2017 Chevy Colorado & GMC Canyon Buyer Guide: Helping You Pick the Right Mid-Sized GM Truck

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kdog says:

This video is perfect for my grandpa. He just got a job at the GM Factory where they make these trucks and he doesn’t know if he wants to buy a Canyon or Colorado so I sent it to him.

BNGamesReviews says:

I have the 2016 v6. The Diesel is pointless for the everyday customer. The extra cost is NOT justified. I also didn’t get 4×4 for urban living and I also could not justify the cost.

That being said, my v6 2wd has been a GREAT truck and I love it.

kamikazikaizer says:

never buy American cars my dad didn’t listen and want to give it a shot and he asked for it. brand new 2002 z71 drive shaft came off at rear. transfer case went out. 2 coil pack up in smoke. whole truck becomes loose. fucking damn union workers

David Stanley says:

4cyl diesel is already obsolete
col / canyon racking up complaints recalls and service bulletins like a lemon
price is laughable
GM like to abuse their clients terrible truck

Nilk Narf says:

I live in the south, never see snow, never see off road, only carry lumber and things from lowes to the house, would a 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive be adequate for me or would my penis shrink because of it

Baltazar Sáenz says:

Have you tested the Volkswagen AMAROK? Is it available in the US?

Brian Dudra says:

when will GM let you guys test drive the ZR2???

Middletown Mike says:

Kinda lame for being helpful.  I didn’t find it helpful at all.  All you did was bring up 5 discussion points and I can do that without going to a dealer.  Why don’t you go through the full option sheets for both of these trucks and compare the chevy and GMC over each option and how they execute the options and point out what is not offered by either party.  Start with models, cab sizes and then trim levels.  Break it down with still shots or video of each option.  Get with it man!

Motty Shain says:

I want to see V6 VS Diesel MPG (how much $ am I saving if any)

David Stanley says:

Zr2 may be good the others are not good off road not enough rebound and dampening control.

Brian Sholly says:

Recently ordered a ’17 Canyon Denali diesel 2wd. Could not justify the close to $4K for 4wd that I might use once a year. Adds weight, maintanence, and lowers mpg. Put my $$ in the diesel which I will use and benefit from daily. Any truck is about priorities and compromises. For my uses, 4wd was a net negative and not worth the $$. Looking forward to delivery in 2-3 weeks!

Mark Hernandez says:

i love TFL but this guy on the left is not camera material and his voice is killing my ears, please replace him with the kid

Two Niner says:

Love the show guys, keep up the good work!

ProbeGT2 says:

I test drove a duramax yesterday and I made my choice, it’s going to be my next truck. I’m surprised the price difference isn’t that big, a Denali canyon is 53 000$ cnd here.

Yes it’s expensive but if you compare to a full sized Denali or a Ram LongHorn, it’s still 12-15 000$ cheaped, you must compare equipment. And yes Natan, i want a Canyon because I do want a mid sized truck. Easier to park, easier to steer, Easier on fuel ( well for the duramax at least).

FrankD71864 says:

I don’t need a 4×4 to go to work and Lowe’s. I don’t trade in vehicles. I drive them until they fall apart. So, resale isn’t a prority.

dchawk81 says:

I’m house shopping right now and my F-150 rules out a lot of otherwise great homes because of its size. These Colorados and Canyons are the size 1/2 ton USED to be so it’s no wonder they’re getting scarfed up. I can’t fit my F-150 into most normal garages. I can’t get it into most alley accessed parking spaces. I can’t turn it around in most driveways with turn areas. It’s freaking huge and it isn’t even a crew cab long bed, let alone a SuperDuty. It’s just a 1/2 ton supercab with the ~6 footer.

TheAE35Unit says:

Buy Nathan a lapel mic

Jerry McGonigal says:

I  own a 2008 Colorado, 4 cylinder, manual transmission 2WD in the mountains of Pennsylvania and the worst sin is I have to roll the windows up and down by turning a handle, how have I ever survived? I usually find your advise sound but to say we need a 4WD just because got my attention. My time as parts manager at a Jeep dealership taught me one thing, many people never used 4WD. It was a expensive add-on to fix a salesman generated paranoia. I am not saying some people need 4WD, they do. But we also did many repairs on 4WD systems from lack of operation. Second point was about diesel engines. You need to show me the money. You know what the MPG on gas engine is for a Colorado. You know now much extra a diesel costs and how much more the monthly payment will be for a diesel. Now tell me how many miles we will need to drive each month to save in MPG the extra we would be paying on our monthly payment. If we drive low mileage the savings in MPG is lost and that is not even adding in for DEF fluid and anti-gel. My ideal truck. A 2017 Colorado 4cyl, manual Trans 2wd but I will allow you to put a Detroit Tru-Trac in the differential.

Anthony Macneil says:

Does the GMC Canyon Denali come with turn signal indicators and courtesy lights on the mirrors??

kc2giw says:

It’s worth pointing out that a Denali may be just shy of 50k…but a half ton Denali is around 10k more.

Alen V. says:

Living in Colorado you certainly own snow tires? What should one look for when buying winter tires? How much safer, durable and efficient are higher end tires? We drive a CRV in Canada where we get a lot of snow and are bombarded with “Winter Tire Sale” flyers but not really sure where to start, what to buy and what value we are getting for our money.

Patrick Rich says:

Its hard to tell from their websites, but I think the GMC comes with autotrac automatic transfer case as standard in 4wd, where the Colorado its only available with the duramax.

MTB4L says:

I got a RWD Silverado LT 🙁
Good thing I live in FL. 😉

Jackie Freeman says:

Great advice in small trucks!

jlv3x says:

I can not understand why someone would by a truck or SUV with 2wd.

Leo says:

this truck while expensive is still cheaper then a full sized truck. you might get a larger truck but if there is no need then its still cheaper. I don’t get why people look at it from a valuation standpoint instead of a I’m going to buy what I need, that’s how these corporations make their money and why ford doesn’t like the idea of bringing back the Ranger, it’ll take away from their cash cow the F1-Shitty

Croaker says:

Picking up a GMC Canyon in a few days. 2016 4WD V6 SLE Crew Cab & Short Bed. Convenience, Nav, Bose, & Tow packages. Yeah MSRP is high, but you have to know how to wheel and deal. Got the Emerald Green premium paint charge removed, free spray on bedliner, and dealer ate some BS state fees. Test drove some heavily discounted full size trucks, but in the end I didn’t want to daily a huge yank tank.

Zachary Nolte says:

Just would seem dumb to buy a $40000+ car and not be able to make it up your road/drive way or make it home from work or any other situation that requires 4×4, it gives you the freedom to go anywhere

Richard Moreno says:

I’d like to get an American pickup but what about reliability?

shauen24 says:

I went with the 2016 canyon all-terrain only because they dealer gave me a better deal.. Went in thinking I was going to leave with a z71.. Great truck! Love it! Alot of my knowledge of them came from TFL. thanks guys!

Kevin Voyer says:

I did get an Ext Cab Z71,4×4, V6, all black! We tow a 4,500 travel trailer all over the east coast, from the Keys to northern Maine and N. Y. . I would definitely buy another! But a ZR2! Not to go blasting across the desert, but just to have one. If GM finally decides to make the Diesel available in the Ext Cab, I would go with the diesel also! But I do not need or like the way the Crew Cabs look! As is we are getting 26 hyw at the speed limits and 18 city when it’s just the wife and I and the bed empty. When towing the travel trailer we get 16 mpg hyw on the flats and 12 mpg in the mountains average! Which after years of owning Silverados and an Avalanche, is fine by me! What I really find amazing is how well the Colorado carries a load and tows! As well as the Avalanche! Close to the Silverado!! So 19,970 miles in 11 months of totally trouble free ownership, with free oil changes and tire rotation! Plus the dealer washes and vacuumed at time of service, that’s free!

TreeThunder says:

GMC Canyon!

Larry Queen says:

Um…if they’re clean burning diesels, there is no debate here; the diesels are 99 percent emission free, which is massive.

Beach Lovin says:

I switche to a V-6 GMC All-Terrain after my VW TDI got bought back and couldn’t be happier. I live on the Jersey and don’t need the sheer size of a full size truck. Totally agree with Nathan on that front. I don’t even know if I bought a full truck it would fit up my drive way.

phil tripe says:

@4:32 thats the dumbest thing you ever said Nathen…i need a truck for work and it has to be two wheel drive! like most trucks that actually work it cant be to tall for getting heavy equipment/material in and out of the bed

baron1c says:

I usually love these comparison videos. But I have to say. The info in this video was too basic. Most of us know what configuration we want/need. It’s the trim levels and options that need comparison. Which one is the most value for money etc…

Bill Dingo says:

You won’t pay 50k for the Denali, there forsale around me for 42k

gryphen_357 says:

I’d go for the Denali if it didn’t have that ugly AF nose.

Aparicio1990 says:

I checked the difference for an long and short bed is $1,670 not $300.

Zachary Nolte says:

2 Wheel Drive trucks are useless and dumb

40blank says:

I have a 2016 2WD Colorado Work Truck Extended Cab with the four cylinder and it is a great small truck for my use as a company truck (not my personal vehicle). We load it up with trash and it hauls it away with ease. Last week, I put 80 gallons of brick in the bed and other than a slightly longer braking distance, it felt as if nothing was in the bed. A few days earlier, I had put 40 gallons of brick in the bed of a 2012 2WD four cylinder and you could tell that it did not like all the weight which was not much. So I would like to drive a four cylinder, six speed manual to see how that is, which I can only imagine would be fun to drive, considering how planted on back country roads my work truck is.

Craig Tschirhart says:

I drove a 2000 Sonoma and a 2007 Canyon as a work truck here in Canada. Both 2wd with the V6 and I5. They were great in the winter I never had any issues getting stuck or spinning. The Canyon was more tail happy around corners but take it easy and it was fine.

Jackie Freeman says:

4X4 in any small truck is safer than 2WD.

gavelboy01 says:

I just bought the Chevy Colorado Z71 6 banger 2 wheel drive, crew cab.. Changing from a 2007 limited edition with all the bells and whistles. I’m happy so far.
I can still tow the horses and rescue animals.
I was extremely saddened by the prices. I could have gotten a full size for the same price.

kamikazikaizer says:

I guarantee this truck will fall apart or breaks down before you pay it off maybe except for the diesel engine

WikdSeafood says:

I love the blue on that Chevy.

OneLifeCycle says:

Yup! Some of us don’t want full-size trucks. Too big for most things and it’s nice to be able to park your truck along with another car in the garage and still have room to get out and walk around.

Benjamin Masters says:

i have always loved chevrolet and the colroado looks good, but the grill doesnt look as masculine as the gmc, so i want a vehicle that looks like a truck and not an suv with a bed

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