MotoMan attends the WORLD PREMIERE of the all-new 2016 Mercedes Benz GLC now midsize SUV at the Hugo Boss HQ outside Stuttgart, Germany. In this world premiere, MotoMan goes on a deep dive of the much larger dimensions of the Mercedes GLK replacement, technology, design and believe it or not, it’s new found off road attitude. Then, from a behind the scenes vantage point, he kicks off the discussion of what variations of GLC should be in Mercedes future . . .

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0812rs says:

Lol someone wrote I love u in Chinese on the door

Z StHope says:

GLC 200/250 Bluetec with and without 4matic; still preferred the unique GLK, though the rear seat space was a turn off!

Eric Parkerson says:

I’d prefer the GLC 300e because I prefer the way hybrids drive compared to their gasoline counterparts. I find them to be smoother, quieter, and I don’t have to fill up as much at the tank. Our family hybrid (2014 Accord Hybrid Touring) uses mostly electric power in parking lots, and it’s fun to see people turn their heads to see the alien-sounding car drive by.

I live just northwest of LA in California, USA.

Motoman, real quick: I’m saving money from my first job to buy my first car, and I’m wondering if you could do a video where you explain what a new car buyer should keep in mind when looking at prices and fuel economy. I’m asking you this because you explain complex concepts about cars in a digestible way that most other automotive journalists simply can’t copy.

Thank you for reading my comment, love the video, and how is Mercedes-Benz able to spend so much money in R&D to produce these quality cars for the price? It honestly baffles me. I digress, have a wonderful evening/day, and can’t wait for Tuesday’s video. 🙂

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

G to the L to the C…

Nahashon Thiongo says:

i thought its about tech on glc so what about the interior tech i forgot one last thing about the co2 would it be nicer to mention the co2 in perc or rate it gives out for each car you feature “just an idea”.

headcas620 says:

I liked the GLK. The boxy, hard-edgedness was nice. This just looks completely bland.

zigga88 says:

Audi Q5

Dunetech says:

Mercedes stfu and take my money!!! Here in Australia the only direct competitor I would say is the macan.

What Mercedes did recently is not selling cars but pushing market forward. After seat in a s600 would you pay more or similar to get any other car? Not even porches, Bentley nor RR. They did it once again with GLC

Grant Rodgers says:

It looks so much shorter…

politcally correct says:

In the caribbean I would say this definitely competes with the NX, but just because of pricing. In Trinidad we have tiered taxes based on engine size, so the 2.0t would compete with 2.0t of NX, which both cost roughly $90,000 USD.
For us, this competes against the Q5, X3, NX.

Grant Rodgers says:

Also more gears is always the answer for me

IceDree says:

Pfft You know me, a GLC63 AMG all the way! …
Competition wise, I think they are going after the Macan now … The segment was kinda a half-assed effort until recently & the Macan shook it.

I love the new interior & looks like you can have an Aluminum trim on the doors with the Matt open pore ash Wood now …. Awesome!

Design wise, it turned out better then I expected.
The D-Pillar is cool, got some “funk” to it, reminds me of the OG Infiniti FX.

On a sidenote, the SRX’s successor… The XT5 is scheduled for a Los Angeles AutoShow reveal later this year.

Matias Petrali says:

+Mercedes-Benz USA please don’t ruin this one as well and keep the amber rear turn signals!!! please!, what you’ve done to the S-Class and S-Class coupe is horrible…

demonkami says:

GLC AMG version with twin turbo 6 cylinder

Multifarious Morgan says:

GLC 63e AMG with at least 520hp on tap

Mohamadreza Yazdi says:

Plug IN Diesel   for  California

Golgo 13 says:

Hugo Boss HQ so neat

tt6368 says:

I think this will murder the sale of the GLE.

mit mumo says:

“rolling dirty”…ha ha ha
You got my attention with that MOTOMAN!

Howard Salsitz, J.D. says:

I enjoyed the review of the GLC300 but the sound quality was troubling. I understand you had a lot of background noise and, I’m guessing, the mic was attached to the camera. Every time you stepped away or turned around, the sound level went down.

Love your shows!

Sy says:

I want a v-6 glc 400 cause I will not accept a 1-4. I will use it for mostly city driving and I live in Florida.

P Cornu says:

“Sensual design?!” What are you talking about? The back of the car is a copy of the VW Tiguan, Audi Q3, Porsche Macan.”

Tom Galluzzo says:

Can you please do a review on the Rolls Royce phantom, any of them

IceDree says:

Looking forward to the GLE twins video, hope you had fun there & as always excellent video M!

sydjaguar says:

Diesel always,

vincentas says:

why dont you ever review bmw’s?

Monkey D. Luffy says:

when the GLK came out in canada it was 40,000.

Now its 50,000 for the last couple years.  So it definitely quietly went up market as it got refreshed many times.

Shane h says:

Great video! I see a similar design language towards the rear end, of the Acura mdx. I see it competing with the BMW x3, Acura rdx, Lexus rx, audi q5, land Rover discovery and the redesigned Cadillac srx. I live in PA. I would love an awd model in hybrid or the amg version if it is available in awd. I definitely prefer a vehicle that has a sporty design and with awd!

indelebilis11 says:

I think that this is most beautiful car on market. I hope that I could buy  glc one day. Well done Mercedes-Benz. p.s. I think main rivals with glc are q5, bmw x4, macan, etc..

MrHobos1235 says:

They killed it with that design and the trunk space is awesome! Been loving your reviews MotoMan! Can’t wait to see the GLE 63!

JimmyThaCop says:

I will be getting the GLC350e 4M. Will be launched here in Europe in February. 211HP petrol + 116HP electric. Will add AMG styling, leather, 20″”, de-luxe sat nav, rear climate control, ventilated seats, light package +++. Will then all add up to ca $85.000. And yes I know the price is stupid… For a 450 with 4M or higher, prices start at 100K. No joke!

Mohammed Assiri says:

The rear end is look like audi q5 .. but overall its a HUGE STEP from last generation Glk .. I LIKE IT !!

Nick Wright says:

I live in New England, tow a 6k lbs boat twice a year, and currently drive a V10 TDI Touareg. I love the looks, as it looks like 2004-20010 Touaregs and the current Q5. But I don’t like that it has less cargo capacity than the Q5, and certainly less than my larger framed Touareg. I would love to see them make a vehicle that was sporty and towing able like my V10! You rock Motorman! Keep up the great reviews! Team up with TFLcar as much as possible!

Dongi says:

From being the most distinctive car in its segment, it went to being totally generic – a little bit like the Pilot redesign. Other than that, nothing to complain about, lighter, more efficient, more tech, roomier, faster – what’s not to like. I’m just not sold on the generic looks. The C and S class redesigns were also based on killer looks, not so much this.

Jerry Wright says:

GLC 250d 4matic

Ling Fan says:

What’s the lowest price of the new 2016 GLC?

Vexic says:

My mother just purchased a 2015 GLK a couple months ago, and I must say the previous boxy design definitely adds to the practicality and ruggedly-sporty look. And to mention, the boxy look allows for almost perfect visibility and space. Not the most sleek or eye-catching, but it does the job. This new GLC looks like a mix of a compressed GLE, a bloated GLA, and a more practical C-Class. It is definitely eye catching, and a nice update to the new lineup, however I don’t think very many soccer moms would be putting around in a GLC63 AMG whilst in an urban enviorment. Though it is a great looking car and will be a fierce competitor in the compact crossover luxury lineup.

Gmaker202 says:

Please for the love of god will they bring a GLC 250 Bluetec with smaller wheels, anybody who takes their car off-road or in some snow isn’t going to be spending 600+ to replace a tire

Dartanion Bristo says:

GLC 350e (Plug in Hybrid) and GLC AMG I want these vehicles because of the estimated fuel economy and legendary AMG performance. I would only get the GLC 350e if the electric motor and gasoline engine worked together. I live in Beverly Hills California.

Anthony Levens says:

I like your shoes!

Henning Vaule Berntsen says:

The black car from the side looks like a audi Q5

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