2016 Mercedes Benz S Class S550 Full Review, Start Up, Exhaust

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An In depth review of the 2016 Mercedes Benz S Class S55. We’ll Start up the engine, listen to the exhaust, and take a detailed view of the interior and exterior.

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Standard: $95,659
The one featured in this video: $118,100

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Lolo Lolo says:

Strong And Nice Car

199alexman says:

Bro, I need your intro song.
Thank You.


am i the only one who saw adele on the screen?

Wookstar says:

When you finally find a good car u want but you broke asf and prices are like 20x higher in Australia -_-

Gökhan ERBEY says:

Is There something wrong with price ??.    :))))) Or Its true ??

LeafyPVP says:

My dad just got this car lol

Charles Andales says:

Thinking of buying this, really nice car

Carton Network says:

For god sake give me this car this my number 058-297-3300

chelsea for ever says:

man you are doing an excellent job!!! Keep up the excellent effort !!! and can you review lincoln mkz tx

Michael Lee says:

You put “S55” in the title and I thought it was like a semi-AMG model like the new C450 —> C43 AMG.

Dave Lewis says:

whta anice car dont wannaaa buyit

Fabish D. Okaka says:

Nice video buddy

Memedude16 2 says:

how do you re-cover the back passenger cupholders?

Edgar Arenas says:

when the hell are the boys at Dailmer going to come out with an all electric S550 already? Their losing market share fast.

FountainofLife Online says:

super nice vehicle!

khaled Moawia says:

Stop facking talking english you indian reviwer

SnazMC says:

Is the pricing in the description correct?

Taylor Burrise says:

Hey can you do a review on the 16′ Mercedes-Maybach S600? That would be amazing!

GoodDay says:

You mention s550. But title says s55

Mohammad Chehadde says:

Nice review but u forgot the 0 in S 55″0″

DejaVuSx says:

This car is the shit

The Jackal says:

made me jizz

christopher kibler says:

That voice lol

Joe Pmpn says:

Great review. Wish everyone was as thorough

Paul william says:


FaZe Depressed [CS:GO and more!] says:

lel someone used my dads credit to buy this car, it was $150,000.

Omar Meah says:

On the right side you didn’t show the 12v cigarette lighter

Jorge tapia says:

Hell yeah I’m copping this car only 31k for this Benz

Shot says:

Mercedes are nice but imo, very feminine. I would never get one for myself.

Uriellius says:

smoke weed every day

Albaprona Apartamente ne Shitje dhe me Qera Tirane says:

there are coming a lot of electric sedans ,

Ali Alkathiri says:

Only $31,769 ??

Bob Kelly says:

I’m buying this one

osamabinpawning123 says:

s550 or lexus Ls500

dante jackson says:

can you get the s550 with a different roof top, i dont like all the black glass on top of the car, id be fine with just a basic type of sunroof

David Hamilton says:

Why is the under grille front apron on this 2016 S550 model of a different design to the 2016 S550 model shown on the walk around by *AutoMoto Tube* of which the blurb says it’s an S550 4Matic, but the 4Matic tag is missing from the trunk lid, so is this one featured here a 2015 model, as I see on the sidebar, a 2015 S550 model (with the same under grille apron), has a short vid challenging a Tesla S model. Just an observation….

Renzee White says:

I love the interior of this car so luxurious keep up the good work:)

Nelu Ciorba says:

Do not believe what MB is selling to you. I had so many issues with my new S Class , you won’t beliveit!! Hackers open the car and take everything I had inside boot (almost 10K worth) !! Customer services are a joke here in UK, also having so many bad experiences with almost all service shop (7 times booked and they couldn’t find the issue????!!!), in Edgware Rd services are TERIBLE and very dishonest, there was a dent on the door when I came to pickup my car from services, they fixed just using some filler and brushed paint!. I had many luxuries cars but worse experiences with MB. I had to keep the car as the value goes down a lot in just one yr, I paid a lot to have almost all the options on it. NEVER EVER I’LL BUY AGAIN MERCEDES CAR!! Of course many people has to find it!

almamari101 says:

nice video

Yusuf Vlogs says:

black or white ?

Yung Leen says:

I’m going to buy one of these tomorrow what trims/options would you recommend?

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