2017 Chevy HD vs Ford Super Duty vs Ram HD Ike Gauntlet Review: World’s Toughest Towing Test

( http://www.bigtextrailers.com) 2017 Chevy HD vs Ford Super Duty vs Ram HD Ike Gauntlet Review: World’s Toughest Towing Test

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Zach Matthews says:

So why is gm rated so low for towing? I thought they all adopted the SAE J2807 tow test!? Where did gm fall short on that? Come on gm get it together.

dustin tilton says:

+TflTruck I like all three trucks but in the video from 11:20 – 11:25 when the chevy is going down hill I can see all 3 taillights flash 4 times, so how did you only brake once?

grandpa5x Pulliam says:

I think you’re misleading your viewers when you talk about the ford and ram being rated to tow 10K+ trailers. I think you’ll find that tow rating is for a standard cab base truck and not the 4X4 crew cabs that have every bell button and whistle. I’m sure the ones you’re testing are rated considerably less.

skuz34 says:

anyone else checking out that clean 90’s chevy in the background at the beginning of the chevy run, that body style will definitely go down in history as a classic

B.Tech says:

On the 17 Chevy with factory trailering pucks for 5th wheel and gooseneck. Is the 7 pin connector inside the truck bed stock or did you put that in?

jurand81 says:

Chevy FTW!

Dave Lucero says:

Cummins is the best inline 6 bitches. 2 cylinders less.

Joe Migliorini says:

This is a terrible test on performance alone. Can we see #’s after the test? I disagree with the uphill challenge. This is based on driver inputs, starting and stopping times are unclear and true mpgs were never calculated. electronic mpg test in this stort run is not legitimate. Run cross country/several hundred miles and I would accept this test. A significant portion of this test was based on preference. Ford lost “uphill time and mpg” and then was docked points in subjective score for poor performance in the uphill time. Never mentioned that Ford performed the best in downhill challenge however all trucks were given a 25??? Ford had the smoothest (based on driver input)/quietest ride (based on DB sensor), this was never considered in test parameters. Chevys mirror cams and trailer cams were mentioned but never mentioned that ford has 7 cameras/360 deg. viewing that perform all and more functions then Chevy. I don’t need to share all features that ford has on this Super Duty that 2-3 years down the road Chevy will finally catch up with…i.e. aluminum bodies and bumper/tailgate step. Clearly I’m a Ford guy. lol I know these are all great trucks. I would like to see a test like this done based on performance alone and no subjective feedback or preference from drivers. Tests such as this should offer a clear view at which truck performed the best (no subjective scores). Don’t rely on electronic factory-set mpg algorithms to run short test like this. In the end, Ford will continue to innovate and remain the best selling truck on the market!

IBTJC 4Life says:

I believe with 1500 lbs less last year, the Silverado ran 9:48, so I’m a bit surprised that with all its extra power that it did 10:16 this year (although the best). As for the Ford and Ram, their paper figures really aren’t translating to the pavement, it seems.

Scott Golimowski says:

with today’s new diesel engines. The computer knows how much it’s towing and adjusts power accordingly! ! plus with the small towing capacity of the chevy it runs 3:73 gears and gets better mileage because of it. dodge has upped it’s game but looks like a pig. Ford dropped the ball on this one.

logout51 says:

Really enjoyed watching this on my day off. Surprised the Chevy won. Wonder what would happen if they tested them at max towing though? The Chevy seemed to do just fine, wondering if the Ford can even tow what its rated for…. This coming from a Ford guy too….

Louisianimal247 says:

Well, at least we won the drag race.

Oscar Cazares says:

I wonder what would happen if they towed 30,000 pounds im sure the RAM would win

Mark Honeycutt says:

All three are good trucks. I would like to see a test with 10 year old tricks with similar mileage and see which one would win. Gold hitch used truck award LOL.

Jeremy Walls says:

any particular reason why you use a Chevy and not a gmc dually?

E TD says:

Sound track is really bad! Music is too loud! Wish I did not have to keep throttling the volume control to hear the voice tracks and keep my hearing. Not worth it !! IMHO

jeff costilla says:

chevy all the way.

jack rohde says:

More Fords will be around in 20 years though, you can’t test for that right now.

Roger says:

Even though the Chevy isn’t built to haul that much weight and cant legally.  It could still go up that same hill just as fast as the Ford with 30,000lbs. on the trailer If they readjusted the load, put the Chevy on the trailer with the rest of the existing load and pulled it to the top with the Ford.  Seriously that’s how much more weight the ford can haul.  Why is this truck in this competition? It should be competing against a 250 or 2500

Railroads Across Maine says:

One of my friends of the family is getting a Ram 3500 after watching this.

hcb says:

Cummins best performed, 6 In Line engines are forever. Great fuel economy instead fords and chevys not known engines expensive repairs. Cummins can tow a lot more, im not a cummins lover, It is only the real facts.

bluebird5100 says:

How about the big 3 quit making more and more power and make the things fuel efficient and reliable. Smaller engine could mean less emissions if it was clean enough.

GuyJD3 says:

I would like to see a comparison of the Ford with 4.10 gears vs Ford with 3.73 gears. Same for Ram and Chevy.

Peter Anoia says:

I would love to see the boost/exhaust brake numbers on these trucks. I know the ram lets you select both displayed to the left of the main display. Besides the satisfaction of seeing the numbers, they could be useful in the comparison. Exhaust brake hp could tell part of the story on the downhill speed control test. Boost numbers on the way up can tell us how much foot (if anything less than full fueling) is in it and a good indicator of how much work the engine has to do to produce rated horsepower. Great comparison videos, gentleman. I like watching on weekend mornings, and the videos look great on the bigger TV screen.

Uriel Peralta says:

You guys need to do another test. I was not satisfied with your challenge. I feel you should come up with a different way to score the vehicles. By the way I advise using people that no what they are doing.

mlfisher40 says:

Suprise, Suprise, GM wins this year, Ford won last year, and Dodge will win next year. This is just like the “independent” magazines that pick truck of year. They have to spread it around and make everyone think this real “testing”. They have to keep the manufacturers happy or they won’t be getting trucks to test. If you want to learn about trucks go to a truck stop and talk to hotshotters.

Xbox GT Hammtweezy2192 says:

10:31 compared to 9:44 from the 2015 F350 with a 3.73 rear end.

I was a bit skeptical about this newest Ike run at first but after watching both videos, I think the 4.10 gear ratio is very tall and will keep that load moving, but it going to sacrafice a higher speed to stay in the meat of the gear. The speeds were around 4-5 mph difference from what I could tell. What I would like to see is how well the truck does with more weight seeing it’s rated for 30k. I see some people saying the turbo was low on boost but it was boosting to about 20 psi on both videos. Oh and 2.6 mpg VS 2.7. negligible at best between the two model years.

kolton nebeker says:

the ford gets an 18 just because its slower probably because its more big and heavy but i still think that ford has always been better

Marnie Larocque says:

i noyiced you mentioned the chev tire were to small so im wondering if the dealers know your doing a gauntlet pull if maybe the just use a computer and picke a slightly smaller tire than is offerd stock so you would in effect have a lower gear ratio to the ground giving better puuling and braking results

Dave Camilleri says:

FLT does a great job with these tests. I am disappointed that all 3 trucks didn’t have 3.73 rear axles to make the test a little more even. It still would even up the test totally because of different ratio’s in the transmissions. So, to be fair, FLT get a couple of more Fords and Rams with different axle gearing and put the same load behind them as was done in this test or grab another GM and run the test again. If you buy a Ford or Ram with taller gears, you don’t get the same 30k tow rating, as a matter of fact, I don’t think you get as high as the GM. So I propose a test of same truck different gears. Test the Ford with 3.55, and 3.73 and 4.10 and see what happens. There has to be some dramatic differences, I.E. different fuel economy, elapsed time up the gauntlet, etc. What happens with a test like this is that John Q public sees the test and thinks they are all real close, thinks a 6.7 is all the same and goes out and buys a truck with 3.55 gearing and finds out his rating is much lower than what was advertised. Maybe I am wrong, prove it! My next truck will be a 3500 Dually Duramax, not because of this test, but because it will do what I need. Let the fun begin.

EM 34 says:

You just can never beat a GMC or Chevy they win every time

Cee Yo says:

dam! i would want that refreshed duramax in my 15 silverado 3500 dually LOL

Roger says:

Should have been a point deduction for the Chevy  for not being able to haul the other 5 ton that Ford And Dodge can

Roger says:

This is simple I just watched the 2.7 Ecoboost out tow the 3.5 Ecoboost with the 2.7 max weight of 7000 its all in the rearend gearing if they go to the heavier  weight the 3.5 would have won so this is basically the same thing

Daniel Schulz says:

At the end of the day it is a matter of preference and service someone gets at the dealership.

James Morris says:

so let me get this clear…the one truck that has the least towing capability..has the bar to be lowered…and the downhill or whatever it didnt fall within the parameters but it gets 25 points…hmmm and it has a wireless camera for trailer functions..ala Ford. Who has 360 perimeter….Drives better and is smoother..power telescoping Mirrors 3 reducer hitches..

Lonny says:

In this power stuggle between Isuzu, Cummins, and Ford…Congrats to Isuzu for winning, and to Ford for just about hanging with 2 legitimate diesel manufacturers. Main point is, Ford built there own diesel; it was barely beaten by the 2 that gm and ram purchased for their trucks.

Dug Kub says:

Like the test, but am a little confused at the scoring. How can the chevy score so high when it cant tow nearly the same weight as the other 2 trucks. if it where 1500lbs it would be one thing but 7000+ difference is huge. Might as well test a few half tons against these while youre at it. I currently have a 2500 chevy that i was planning on upgrading to a 3500 later this year, i think I am going to have to look at the ford and ram now also.

Josh Szydel says:

I’ll keep my Ford. The Chevy can’t legally tow what I need it to. First scale and I’d be sitting.

Ron Ronald says:

In agreement with other comments…let’s do a real heavy duty test at 30,000 lbs, go park the GM back at the grocery store. To answer the comment below about the ratings. They are the manufacturers ratings…they know what these trucks are capable of. The GM doesn’t have the frame/welds/brakes/cooling/suspension/drive train to support the type of pulling the Ford and Ram can handle. Don’t kid yourself boys and girls…drop a 30,000 lb load on the GM and see how far you get.

Heath3250 says:

All are great trucks. Funny how the cheapest, “least capable” truck performed the best objectively.

Jeff Jassby says:

Thank You for the testing. Let me ask again…TFL… Did y’all check for REGANS on any of the trucks.

Earskin Presley says:

Ford over rates everything they make. Put a 4:10 in the Chevy an it would of been a Ass Whooping.

kolton nebeker says:

chevi is faster i guess but its nit hafe as good as ford and ford is 10 times better looking

mtrujillo1973 says:

Its funny how last year the Chevy didnt even qualify for the Ike Gauntlet because it was too weak. Now all of a sudden the fanboys come out in force.

Shovies suck, and always have…

Mark Handley says:

Kinda like lowering the rim in a slam dunk contest cuz Chevy can’t jump real high. But it was real nice of TFL to do that and allow Chevy to play big boy.

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