2017 BMW 740e Plug In Hybrid – PHEV – TECH REVIEW – G12 7 Series/7er (1 of 2)

MotoMan takes a look at a different kind of BMW 7 Series: The BMW 740e Plug In Hybrid (PHEV). Unlike any other BMW 7er to make its way from Munich to the US, this is the first to make the transatlantic journey with only 4 cylinders! MotoMan unpacks everything that goes with the transformation from 8 and 6 cylinders to what BMW calls ‘eDrive’ – a turbo 4 cylinder coupled with an electric motor as well as a number of packaging changes . . .

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2017 BMW G12 750 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM1_FnGa8Vw

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93Adamv23 says:

Your so right about the way it looks. Odd.. Mercedes looks better in my book

MrCarGuy20 says:

Totally agree with you on the design of this new 7.

DigitalYojimbo says:

2:40 look at them skinny wheels.

Dongi says:

I wonder when BMW or Mercedes will offer AWD in their PHEV cars? They will instantly become more attractive for a larger population. As it stands now they are more Florida, Texas and California.

Jesse Chen says:

I care about fuel economy and am in a market for a luxury sedan. Honestly would rather go full out EV or a full out high mileage petrol. PHEV’s never made sense to me…

AbhinavKumarG says:

Yes…I would be put off immensely for it having a 4c

Jeff Jardine says:

Yes, I would opt for the 750 with its V8. Its quite powerful, responsive, and even (relatively) fuel efficient. How do I know? I bought one!

SaLAD says:

I’m from England and I think I’d prefer the diesel


This car is a peace of shit…. 4 cylinder???? Gtfo

daseteam says:

I live in Germany and yes, it would work. You must not forget that although the `7´ would be a status symbol so would the `e ´. I suppose it comes down to value systems of the continents.

Albert says:

luckily he warned us for the engine. I near damn did a spit take.

Bob808 says:

BMW USA probably doesn’t care if this thing sells. They HAVE TO offer it (and the i3) thanks to CAFE regulations (look it up). It’s a ‘necessary evil’ in todays market. The Brits will buy it (and other EVs or hybrids) to avoid ‘congestion charge’ fees.

Hate all you want, but this is the world we live in.

Alex Connor says:

The 7 series should not be offered with a 4 cylinder. I feel like if fuel economy is a big deal for you then you’re probably not in the need, or should be looking at executive style cars like the 7 series. It just seems like a misfit option to have a 4 cylinder available for the 7 series….. it would be like offering the 911 Turbo with a 718 engine as an option….

And I can’t believe this one is priced at over 100k, especially with the 4 cylinder hybrid option. I’d much rather buy a fully spec’d out M550i AWD if I were to stay strictly with a BMW.

Guillermo castilla says:

no not interested the s mb is the 1 to beat

Allister Cp says:

I would get the Lexus Ls 500 which is powered by a 3.5 l twin turbo engine which produces 415 up. And it also has a 0-60 time in 4.5 sec.

Dusty Rusty says:

I am not going to purchase a 7-Series BMW with a 4 cylinder engine. I am looking for a honking V8 or V12. I live in the USA on the East Coast.

E. Simons says:

I don’t see the 740e being much of a seller here in the U.S. Why in the world is BMW NOT selling the 6 cylinder diesel in this car! In the U.S. a big car like the 7 series requires the 6 cylinder diesel! Guys like me (60ish) want the diesels! What’s wrong with the mentality in Germany? They sell the bigger diesels in Europe! Why is it so difficult for them to bring it here? Don’t tell me a sob story about how hard it is to bring a diesel here! A damn 4 cylinder1 WTF is BMW thinking?

toyota celica says:

i dont see lexus/toyota putting low displacement turbo engine combind with a hybrid sistem,it’s not their (Mojo) maximum i see a ls with a v6/hsd!!

Kyle Whisman says:

those tailpipes are hideous

Robert Blake says:

that car makes absolutely no sense with gas prices this low

Grant Rodgers says:

You think the new LS looks worse than this????

Влад Борисыч says:

Pointless. Really. It simply seems as if it was designed to tell Clinton voters: Look, guys, we know you can’t afford any of this but at least don’t hate us – we have somethings that you are supposed to like. I’m from Atlanta.

Vinay Kumar says:

what are those alloys called? are they given stock? or need to get it from somewhere?

SpeedragTech says:

You have voice like BBC reporter

Stephen Butler says:

Just stick a diesel in it. And get 700-1000 mile range. I had a 2004 laguna estate, that could get me from North Wales to Paris on a a single tank.

I’m all for E cars, but I don’t want a hybrid that mimics a diesel. I want a tesla competitor, or rather a a £25-30k 150mile range, 0-60 in 7 seconds. Ie a normal car.

Who buy a 7 series, and thinks of mpg, stich a 6 cylinder 3liter diesel in it. You’ll get good miles (for range) and it will have all the torque needed.

John D says:

This car and those like it are for those areas that you’ll soon have to have a vehicle capable of EV only propulsion to travel into some city centres in Europe. BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagon Group are all going hybrid big time. Once they do it’s all over. It’s a part of the Pale Horse. It’s here.

u kiddin me? says:

dislike cuz i am edgy af

golfbuddy1969 says:

To think that BMW had 2-3 years to design this car, AFTER the S class was introduced, it comes up amazingly short in design. It just isn’t a pretty car at all.

john m says:

The enormous kidney grill ruins the look of the car.

Justin Bouche says:

needs a V8

trefod says:

The distances in America makes it less suited to use in ev mode. In Europe being 8 miles from work is considered rather long and would involve freeway driving, which wouldn’t be done in ev mode.
Ev mode is for city driving, typically in areas where there are smog or congestion charges. For that it is perfect.
I might be put off by the idea of a four cylinder, at least until I test drove it. I am sure BMW has managed to make it feel powerful enough.
I live in Denmark and particularly in Denmark the seven series makes no sense, because of our extremely high registration taxes. A 740e in Denmark would cost about $325.000, Yes you read that right.

4 wheels on My wagon says:

From a looks perspective ….. I don’t find it unattractive. It’s very much ‘BMW’….. will be interesting to see how it performs on the road? However there is a whole lot of getting used to 4 cylinder engine in large top end vehicles.

BOB BOB says:

4 cyl.. Pffff.. HAHAHAAAAA

Valentine Salumu says:

Yes I would be put off the car, I mean luxury is all about excess and indulgence and refinement and 4cyl doesn’t look or sound luxurious and refined. Even though I am in Europe (Ireland) I would get if I had to maybe a V8 diesel but ideally  I think a V8 petrol minimum is ideal for cars like these then just add the electric bits to complement the V8/V12.And I agree with you MotoMan that the 7 doesn’t look as elegant as the S-Class both outside and inside.

jneto0893 says:

I would not buy it. Needs a v12

Tylor Johansson says:

Nope I wouldn’t buy this car. This is just selling libtards their virtue signalling back to them. There is nothing attractive about this car, drivetrain, exterior, interior, nothing.

lewis key says:


Azzam Diab says:

Buying these massive cars in hybrid editions is just pointless. I wouldn’t buy a 4-Cylinder for 100K! I would put that into a V8 monster. I’m from Jordan in the Arab World =)

Pete FlintMurray says:

It will sell well in European cities, mainly to exec fleets and chauffeurs. You’ll soon have to have a vehicle capable of EV only propulsion to travel into some city centres. Also people who hire chauffeur driven cars don’t really care whether it’s a 4 or an 8 cylinder engine.
The four-pot petrol engine is likely to be nice and quiet too.

István Gazsó says:

Emission-free transportation technologies have been available for mass production for over 25 years, but without the needed infrastructure. Cars – affordable for the general public – with engines of about 1 litre fuel consumption, or cars with real water-using engines have been ready for production for over 2 decades now. These high-tech prototypes were successfully tested in countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Norway, England, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Israel, China, India, South Korea and Japan. We should already be manufacturing 35-40 million emission-free vehicles annually, and H2O engine systems should have been producing energy instead of our fossil-based and nuclear power plants. Entire technological documentations of such technologies have vanished in the EU`s Institute for Innovation and Technology, and, according to the legislation in order, it is right to be so. The expense involved in the production of such technologies is half of that of the traditional engines, they weigh about 70% less, and they can provide a huge torque. Their working range can be several thousand miles, cars could weigh 200 kg less, and their price could be 3-4000 Euros less. Segments of nearly the entire car industry secretly have the prototypes and successful tests. At the present moment we are poisoning our environment just out of mere arrogance and greed. We live in a cheap and indecent world. I firmly claim that we simply shouldn`t lie to 7 billion people, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. This information is entirely true and I hold myself accountable for its validity.

Sincerely, Istvan Gazso, inventor

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