2016 Mercedes Benz GLC 300 4MATIC TECH REVIEW

MotoMan presents the TECH REVIEW of the Mercedes Benz GLC 300 from a unique spot in Atlanta, Georgia. In usual fashion, we start out at the engine but along the way point out some of the major differences from the GLK that the Mercedes GLC replaces: Specifically something not readily apparent but has a HUGE impact on driving dynamics . . .

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yo93yeah says:

he dresses like a somewhat nerdy teenager on a night out but he really seems to know what he’s talking about

Soarer1j says:

looks way too much lika a porsche cayanne

MultiRyan2112 says:

I must say since the US is unlikely to get the C class wagon, this is the next best thing! Literally a C class wagon on stilts. I Like!!

Augustus Arthur says:

try to show the cars’ design at least once before you do the detailed descriptions.

IceDree says:


kirillka says:

really looks like an Elantra, aka shit. really simple no lines, GLK was so much nicer. I dont know it looks cheap.

hmr the best says:

This guy talk to much but said nothing really, moves to much and what tech review?

iya tubeA says:

i would guess PDK is the 3 letter designation for that airport.

Jesper Hald says:

Would love having one of these, but since we’re paying …wait for it….180% in tax on cars and motorcycles here in Denmark, it’s never gonna happen!
Thanks to MotoMan for yet another great review! 🙂

Marvi Marv says:

New Subscriber. Cool video. Lots of good detail. Thanks for posting. Have you done a video on the BMW 2 Series Grand Tourer (Mini Minivan)?

Matthew Martinez says:

But I digress…. Enough, please!!!

P Cornu says:

GLC lost all elements of styling distinction. Looks like every other suv out there. Why does the auto industry applaud design that basically mimic each other?

I like the GLK for its character and individuality.

dasspr says:


FurtureFour 74797 says:

Can you do a Toyota Seinna XLE Limited AWD!

AMDX1325 says:

The GLC is a good looking mini suv

95mushroom says:

I agree on the C-segment ‘look.’ But I wonder if now there’s too much a gap between the GLC and GLA? The GLA is basically a tall hatchback, not a real SUV/crossover. Seems to me there now needs to be an entry-level, compact SUV. I guess that explains the GLB concept, huh?

rakan almotairy says:

PDK i flew there from florida daytona beach in a long cross country

headcas620 says:

Another nondescript mall crawler. GLK was cool.

Howard Salsitz, J.D. says:

MM, I will do on the MM app. Thanks for the reply.

disshitcray says:

Someone go buy this guy a tailor….. What is he wearing

Dr Afzal says:

I dont understand why people think the naming is confusing… you have a-, c-, e-, s-class, and SUV based on those sedan platforms are simply GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS….. it makes total sense to me… unlike infiniti random naming scheme q50, q60, q70…. no idea what is sedan what is suv and what is based on what, just random numbers…. now that is confusing

jorge hoffman says:

mercedes line es awesome!!! love it

Herickson SS says:

You can tell it’s just a taller c-class wagon…

quietguy1948 says:

Sorry MM… I’m not a MB fan at all.  I’ll view your stuff when it’s down-home cooked:  Chevy, Ford, Dodge (SRT), Honda, Toyo., etc…   Just not gonna click play for all the big ticket junk.    … Have fun

Robert LeBlanc says:

How can you do a tech review without going into the infotainment unit or any dash controls?

KeezusSole says:

Glc the ism

MrSam says:

vielen dank

NT says:

DeKalb–Peachtree Airport and Porsche Doppelkupplung both share the acronym “PDK”

JustLucky says:

German unreliable junk…You need to be an real idiot to buy this nazi shit .

m schiffel says:

This guy is way too animated…I got dizzy watching his hands constantly in motion…hand cuffs maybe ?

Crow Killer says:

When he closes the door at 7:30 it sounds a lot more solid than my q5

Marc AD says:

Good review. These kind of quality reviews deserve more views

David van der Zande says:

In Europe, 241 horsepower is not “normal” but seen as almost sport car like. Most of the Mercedes diesel cars sold are around 140 horsepower, which is enough for us. Crazy right 🙂

Alam Abdul Rahim says:

Beautiful how much glc300 4 matic? Thanks

daseteam says:

Seriously now, no offence intended: Why is this guy shouting? We just want the info.

Monkey D. Luffy says:

glc is freaking awesome!

Howard Salsitz, J.D. says:

MM, I just now signed up for your app on the Apple Store. Thanks. I’ll give it a try for sure.

The GLC dropped down to a turbo 4 from the V-6 of the (ugly!) GLK. I would never have believed it could react like a V-6 if I hadn’t experienced the same with my 2014 Fusion turbo 4 (1.5, no less). In my case, low to mid range is great. It does run out of breath at the higher end. Coming back from Northern CA to The OC (Southern CA) on Sunday, I had no trouble running at 85 (plus when needed) on the I-5. Consequently, I can see the same with the turbo 4 GLC.

Vikram Sahu says:

pdk , airport and transmission by Porsche

Ahmad Harris says:

reminds me of the Volkswagen Tiguan

senicadoo says:

It looks really good! Especially interior and those rims and dark color with the car…I would have AMG front bumper though, but that’s it. It really is soo good looking! 🙂

lexusfan100 says:

The side profile looks like a Acura MDX

John McCann says:

Beautiful for a SUV, somehow similar to the Infiniti QX70 with sleek RWD proportions and it had to get larger in order to widen the gap in respect to the GLA. Here in Europe it’s segment D.

Pasha Defragzor says:

Looks like bigger Tiguan


Design reminds me of the old v10 toureg

Josh Galka says:

Looks GREAT, With or without the AMG front bumper! Love your videos, too! MotoMan is the BEST!

eurouc says:

Mmmmm…let me think: Range Rover has included the “front seat moving forward when the rear seat is folded” ….. with the additional feature that it also automatically moves back to its original position once the fold is complete
Kudos to Land Rover!

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