2017 Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG CONVERTIBLE FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 2)

MotoMan heads to Italy & Slovenia to drive the 2017 Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Convertible to demonstrate the impact of additional weight, reduced structural rigidity and a trick folding top have on a 503 HP Twin Turbo V8 German hotrod that worked VERY well on a track . . . Along the way, he finds some surprises – both from the Mercedes AMG Convertible and Slovenia . . .

For more information, see our 2017 Mercedes Benz C Class – C300 / C43 AMG / C63s AMG TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ0sm4AeP34

And our 2017 Mercedes Benz C63s AMG Coupe FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZ8gdhmt5qQ

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Symbio3000 says:

People from europe.where the fuck is the Croazia side of Italy?

Michael Greco says:

What’s the price? Can’t find it anywhere

Jasper Lynn says:

hey Motoman, out of curiosity since you’ve driven both the Coupe and the Convertible – how much louder is the Convertible on the inside? Is it to the point of annoyance? I have a Coupe on order, but a Convertible is really nice 😛

Butcheren0 says:

Now step up the game with a 4K camera, MotoMan 🙂

Geraldy Dossous says:

2017 Mercedes Benz C63 S convertible would be used as a secondary car. That car is not supposed to be a track used vehicle it’s more of a GT car with the roof cut off. I live on Long Island New York so this would be a great car just to go out for a night on the town the weekend Cruiser.

Y gaming says:

m a k da

crni722 says:

reason n°1: girls love to be passengers in convertible.
reason n°2: strait pulling power and cornering.
reason n°3: everything else.

SC&DC Sports cars and diecast Channel says:

Hello from Slovenia 😉 btw brutal car

von Richthofen says:

Mercedes is again cannibalising its greatest Icon, the SL. S-class, c class, soon e class and AMG-GT convertible, who’s supposed to buy the SL anymore, with its dated interior and still messed up proportions? they have prettier and more modern alternatives to Chose from in the MB line up. RIP, SL.

Thisizr3y says:

This guy deserves way more subscribers. I wish he would do some Acura’s.

Funky3887 says:

I want to see the car, not this retard moron idiot

radost0514 says:

its a pu”y’ magnet! ….it will help you do fine with girls…man…let me open your eyes…

Haig Ehramdjian says:

In answer to your previous video on soft vs hard top, I live in Canada and feel as though a hardtop would be a better winter car vs the soft top. Note I’ve never owned a convertible, just perception and info from my friend’s who have convertibles.

AMG or BUST says:

Stop moving your hands so frantically


////AMG !!!

The Truth says:

Sexy C63

Don Caleb says:

I wish it were a hard top. I find soft-top quite irksome and cheap.

Edwig pedre says:

I live in sunny Puerto Rico. I must admit that I don’t have the driving skills to drive this beauty nor the coupe to their potentials. Lack of driving skills not withstanding, I would buy it for the beauty of the convertible, the power and sound of the C63s, and frankly for the sum of it all: Mercedes, AMG, V8, Convertible, Drop Dead Gorgeous- Love that red top and so does my wife.

Maria das Santos says:

Is he the Vogel for my Chemistry books whilst at university?Nice engine job and wonderful review.

Nycneprep says:

soft top is a dealbreaker

OfficialEpic222 says:

The car is sooooo ugly

Steven Wang says:

Having a convertible with lots of power means you can enjoy the best of your driving surrounding while listening to the growing of your car!btw z06 or c63s convertible!

Tommy Dobson says:

How do you open the boot? With out the key can you? Do you press on the reversing camera on the back
Tell please people!

hdidane00 says:

so which is lightest the sedan or coupe? thought the coupe was supposed to be lightest

Don Caleb says:


Nicholas Donges says:

It has a German number plate ……….. Has Mr. man come from Germany, or did he pick the car up from Slovenia ?

R C C says:

Your voice is noisy

Manii Hx says:

Looks like im selling my c63 amg 15 plate

Janže Bebar says:

Next time you are in the area you shoul try the road from Gorizia to Tolmin and then toward Bovec. Check it out on Google street view.

douwebaekelandt says:

COMPLETELY demolishes the M4 in pretty much any valid aspect imo

Sean Kealey says:

Why this car? Because every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas … with the music at top volume… I couldn’t think of a better car for a road trip and I think Hunter S. Thompson would agree. Track car? Nope. But who cares? Most people will never take their AMG to a track, even the AMG GTS drivers. If you’re the type of person who is so concerned about track prowess, they will most likely be focusing the fast majority of their attention solely on perfomance, not luxury. Either you’re wealthy enough to afford a few nice cars and a track membership (yet alone track days with any car) or you’re not going to take it on the track at all. That being said, they may be the perfect car to drive like a bastard from El Paso to Bondurant racing school in Phoenix. Corvette replacement maybe? Definately!

Peter Palenik says:

Amazing car 🙂 great review again Thanks

Til Kosir says:

You drove past my house at 9:14

Kahri Rhodes says:

Have u noticed that Mercedes doesn’t put fog lights on any of their latest cars..I’m used to seeing a set of four lights on the front

Excellence Baby says:

Why does Mercedes still use soft tops in 2017 why not stick with the hard tops?

Macs2015 - Boom Beach says:

I have the C63s edition 1 sedan and I love it. Sharing the car with passengers makes it more enjoyable. And the car looks great. I would have loved the coupe too but certainly not really feeling this convertible version. The reasons you’ve stated are pretty obvious and to me. This top is just plain hideous.

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