2017 Audi S3 Review-NEW DESIGN AND TECH

The Audi S3 is the compact luxury sports sedan for people who want great handling, power and design. The Audi S3 is the sportier version of the Audi A3 sedan, it has 292hp a 6-speed duel clutch transmission and now a virtual cockpit and Traffic Jam Assist. This is a 5-passenger sedan built off the same platform as the VW Golf but with more attention to interior refinement and a sportier suspension.
Competitors to the S3 are the VW Golf R, the Mercedes CLA, Audi S4, BMW 2 Series, BMW 3 Series, Acura TLX, Acura TL, Lexus IS, Infiniti Q50, Volvo S60, Volvo V60, Cadillac ATS, Cadillac CTS, Mercedes C-Class, Subaru WRX, VW Golf R, Volkswagen Golf R and the BMW X1.

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Zack Spencer
Zach Spencer
Canadian Car Review
Motormouth Canada


Abe Froman says:

Why are the clutches dueling ?

Yuzhou Qu says:

This really pissed me off. Just had my s3 for one year.

Abe Froman says:

Very nice updates. It finally stands far enough above the Golf R to differentiate itself.

Sapient Budgie says:

I don’t think you mention that hp is up to 310 and torque 295 up from 292 and 280. Virtual cockpit, safety tech and leagues better looking than the golf R, but for a price. Up to 60k candian plus, freight and tax, interest charge you are over 70k.

foggyblues13 says:

thanks Zack

Thanasis Asimakopoylos says:

when this model comes to Europe?

Alejo Jaime says:

I congratulate you for the review work good friend, I have the version 1.8 TFSI and S3 is impressive but I loved Greetings from Guatemala.

monkeyflipper says:

no mention of interior space. can you fit four adult men in the car comfortably?

James Inkrott says:

I was really hoping you were going to say a manual will be available.

darwandoo says:

Is it not fair to say that it still sets on a golf platform with the Audi Badge. The basic consumer does not see the price gouging on this car. fully loaded we’re north of 60 Gs. For that money the five cylinder Turbo in the TT RS should be under the Hood. You wait two years of depreciation before you buy this.

david dykeman says:

Thanks Zack great as usual.

venom5809 says:

Drive through the middle of America like Missouri, Iowa, Kansas etc and you will see that autonomous cars are also perfect for highway driving. You can drive for hours on the highway in Kansas and never see another car.

vashsant says:

S3 or CLA45? sigh

rvtBC says:

Wish Audi Canada brought the S3 in the hatchback/fastback body to the Canadian market. Hatches do well in Canada and I’d be sold on an S3 h/b if it was available for that extra functionality (and it also looks good, IMO, in the h/b form). Regardless of how the US market would respond to a S3 h/b, in Canada they’d sell. Audi is missing out on appealing to a broader market here in Canada, IMO.

Peter Sidarta says:

Why audi cars in Canada have the Auto Brake HOLD function removed?

johnnybyup says:

Wish it came in Manual transmission

123456 774 says:

310 bhp this facelift has – was gonna go for the Rs3 facelift 394 hp ..
S3 is more practical than the Rs

nickolastiguan says:

Two years, and your “old” S3 is already “outdated”…

Z StHope says:

HUD over virtual nonsense, lol; well done review.

GTI_CHHA says:

I love your videos. But need to make one correction. This facelifted S3 has the all new 7-speed wet clutch DSG transmission (DQ380), not to be confused with the 7-speed Dry clutch DSG boxes (DQ250) that comes with the lesser engines (1.4TSI, 1.6TDI) and also different from the “old” 7-speed wet clutch DSG box (DQ500) from the RS3. To me the most important change of this facelifted S3 is its gearbox…
Greetings from Netherlands and keep up the good work 🙂

BeeeHonest says:

Hope you will do another detail review when it hits Canada.

Stephen Nichols says:

great review. just wish it was longer.

MiniCactuar says:

“Young professionals, this is the car they might see themselves in”

Ahem, young BROKE professionals, most likely living paycheck-to-paycheck, with no assets to speak of but a brand new (leased) S3 in the driveway. These entry-level German “luxury” cars are excellent for the monthly-payment crowd.

Joshe Bernadel says:

is it true this car is not quattro it just says it on the grill but it actually uses the golf r haldex system

Ionuy Stan says:

Beautiful small toy car.

Ejaaz Idris says:

The link at the end for the A4 is broken… FYI

Onetazien says:

every year is the same boring and ugly look, next

Tomislav Zvonimir says:

Best in it’s fuckin class. 4.5s rom 0-100. INSANE, AUDI!!!

Paul says:

Very nice car!! A lot of performance for the buck. Might just have to get one…:)

Anonymous says:

What color is that?

Paul Gaviria says:

Is Apple Carplay available for S3?

jagerx says:

Why am I reading that this car has a 6sp dual clutch and 305hp motor in other articles?

BananaChipzzz says:

Almost got an S3 last year. I balked because loaded up in Canada it gets super pricey. There wasn’t much different between that and a Golf R. This new tech might make me take a second look, although I bet the one Zack is driving will be $60k Canadian.

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