2017 Mercedes Benz C63 S AMG COUPE TECH REVIEW

Directly from Circuit Ascari in Malaga Spain, MotoMan presents the first TECH REVIEW from the global launch of Mercedes AMG C63 S Coupe. Yes, there was a Mercedes AMG C63s Coupe that came before this, but as MotoMan works his way around the car – starting from the engine derived from the AMG GT – he begins to paint a picture of a very different approach to the development of this AMG from others that came before it . . .

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Stonedog23 says:

8 minutes and we barely saw the damn car

ricardo freitas says:

C63 AMG – V8 powered – Portugal

Molineux88 says:

Glad I found this channel. Great reviewer!

CJP 623 says:

I love it!

Haurshanked says:

Your shoes. Please burn them. Red converse? In this video? With blazer and jeans? LOL

Ash S says:

Ur filming the guy so much more then the car …

kenykillr says:

its ugly as shit. 2015 was so much better…

Adolf Hitler says:

If only the C63s AMG 4+1 door has the same back design…

Charee Baker says:

C63S all day! -Chicago

Panagiotis F says:

why does it remind me of a 2015 mustang gt

DAZ605 says:

C63 😉 Best looking front end for me. Not that much of an exciting rear, but hey, none of the competiters is a looker from the back. The M4 could’ve been, but those in-the-middle mounted exhaust tips are just awful looking.Why would people choose it? It’s a V8, it is a Mercedes, the interior is the best looking one for me and it’s also quicker than all of it’s counterparts.Except maybe for the CTS-V to about 60-70 mph. Then the Benz takes it.

Darell Hainline says:

C63 S, from WI.

Rich says:

That rounded back looks retarded

M.R Films says:

how much do you think the 2017 c63, and the S model will cost in the us??

Troy Power says:

M4, ATS V, C63S, with the RCF last without question. The M4 is the look that flows best overall and looks the most menacing from the front. The ATS V is a superb looking car, it took flows well, presents a very unique and edgy look with nice compact dimensions. The C63 is ok but only that from my perspective, not a big fan of their current exterior design language. The RCF for my taste is not deserving to be even compared to the first three, although noted that it is a very much love hit or hate it type of look.

Panthers1521 says:

Save 10k and skip the S, just get the 63 and buy an ECU

احمد الحمادي says:

Nice car

Eddu13 says:

This is no brainer. The C63S Coupe is a winner and by miles:

M4- doesn’t have enough HP to compete with the AMG, will break all the time (like all other cars they have)
ATS-V??? an american car???
C63 and C63S- Mercedes-Benz and AMG are notorius for having the best engines out there (same reason why other supercars bought their engines and put on them)., they look better, are more reliable, better finish product. We really need to compare Mercedes-Benz with Porsche, BMW is way behind.

RCF??LOL that is a car wannabe, I don’t know how people can compare the Lexus junk made by Yamaha, Subaru and the cheap quality with MB. It won’t cut. LEXUS is an overpriced POS.

Where are all these other companies in Formula 1?

Karan Desai says:

Beamer M4
I am from India.


By the way what circus did you get your clothing outfit from? It fits you well, and exacerbates and enhances your personality.

Tru V says:

omg show the damn car instead of the presenter doing all kind of hands gesture.

Perfo. Turbocharged says:

very best car ! only stupid dislike for this top car

Clarence Woods says:

Why not drive the damn car?? This video is a waste of time..

youbuttface7 says:

ya but what does in interior look like

amir kishawi says:

on styling its got to be the merc, they have made a baby s-coupe. from England

Mehrzad Moheb says:

Show the car a bit…just filming the guy talking !! Dohh…show the car parts meanwhile he is explaining not showing him moving his hands around

Jay S says:

Mercedes no doubt. Pure sex on wheels. NY

fulaan1 says:

M4 design is better, looks more aggressive

Angelo Van Bocxlaer says:

Do voice over, I only c yourself …

؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُ ؛ُِ}ُإإإ says:

i would go with the merc … anytime any day … saudi


I’d totally choose that C63S Coupe, just because of the styling alone. It looks so aggressive, it’s so beautifully sculpted and as brash and crazy as it is, it still retains so much elegance and class. Just so well done. The car really is so much more than just looks but side by side with the others, none can even come close in terms of aesthetics. And I’m from New York

Bentayga MaClane says:

I would choose Mercedes because Mercedes is the second best car from Bentley.

Doa744 says:

i want the facelift version where there is no i-pad inside

PEN15 says:

I still like my S63 AMG sedan better.

kongman27 says:

you haven’t done a review on the sedan

Alberto De Jesus says:

Id definitely pick the C63 S AMG. The C63 also remains a tortured soul. Benz is still calling it a C63 even though the V-8 engine has been downsized from the epic, naturally aspirated 6.2 of yore to a twin-turbo 4.0-liter unit. Yet, in feel and sound, the 4.0-liter does a strong impression of the old 6.2. The new engine shares much with the M178 unit in the AMG GT, and through clever tuning of turbocharger boost, ignition, and fuel mapping, the blown V-8 ably mimics the old engine’s big-displacement response and linear rush of acceleration. Madrid (Spain)

smaz eleu says:

the last mercedes i liked more the sedan, this time the coupe wins evry time:)

Wei Howe Tan says:

dude your camera man sucks

IceDree says:

This is a tough one M! personally I prefer the sedan variants … but for this one, I’ll go with the M4 Coupe (Preferably in Fucco Russo) … followed by a flip of a coin between the ATS V & the C63.I love the C’s front Bumper & flared fenders … but not the AMG signature crease & the rear end.I like the ATS V’s overall design … but I really hate the hood, the grille & reverse light.I love the M4’s front, rear bumpers, flared fenders, quad pipes & shoulderline … but I dislike the “powerdom” hood & the hoodline.What about you?as always, Excellent episode M!

Lemukani Maluvana says:

Mercedes baby!!!!

Jannik 051 says:

It’s the 2016 Model in Germany You can it preoder since Oktober

Kh Al says:

M4 for sure is best

JamesJDMoe says:

The M4 looks so much better and more aggressive than this.


2017? I have this car today…

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