2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class First Drive Preview: More Style, More Tech & a Little Less Money

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class First Drive Preview: More Style, More Tech & a Little Less Money

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hadar Warner says:

im so mad at Mercedes-Benz…u can barely tell it from da c class and the s class. like wtf dae act like dae only got one look

Joshua R says:

Kinda disappointed with the engine.

Fire Kyro says:

I know ill get flamed for saying this but… I just drove a new E300 the first one delivered to the dealership here in Scottsdale. The car is nice, dig the interior but felt the ride was saggy in the back. Anyone else feel this? Also a rattle inside no one wanted to admit hearing (Ive given up with rattles every car has them or I’m just cursed). Recently drove the new Lincoln MKZ and felt the ride and quietness were superior to the E class. Im not a hater or fan boy Ive owned MB BMW Audi and appreciate them all. If you feel your blood pumping reading this then chill out and test drive both and decide for yourself.

Troy Strain says:

This is a ‘pay to play’ car. It’s going to get expensive and eventually be a huge financial disappointment, but I guess you could sell drugs on the side to offset some of the huge financial pitfalls.

bluesky says:

I’d like to see how the autonomous driving system in this compares to the Tesla. Multiple reviewers have said that the Tesla system is far better.

maximus10463 says:

Where the fuck is Nathan?!

Semih kızılörs says:

süspansiyon yol tutuşu ve konfoda bir sorun var mi ?

Vixter _ says:

Well there goes Mercedes again, doing the same thing of making the S-class than releasing every other car looking very similar with almost the same design interior and same features until an A class becomes a small S class. This basically takes away all the uniqueness of the S class.

Chris F says:

Any details on the AMG model? Horsepower?

Tyler silva says:

i dont like this guy lmao, i like roman ans nathan..

Kevin Merenger says:

camera work is soooo bad god man it’s not your face we wanna see its’ the car … tssss I mean no disrespect by this comment

TheOkisyauqi1 says:

if the e class lwb not only sale for china market, that would be awesome.

mucisibale says:

What about acceleration, NVH, breaking, practicality, and other crazy things like that? This was a commercial not a review.

Jacob Barros says:

Just drove one but MB needs to do something about the sales guys. They absolutely refuse to even demo any of the autonomy features or even parking! They want you to make a special apt with the “technology specialist”. What happened to the sale guy knowing his product?! I was pretty turned off by it.

spruceguitar says:

Guys… what is so hard to understand… when you review cars, it is not your good looking faces that we are interested to see 60-70% of the video. We are not interested in seeing your face while you drive. We are interested in the actual car. This is not a movie in which the main character is you. faces can show facial expressions, that’s still not what we want. We want a camera that points to your steering wheel / front when you drive. As soon as we click we are being served something other than we were hoping to see. A bit like being sucked into a video that’s different from what we wanted.

Michael Skoupas says:

when are you going to get the top 5 cars that look fast but there slow?

swinglow33 says:

Looks like you’d have to use the MMI prior to or after driving the car as you would have to keep looking to the far right of the screen.

tsurek says:

The headlights make it look RETARDED.

Quentin Freeman says:

“It’s very kinda numb steering feel.”
It’s a luxury car, not a sports car. What did you expect?

Jigar says:

what happened to the old guys… this was a terrible review of the car

Eric Furey says:

If I was ever to get a Mercedes, it would be a lease. Never buy a Mercedes

Jagmohan Gajjar says:

E-class with a 4-Cylinder engine? Why Benz why!

Christian Springer says:

it’s elegant for sure but looks a little too 1998 to me.. :p

Tech Defender says:

OK I’m waiting for the wagon for sure! Screw the sedan wagons are so much better

Q. Lawrence says:

I hope they’ll bring the wagon version to the US.

Jacob shreve says:

I wish they wouldn’t have made it look exactly like the c class

Nupe Life says:

I personally believe that the E
-Class Mercedes has always been for an older/retired/semi-retired person. Tastefully done.

Connor Rooks says:

Lol are there autonomously really leading the industry? *cough cough tesla cough cough*

Peizxcv says:

Listen to that used car salesman lying out of his teeth about the car’s autodriving ability.

They were forced to pull the first commercial aired during Olympics because of false advertising.

N P says:

cheaply made

nangnangee says:

Simple and straightforward information illustration video. Thanks.

Tarek EL Derbas says:

I frickin love the interior! Looks amazing!

GiovanniLACA17XD says:

Love that this was filmed so close to home

C Jahmal says:

$53,000 yet heated seats is an option. LOL…

mehdi says:

In term of outside design the previous generation is better .
The E class has always been known by the classic design that reflects the luxury but this one looks more a C class….
so why spend more money on a E class when you are getting the same with the C class! !!!!!

icecreamania says:

MB C/E/S all look too similar IMO…

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