisak Kuphanlam says:

nice review, but i liked your shirt better.

strouth64 says:

As for question about the fit….I’m not sure that the AMG Sport concept translates to the other classes, but it’s a great fit in the C Class line-up. I was close to buying a BMW 335i/435i, but I wanted something with a nicer interior. The performance of the C450 does not leave me wanting and the interior is much nicer than their BMW counterpart’s (that is, as long as I can still get the cooled and ventilated seats offered on the C300/C400!!). Very nice job with the video review, by the way.

Rex Houseo says:

Cadillac CTS Vsport is similar in price and luxury but roomier and sportier than the Merc.

Andrae Williams says:

This car is so beautiful. It cause me to lust about it. WOW!!!!! I love it

Joseph Kim says:

Keep up the good work!

TechKid91 says:

It will shift for you when you’re in manual mode and hit the limiter and don’t let off.

Brian Clark says:

The way I see it is that the C300 is a nice performing car for driving to the grocery store, the office, and just doing everyday things. In the US, optioned out the way I’d want it, it would cost me $50,000. A C450 AMG Sport would be the fun version – something that would be a special treat, feel extra sport, and look great. I would need to spend $60,000 for the C 450 with options. For me the C 63 AMG and C 63 AMG S would come in at over $70,000, and I personally wouldn’t be able to use the extra performance on a day to day basis, and wouldn’t take the car to a track. So for me – the C 450 is a dream. You get the extra performance, sporty look, and great handling for a lot less money than an AMG car.

wonderwall135 says:

Yes it fits because I want one. If I want one then I’m sure others do too. Wish I had the money and was in the market for a car though haha.

Alex N says:


David Matheson says:

I live in New Zealand and drive a c180 mercedes.and the c450 mite fit.

seppe vandezande says:

you can get the irridium back diffuser in black if you want to(also the front splitter, exhaust tubes and rails on the roof). It’s included in the nightlife-package on the C450 amg

David Matheson says:

I live in New Zealand and drive a c180 mercedes.and the c450 mite fit.

Golden Boy92 says:

cla 250 full or c450 amg?

cat eating human says:

yeah steve carell is back!

jimfastlane28 says:

Base model here in the uk for petrol is the C200 (184bhp turbocharged) which is what I currently have as a company car in AMG Line. We mainly choose diesel here and there are C200 and C220 models. I would definitely consider the C450 next depending on the car tax, think it’s s great addition to the range as the C63 is around £70k and this new model is supposed to be around £40k. Sounds great as well plus addition of 4wd would be a bonus with the crap UK weather. Probably got as much power as you actually need for everyday driving. The C200 is OK performance wise (0-60 about 7.4 for auto) but the 4 cylinder engine doesn’t sound great at all when using the Rev range.

Henrik Haumann says:

Yes, to your question about line-up.
I drive a C250CDI Estate, Personally I don’t want a A class it’s great but too small (my wife would though), and I don’t want a E class it’s great too, but too big/heavy. C-class is the perfect match for my/our needs, I want a petrol next time and I want a V6, so it’s a C300 and up I would be looking for. I would noop the C63 because it would be way too expensive to buy and insure, furthermore it uncomfortable (and crazy) on a daily basis driving. So what’s left for me, well C400 and C450AMG if I want a car with a high fun factor but also daily comfort as I see it 🙂
Living in Europe/Denmark we have all kinds of weather conditions here 4Motion is great.

C450AMG would be a very good package with a great price / fun / value rate.

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