2017 Audi Q7 3.0T Quattro TECH REVIEW (1 of 3)

MotoMan looks at important vehicle for Audi – the 2017 Audi Q7 SUV. Yes, the folks in Ingolstadt threw A LOT of technology at the new Audi Q7 but they also changed the design as well as added some new bits even for an Audi. MotoMan goes through a TECH REVIEW – both inside and outside the 2017 Audi Q7 – in advance of the full, extended FIRST DRIVE REVIEW . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Audi Q7 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://youtu.be/PEOUcLWLFt4

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Leo Walker says:

not ugly design, but i liked the last design much better. it was beautiful. i may get a used one.

ARentz07 says:

I like it, but only because of the interior. I like the vents that stretch all the way across the dash, and I am a fan of the color combinations. On the exterior, it’s kinda what this should have looked like 2 or 3 years ago, to my eyes.

I live in the midwest and drive a 2015 Camry SE.

Justin Harris says:

I like it! Philadelphia

dev Bobareno says:

motoman, i so wanted to pull ur dick out on those baggy pants on this episode. lol, i don’t know which on is better the Audi q7 or the lexus 450rxh?

Frederik Leon Anlauf says:

Badest engine for this car even the s5 is to big for this so why on earth would you take it ….

SMGMP7A1 says:

I like the look, too me it just looks like “hot” wagon. Has a very car like appeal, granted for the price I would personally buy an A7.

Joe Ojeda says:

I drive a Toyota Sequoia and I live in the Midwest area in Illinois and I’m looking to purchase this vehicle I like the 2017 Q7 a bit better then its predecessor the 2016 , it’s more aerodynamic looking somewhat comparable to a Range Rover I just like the shape and I love the grill very prestigious and commanding on the road…

Ben Kurth says:

Looks like Audi’s take on a old AMC Eagle. Not necessarily a bad thing. ja das ist gut. Extra bonus points to Audi on that interior. My personal car is a pure white MK7 VW GTI Autobahn (currently 23,000+ miles on the clock). Saint Paul, MN.

eyeswideopen23 says:

Those vents are ugly

christian Chichester says:

Its very average on the outside, but the interior is a huge step up from the last one. Although the air vents on this one are odd. I think I would go 2016 Lexus RX instead.

IceDree says:

I hated the new Q7 at first, they sorta over hyped it with the delays. I mean a car goes back to the drawing board not once, but twice is unheard of …. Especially when it comes to Audi & their “design language”. The final product is just ….. Bbbllllaaaaahhh! They just pulled a BMW with the grille, Porsche with the aluminum sill on the doors & squared off the curves.
A 10-year life cycle & this is the best they could come up with? This is the most desirable, profitable & competitive segment in the world & yet they half-assed it. #AudiLogic.

After seeing it in person with the big S-line 5-spoke dubs, it grew on me just enough to not look the other way when I see it in traffic.

On a side note, I really really hate the Captain Chairs. & I blame GM for it! They just leave that empty floor space between the seats …. How hard is it to put a console? Even Lincoln figured that out.

As always, excellent work M!

Peter Kyriazis says:

gotta tone down the crazy hand movements! good review tho

Theodore Chow says:

I just purchased a Q7 with prestige trim. I live in the San Francisco Bay area where I’m always trying to squeeze my car into small parking spaces, so the rear wheel steering makes a big difference. From the front this car has an aggressive stance with the large metal grill, which I really like. From the side view I think it has the lines of a minivan, which I tend to like less. The technology inside the car, especially the virtual cockpit and heads-up display, is a highlight for me, and one of the reasons I bought this car. I think Audi interiors exude “cool” and “technology” in a classy and refined (not gaudy) way. In dynamic mode the car accelerates faster than you’d expect a big car to, and feels reasonably nimble on the road. It’s not going to catch my Porsche 911S, but I’m not lagging behind most cars when the traffic light turns green–especially in dynamic driving mode. The seats seam to be fairly plush–my back is still adjusting to them, but I think they should be fine. The cost of ownership isn’t cheap, especially if you’re just going to lease this vehicle for 3 years rather than buying it for the long term, but it’s one of the few “family practical” cars that a guy can drive and feel “cool” as he’s hauling the kids and all their gear to soccer practice.

Buce Yeef says:

i like it.becuse its look very cool with that Daytime running light and tail light

ThePowerlessLP says:

a touchscreen in that q7 would be super unneccesary. Image reaching out to the dashboard while driving to use the screen. The way they did it is really the best way to do it

Sebastian Rosenberg says:

I was shocked because I misread it Q3 7.0T.

Ken Grand says:

“but I digress”…..he says that in every review

Alpha and Omega says:

This is not ugly. But I prefer the exterior looks and ride height of the previous Q7. However this new interior is better than the previous one. But this exterior looks like an oversized station wagon.

hipposnakeyo says:

Design wise the exterior is a step back , interior is functional but that’s it.

Joe Ojeda says:

What color is this vehicle,is it the glacier white metallic?

andrew warner says:

Audi will sell so many of these that the exterior looks will become the norm and everyone will get used to it l weather they like it or not when they first looked at it.

As for the interior I don’t like the air vents going all the way across the dash.

I am from the UK and have an F10 BMW 5 series for my family car and a 996 Porsche 911 for fun.

RoyCA says:

change your outfit man

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Yesterday my GF was in comfort mode. But I wanted her in dynamic mode…

siphonsnob says:

This looks more like a wagon than the previous Q7. Americans don’t like wagons. You are American, therefore you will not like this design. I drive a 2016 Audi TT in eastern Canada.

CaptainDelight says:

Trackpads and all that sort of touch controllers in the middle console will soon be not needed anymore because everything will be done via the steering wheel. It’s much more intuitive. Mercedes already showed how it can work with controls only on the steering wheel. I’m sure there is a lot to come with touch sensitive buttons

derrickb1974 says:

Lol, you do digress a lot, but I digress. I’m from Florida and I own an Audi Q5. I do think the new design Audi is going with is different but not bad, but not good also. just different. Dont think the huge keypad is a big deal. Sort of a gimmick, but some may use it. Thanks.

shopwithaaron says:

Please stop digressing….tho I like your reviews!

John Smith says:

It looks sporty and nice. The tech in the car in insane

Aldo Gonzalez G says:

I live in mexico, I drive a Range Rover Evoque 2013. I loved the interior but I think the exterior looks old already. I would totally buy it just because I prefer this car than the GLE Mercedes which also looks older.

Fedor Bokov says:

It’s not an SUV anymore, it is a station wagon.

Aldinur Rahman says:

indonesia here…i love design just love it…and i wish i have one…

Janice Sheppard says:

I’m looking forward to buy this SUV Audi Q7

Adam Albuquerque says:

It’s a great car, although he didn’t do it enough justice.

You should have compared it against XC90, Discovery and GLE and X5 to get a real sense of value.

Its powerful yet economical and its a better drive, that’s coming from a somebody that’s driven Mercedes for over 10 years now making a switch to Audi due to this particular model.

Engleburt says:

I love the TT’s, never really thought about the Q7. Nice car

95mushroom says:

Don’t like the exterior at all. It just screams tall wagon, not SUV/CUV, it has the literal proportions of the Lincoln MKT. I absolutely hate the rear hatch opening, the way there’s all that underbody sheetmetal exposed where taillights would normally be when the hatch is opened. The interior is seems like a clunky mess. Why does a car need vents the entire length of the dash? It makes no sense to have shifter behind the wheel/trackpad. The little bit MotoMan did use the wheel, it looked awkward and inefficient. I can only imagine trying to use the trackpad!

james mosley says:

I’m sorry but it seems like you didn’t want to be bothered with the tech review portion. You didn’t talk a out how the Bose system sounded in the car. You didn’t hardly speak (or show) the virtual cockpit, ambient lighting, voice command functionality, or much of anything other than apple car play and the track pad.
It’d be more helpful if you elaborated showed the parts we can’t see. The camera just stays on you….

Quincy Bishop says:

If “But i digress” tshirts dont exist. they should exist soon..

niptodstan says:

I’m in the UK and I love it. I do think the old one’s exterior was better, but the interior is great on this. To digress slightly…Tesla has led the way with the model S and a large screen with less physical buttons and you can see that others are going that way. Especially Mercedes. I think the track pads are pointless. Also. No diesel in the US. Ridiculous.

Arvada Counseling Center Arvada Counseling Center says:

not impressed.

Reno2324 says:

I will be as polite as possible as we are all humans and all have feelings. I think your reviews would be better if you used less hand motion and jerky movements. By the way I like this car and might buy it, couple reasons, its high tech and affordable luxury. I live in Canada.

Buce Yeef says:

i like it.becuse its look very cool with that Daytime running light and tail light

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