2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe Edition 1 Technical Review

What’s going on car family?!?! The 2017 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe Edition 1 is an amazing car! Please be sure to check this one out! Thanks for watching, be sure to like, share and subscribe!

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Simonkram says:

That intro and background music is the worst. Great video though.

Chris C says:

I am subscribed to all the the suppose-ed “go to” car channels and yours, Ben, has the be one of the best when it comes to providing the viewer with the straight forward, concise content and information. Subscribed. Hope you stick with it so I can ride along with you as your channels gets more and more subscribers.

BiG SGM says:

loved it

Kenny Gall says:

I have to tell you… This is the best car review i’ve seen in awhile…

Master Toxos says:

How did you fit that much info in just 10 minutes?! Great work! Beautiful car. Now thats what I call Beauty and a Beast

The Muscle Biker says:

Gah ZAMN that is my dream car right there I’ll be gettin it soon! Great video man!

zukisa debesha says:

Great review…

cookie summer says:

Dope but  lose the yellow strips asap

Fe Ka says:

Mustang 2015

Darren TZX says:

get this guy more subs!!

mad piz says:

what do you know about AMG E63 S MATIC?

Michael Esposito says:

Awesome review!

J P says:

new subscriber to the channel. I appreciate your reviews.

Ped Bag says:

Well done. Lovely car. Nice review!

Ethan Tremblay says:

Why on the American version there are these weird bulges around the back plate. Europeans get a more sleek design. It’s a small caveat, I know. Also, great review, just stubled upon your channel and subbed.

Wolf Paustian says:

Thank you Ben, you are one of the best introducing our top german cars in US, kind regards Wolf

Luigi Battista says:

the yellow things look cheap an ugly

Daniel Sadjadian says:

Awesome review!! It’s a stunning car.

Chris Roxx says:

Great review!

teachmeps says:

such a sick car… I was thinking of getting a house first… but I’m overly obsessed so idk… might hit the dealer after I do my taxes lol

Michael Lee says:


ImVann says:

Great review! I really enjoyed how you explained in great detail about the physics behind the systems at play. You’re not just focusing on the spec sheet like most other car reviews. This is actually an educated review! Thumbs up. Subscribed.

TwinTurboLS9 says:

wondering if I would get a c7 Z06 that would smoke this or get this benz for that sexy interior…roughly same base price

P. B. says:

Superb car. Great review!

Anthony Castro says:

negative camber is better for cornering. not high speeds (i assume you are talking about top speed runs)

Yoo Jastle says:

Even Chevy doesn’t plaster their SS emblem on any old six banger shitrod like AMG does.

Three Greenthumbs says:

One of the more comprehensive review I saw on this car. Wished you opened up the trunk though. Keep up the great work.

Adel Soltani says:

i have that car i am nit jiking


pure German blood

Steven GRILLI says:

Beautiful but I would still take a cls 63 s amg over this

Jeffrey Foster says:

outstanding job!

marcus prieto says:

nice vid!

Karthik Raju says:

Dude , your vids are great, but please fire your sound guy. I couldn’t hear that glorious engine revving at all.

dearlord oikpo says:

Great machine.

RoadRash says:

Outstanding overview.

Fabiano says:

really nice review… you got a new subscriber!

Rosie Duarte says:

wow love the yellow accents and stitching

omololu bamisile says:

Great video, Great review with an absolute command of the technology beneath the skin of the car, is this the MKBHD of car reviews or is it too soon to make that comparison.

Patrick Vieira says:

Great review. Good job man.

tburtont1 says:

Sweet ride. Nice review.

Branislav Mladenovic says:

Amazing review. Subbed 🙂

Barta Bhaus says:

Benz has out done themselves….. again

John Marryman says:

then a couple years later, the bottom of the car is wet with engine oil and hard to be resold


holy shit that inside, you’re so lucky, i want this car so bad..

melanin god says:

damn this is a car I could see myself driving on the fdr or Jersey turnpike.

P. B. says:

Well done. Mercedes is probably one of the best cars ever. This vehicle is a fun beast. Cant wait to ride mine.

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