2017 Chevrolet Bolt Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The Chevy Bolt beats the Tesla Model 3 to market as the first relatively affordable long-range electric car you can buy. While the Bolt lacks the Tesla’s cool factor, it’s practical and enjoyable to drive.

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Astro Gremlin says:

Tesla has mesmerized many like a religion. I am interested in Musk’s idea for underground super trains, and amazed at achievements in space technology. Still, there are other trains and other spacecraft. Let’s back off on the monotheism.

Roland says:

When Chevy makes an EV with a 300 mile range, looks semi attractive and sells for $20 000, then it will be realistic.

JayDaVillian1991 says:

I would lease it but it depends on how fast tesla cranks out the model 3. I would lease for 2 or 3 years then switch.

hoofixrman martin says:

9k will get you a used bolt in 2 years

s b says:

“Enough facts and figures.” This gives you a glimpse into how clue less these reviewers are. They are stuck in the ICE world. If you listen to them, you will never have a complete picture of EV and be able to make a decision which EV to get. Elon Musk got it right to not sell it through a dealer. Bolt is never going to see its full potential.

Reviewers. Please! To review an EV, pretend you are reviewing an ICE car back in late 1800’s, when ICE cars are sharing the streets with horses. Compare it with horse and carriages.

Brock Wardlaw says:

1:53 – Yep way too dorky looking! WTF GM?? And yet the new body style of the Volt looks pretty sharp. The Bolt should have just used the same body as the Volt and just made it an electric only version. The Bolt wont sell with looks like that. At least its not as fugly as the Nissan Leaf. One of the reasons the Tesla’s are so popular is because they look really awesome! GM screwed up the Bolt looks pretty bad. Hopefully they will make it look cool in the 2nd version. And why cant they put a huge lcd screen in the Bolt and Volt like how Tesla and Toyota have done?! Their designers should be fired!

Jonathan Jennings says:

The very fact that the Chevy Bolt is so different in style and functionality to the Tesla Model 3 implies they don’t need to compete with each other, but rather work together, which I am sure they are already doing.

Trades46 says:

Too much Tesla fanboys in the comment section. Yes it lacks the Tesla sophistication, but here’s the big one; the Bolt is being delivered as I write this but the Model 3 is still in pre-production stage.

areen khachadouri says:

there is a similar shifter in the new BMW’s. I have gotten used to. it only takes a couple of days.

Brony Clopper says:

Never buy GM

elmartillogrande says:

I drove the bolt just a week ago.. the higher end model.. it feels good.. it has an electric motor and good range..
NOW the bad stuff.. it is just a small car with an electric motor.. it does NOT have any future technology..
it does NOT provide any real new features from a small car.. it costs way too much.. well built yes.. but nothing worth wanting..

ERIC & CINDY Crowder says:

You can get a Bolt now, well ONLY if you live in California or Oregon. You have to wait until September 2017 if you live where I live in Georgia.

John Shay says:

GM insists on making them as ugly as possible, how does this get past the board room? They make this for the carbon credits I bet, they have no intention of it succeeding hence the deliberate garbage design.

manoman0 says:

You are an engineer? Really? Hm….I have my doubts..

Quenton Millstid says:

why would you choose a 60D not a 100D?

Boris Terekidi says:

I wish Bolt looked a bit better (like an SUV, sedan). It looks like a tiny minivan.

mrblob20 says:

This car looks like a fucking clown car… what a disgrace

muckerpie says:

lol these subtitles.. Children 18 miles? 1:20

zeroc0ol103 says:

Ahahha … I would never drive that … I would wait for Model 3 …. GM just shows that they were never a serious competition to Tesla … for people who don’t understand why they made this …. because they had to make one but they just want people to still drive the gas guzzlers. Like I said simply a pathetic try from GM

Chris xu says:

“Maybe some of those people intending on buying a Model 3 might want to think about cancelling their reservation.”

Yeah… no thanks.

Vasja Majer says:

i dont get jt, i find the bolt very sexy looking :-/

BikeSwimLaugh says:

Why….for the LOVE OF GOD…why won’t they make a good-looking car when it comes to electric and hybrids? Yes, Tesla looks nice but this Chevy is pure function and not the least bit appealing. Take a cute sub-compact SUV like the Honda HRV and turn that electric.

Mantas Zdancius says:

Car for accountants, definitely

Nathan Chance says:

Good looking car.

Astro Gremlin says:

Terrific, and objective, report. Have been looking at the LEAF, now the Volt. This kind of tightly written and presented report really helps the buyer (and, yes, I heard the comment on leasing which has given me pause).

TheTruthQuest123 says:

If you gonna shit on the car.. why bother doing a review on it?

Just say, Tesla shits on GM, and be done with it.

Your bias for Tesla shitted on my viewing experience of this vid.

Annoying to say the least.

redxsage says:

Thanks for the honest review!

uhrwerks says:

Eh, it’s not a “Tesla vs Bolt” review. But overall, not a bad review. You have to look at the Bolt for what it is, a $30,000 “EV”. It’s not in the same league as a Tesla. The Bolt is less than half it’s price! Size wise… You really didn’t say! But I believe it’s smaller. It’s more in BMW i3 territory… Actually, is it me? Or that chrome strip above the doors that runs down the side of the vehicle… As the roof curves down at the rear & the chrome strip grows twice as wide makes it look sort of like an i3?


Love it my style I love my yaris and they have simular style

Rrr Ggg says:

DC Charging port is NOT standard. You have to pay extra 750$ – MADNESS! Anyone that buys a Bolt without it is scr***ed. Without it you will need like a day to fill it up! Sorry (not!) to say GM but Model 3 wil roll over it no problems.


*Not BAD and it is made in America! It is a BIG step up for the GM, but I am still going to wait for my Tesla Model 3 just a few more months!!*

Puppet Master says:

The Infrastructure Tesla built years ago and continue to build today is what makes Tesla the King of all electric cars. I’ll never spend Bolt money for a car i can only drive in the city. I love my Prius and will continue buying them until i can afford a Tesla.

John Hall says:

Does this vehicle cost less that $15,000?

Aj Nv says:

“Dorky” looking is purely subjective. It looks more cargo-worthy and tougher than the low-slung Teslas.

Carpenter Family says:

Bolts aren’t available in Pennsylvania yet !

Robert Johnson says:

I’m glad you didn’t try to bullshit about it’s design aesthetics, they made that fucker ugly as hell

Grant MacLaren says:

The “gas” pedal?

johnny mars says:

Yo, Tom, you spent 1/4 of the time talking about Teslas. How about some 0-60 times for the Bolt? Did you mention you could buy 3 Bolts for the price of a Tesla? If this buggy holds up as well as the Volt, GM will have another winner. This Bolt is a breakthrough vehicle that makes the electric car practical and affordable for the masses. It is the recipient of many awards from the car publishing industry, including the Motor Trend Car of the Year. Give a Bolt a break!

tillallareoneluv says:

guys should definitely wait for the tesla if you are of dating age. chicks can buy this though.

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks says:

Bolt is amazing, I think it has a gorgeous headlight/taillight design. would love to see if it could tow!

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