2017 Audi A4 – Review and Road Test

A4 fans are going to love it, that’s for certain. But if you’re looking for a luxury sedan that’s great to drive, offers class-leading technology, looks great and is even a bargain in its market segment, you’ll be hard-pressed to do better than the latest Audi A4.

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Vladimir Lenin says:

Superb car made by capitalist pigs.


Please do one on the Maserati levante!!!!!

Egg21 says:

If your not looking for speed I found this for 37,000 CAD

alan castro says:

“Come waste your millions here. Secretly she sneers.” I love, love Sunburn. Easily one of the best muse songs.

N says:

54k for this thing? LMFAOOOO

ابو زايد خليفة says:

احداث قطر

Nan M says:

It has amazing things inside, too bad the outside is not as impressive. I was thinking of buying an audi but the outside is ugly! It looks like a cheap normal car:/ Why can’t it be awesome outside too??:(

Left Shark #TheRealMVP says:

c class still best in class

bcyclegirl Williams says:

Everybody has a BMW. Even your momma and your sista and probably your granny. Get an Audi A4. Be different. Stand out.

Arslan Khalid says:

The fit and finish is absolutely impeccable even though the cabin feels a bit sterile on the inside, devoid of emotion. The exterior design however, is bland IMHO and lacks any passion. It does not seem cohesive to my eye. The C Class, Jaguar XE, Lexus IS and even the 3 Series look much better in their current iterations.

TheLifetraveler1 says:

Because of Consumer Reports and your review of the Audi A4, I had to tried one. Recently rented one from SilverCar in San Fran for four days. By the time I finished, I can honestly say I was converted favorably to two things I have never been a fan of. 1) Turbo 4 engines and 2) german cars. I’ve always been a fan of Asian luxury vehicles like the Lexus vehicles I have owned. They were smooth, sweet and had V6’s. But now I realize that I was just floating only, which was okay at the time. I’ve rented the BMW and A3, as well.

Personally I felt the BMW felt inside as solid as a rock, and it is a little quieter on coarse pavement. But the Audi A4 felt a little more lightweight and easier to toss around. Took it into the twisty paths of highway 50 at night, with darks cliffs and no guard rails (scared myself almost to death for over an hour) up to South Lake Tahoe. I couldn’t turn around and I couldn’t slow down, because of the pressure from folks who obviously drive that mountain path everyday. I finally got behind someone in a station wagon and follow him up the twisty mountains with tight curves and switchbacks. It was the surefooted nature of the Audi A4, that helped me make it through. On several short straight sections the station wagon tried to distance itself. The smooth surge from the A4 Quattro, immediately closed the gap.

It was the ultimate test drive and something I’d never do again (drive in strange mountains at night). But the car proved itself a more confident driver than I was. I’m sold, it will be my next car.

GiraffeAnatomy says:

Zach, what is the official name for the exterior car color for this model that you drove? I love that gray and see some online options, but their color swatches don’t really seem to match up to what i see in the video. Thanks!

azalru says:

Rather have a more modern Tesla Model 3!

John Wayne says:

Great opening shot. I love this channel and reviewers!

cameraz99 says:

Motorweek has named the 2017 Audi A4 the Best Sports Sedan. I couldn’t agree more.

Conrad. B says:

1:47 thats an s 4

ArT oF wAr says:

Why are you comparing an audi to a prius, they are heavily not the same class of cars? Prius is a budget car while audi is a high performance car with people that live in places like rancho, beverly hills, yes those types.

Mike Arima says:

Back seat really small and mpg bad. It does look cool compare to other cars though.

nab says:

sorry AUDI your long term reliability is not true..

John Boccuzzi says:

Clever opening shot.

Brian Carpenter says:

Is this based on the Jetta or Passat platform, or it’s own?

Amidat says:

He’s right about the MPG’s being underrated. Audi is notorious for underrating it’s power too. My wife and I were getting 500 miles per tank on a 2,000 mile drive (to and fro)… We couldn’t believe how good the mileage was.

Vegas Vlogs says:

nice vw

kartik pvn says:

I have an Audio A4 , personally the rear accommodation not even practical its horrible!

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